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Would you vote in favor of Minot's school bond issue if it were for only half the amount?

  1. Still 'no'
  2. Maybe 'yes'
  3. Still 'yes'
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Dec-05-13 11:20 PM

NO!!! I think it's time to use up a small fraction of the 3.1 billion dollars that is intended for schools. M eyes were opened to this just today. Why hasn't this been studied and researched. Why doesn't the school board and supt. know about this?? Someone isn't doing their job. Thanks for the info, Bob Hale.

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Dec-05-13 3:25 PM

I would vote yes only if LOCAL architect's and general contractor's and sub contractor's are used. Why are we sending our dollar's out of state?

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Dec-05-13 1:46 AM

Easy, if your child was here before flood and oil they get to stay, if not, go back to whatever state you fled.

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Dec-04-13 10:36 PM

What you should be reporting is a story on those whose property taxes are going up a $1,000 or more a year before the bond vote. WHich I thought more housing, more businesses would bring in you are asking more from people who live paycheck to paycheck? Why? Why not also pose the question as to how much money MPS Foundation has?

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Dec-04-13 8:14 PM

Would you mind sharing what other school districts are having their students taking all their classes online? Include the ones that are reducing overcrowding in elementary using this method as well as the middle schools eliminating portables using this method. Any teacher that can be replaced by a computer ought to be!

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Dec-04-13 8:05 PM

People in this area complain all the time for less government and more local control. Well, here's your chance. School building have been locally controlled for the last ... Oh forever, with property taxes. So you can step up to the plate and do the right thing or not, but stop complaining that someone else should pay for it.

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Dec-04-13 7:30 PM

MarkHighwater, why not "more private schools?" Federal law dictates that all citizens are entitled to a free and appropriate education. The U.S. Constitution leaves the responsibility for public K-12 education with the state. States and localities are the primary sources of K-12 education funding and always have been. The source of this is ******* States and localities monies come primarily in the form of school property taxes. Once again MarkHighWater you do your side more harm than good with your fact less opinions and ill thought out solutions.

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Dec-04-13 7:21 PM

South Prairie and Nedrose can both build high schools and it won't matter for MPS. There will still be 500 students in portables (and growing). There will still be 400+ more students in middles schools in 5 years (with the students that are currently attending). Both middle schools will have enrollments approaching a 1000 students. The kindergarten class still has well over 700 kids (students currently attending). All this equals overcrowded schools now and it won't get better! Buildings are needed now! The big argument is not do we need the buildings but who should pay. Should we put all of our trust in the legislature to do the right thing? Their resume of doing the right thing has been to sketchy to count on any help over the next couple of years. Get this passed so construction can begin and we can all begin to work on the legislature!

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Dec-04-13 7:15 PM

MPS asked for an elementary school school before and got shot down, then they ask for less then the $200 million that the district needs and still the "we're taxed too much" cry from 3rd lowest taxed city in the state.

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Dec-04-13 6:36 PM

Here's another thought and specifically for the Minot Daily News...the Minot Public Schools brought in an architect group and the building needs were assessed and the total bill came to over $200 million dollars in "need." The district prioritized the need and came up with the $125 million bond. I would imagine if the need was half of $125 million, the district would ask for half...this poll question is slanted and disappointing.

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Dec-04-13 5:31 PM

The community is growing and with that comes student growth. Portables aren't the answer. If this bond fails, it will force the school board to make some very difficult decisions regarding re-drawing district lines, classroom size and portables among other things. Security/safety is a no-brainer as well...VOTE YES ON BOTH MEASURES ON DECEMBER 10th!!!

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Dec-04-13 5:01 PM

Absolutely... YES for education and YES for community.

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Dec-04-13 12:34 PM

I wouldn't vote yes if it was for $1

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Dec-04-13 9:28 AM


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Dec-04-13 7:38 AM

Superintendent Vollmer is a good superintendent of schools.

I don't argue with how the job gets done because it does get done.

A new elementary school is probably a good idea. One thing at a time. Too big a bite at one time is the problem here.

If you can find a way to fund more school system infrastructure other than the homeowner, who looks like the sucker each and every time, you will probably have more success at procuring funding.

Why saddle the homeowner with additional taxes when there is money in governmental entities that are designated for funding education?

If there was time and money to fund 800,000 dollars for Dr. Shirvani to quit his job, time and money wasted, by the way, surely there is some money there somewhere in the state's coffers for the students who attend schools in North Dakota.

Not something to write home about, this business of funding education.

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Dec-04-13 12:25 AM

No means No.

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