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A first-grader in Colorado has been suspended for kissing a classmate on the hand. Is that appropriate punishment?

  1. Yes, it's sexual harassment
  2. No, too harsh
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Dec-12-13 1:11 AM

Reading the articles related to this, it seems like another example of why 'zero tolerance' policies fail to take the real world into consideration. Not too far from the topic, I'd also like to put a swift boot in to the notion of mandatory minimum sentencing. Poppycock.

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Dec-12-13 8:49 AM

this country is officially beyond repair.

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Dec-12-13 10:08 AM

Heh heh, 3% have voted "yes" thus far...most lopsided poll I've ever seen on here.

The whole zero tolerance mentality comes from this new orientation in our society toward taking punitive action against anyone who does anything we don't like and demands a one size fits all "solution". Reminds me of the TSA confiscating the toy gun that accompanied some monkey doll.

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Dec-12-13 12:49 PM

What that school system needs is "Zero Tolerance" policy for "lack of common sense." The whole admistration (teacher, principal, superintendent, & school board) should be fired/recalled for such ridiculousness

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Dec-12-13 3:46 PM

Maybe its because he was in a portable class.

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Dec-12-13 4:12 PM

I would guess that before we get the rope for the Supt/Principal,teacher,school board, I would like to have all the "facts" (sic), right loco? Let me see, were there other instances and what were they. Oh, that is right, the School cannot release that information. What is going on at home if this were is an ongoing incident? So, you see, we should really get all the evidence before we fire a bunch of people. Right observer?

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Dec-12-13 7:56 PM

Some "posters" get paid $10 per post by George Soros for posting drivel about "agrees" or "disagrees" "obamacare" had another fail today and the regime lost a lawsuit having to release more documents about Benghazi. Poor, poor burrock insane oblamer

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Dec-12-13 10:41 PM

“It’s standard operating procedure” to pay bloggers for favorable coverage, says one Republican campaign operative. A GOP blogger-for-hire estimates that “at least half the bloggers that are out there” on the Republican side “are getting remuneration in some way beyond ad sales.”

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Dec-13-13 11:47 AM

centerish, way to c/p, but let's include the rest of the "facts" ok? (Why is it I'm always left to do cleanup?)

dailycaller . com/2010/08/23/true-stories-of-bloggers-who-secretly-feed-on-partisan-cash/2/

"Lowell Feld, who writes for the liberal political blog Blue Virginia, has received a considerable amount of money from Democratic campaigns, including $21,000 from Lt. Gov. candidate Jon Bowerback in 2009...

"Jerome Armstrong, considered by many the founder of the liberal blogosphere, has consulted for numerous Democratic candidates, raking in tens of thousands of dollars in fees."

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Dec-13-13 11:49 AM

DC cont...

"Some critics allege that the funding sources have distorted the once vibrant voice of the liberal blogosphere, discouraging dissent in favor of staying “on message” to help President Obama and Democrats in Congress pass their legislative agenda.

"Indeed, many of the groups now employing liberal bloggers meet with White House aides for a weekly strategy session on Tuesday afternoons organized by the group Common Purpose. It was here that Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel famously told independent-minded liberals that they were being “(f-bomb-ing) retarded” for straying from the party line."

Discouraging dissent? Liberals? All parroting one another?

Say it ain't so....

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Dec-13-13 2:36 PM

Well, well, I figured you would be bloviating on my comment. We had one person wanting to fire everyone, but no one here was there. All I was saying is that we should not judge like right wingers do until we know the Schools side of the story. I never said anything about my thoughts on the specific question to which I answered NO. But, bloviate on loco. You do it so well.

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Dec-13-13 2:42 PM

Daily caller? Now is that one of your main sources. How factual is their statements? I would assume if this is like most all of the right wing rags, that most of the story is made up. Are you planning on quoting Rush too. So, the right wing does not pay bloggers????? Is that correct. Your source says so??? Let me see, is discouraging dissent the same as voter suppression or posting false statements against liberal topics your side wants to destroy. Well, loco, you still only cite winger sources. Good for you, super bloviater.

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Dec-14-13 2:31 PM

centerish, I c/p'd & googled your "quote" in your Dec-12-13 10:41 PM post, and voila! The Daily Caller article came up, virtually word for word.

Since your "quote" slams Republicans who blog for money, and the article talks about Republicans blogging for money, DC would have been/was a really convenient source for you.

Look at it again, even if it's so right-wing and unpalatable for lefty libbies...

dailycaller . com/2010/08/23/true-stories-of-bloggers-who-secretly-feed-on-partisan-cash/2/

Y'know, if you'd include your "sources" perhaps there wouldn't be confusion about exactly where you get your bloviation material.

I'll just keep checking things out on my own, posting where clarifications are needed.

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Dec-14-13 2:34 PM

LOL Jack

From cradle to grave

From womb to tomb

What, me worry?

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Dec-22-13 11:51 PM


I'm still waiting for math class.

If the following is true, I was ten when you started your tour in Vietnam. Do you honestly expect any of us to believe you talk like this, a person of your age and hopefully wisdom. If I was ten then you would have to be almost 80 now. It's hard to deceive for that long.

Started tour on May 15, 1968 at Bien Hoa Province, South Vietnam..My rank is Captain, Us Army. My MOS {training} is 4800D Maintenance Officer for Ordnance and Civil Affairs...Units served; A Co. Army Depot Long Binh Army S>P>T>, CMD Saigon, 1st LOG CMD, USARV... Medals: Purple Heart

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