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Do you think students who attend classes in "portables" receive sub-standard educations?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Unsure
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Nov-30-13 2:10 AM

Vote NO

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Nov-30-13 7:16 AM

Sub Standard?

I suspect having to walk from building to building well texting might cause this to become a safty issue.. I suspect next "we the taxpayer" will have to supply rubber clad walkways in case they fall well texting..

Vote No!!!!

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Nov-30-13 8:26 AM

I'm sure if the truth were told it is the teachers that work in the portables is who are the complainants. Blaming a building for poor education is like blaming the fork for obesity.

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Nov-30-13 8:31 AM

I think all the students are receiving a poor excuse for education! But it sure as he)) is not the buildings fault!!Lazy, self centered teachers and schools that care only about sports, that's the problem.

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Nov-30-13 9:43 AM

People who attend class in portables become republicans. So now that you know that, re-read the question and click yes

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Nov-30-13 10:08 AM

If the goal of the poll question was to "stir the pot" and create off-topic debate, then you win.

If this bond doesn't pass, we should be 100% embarrassed. Thinking that portables are the solution for overcrowding is ridiculous. I've said it 1000 times. We have well over 500 kids in portables, fall out shelters, old locker rooms, and storage rooms. Where do we think we're going to put 1000 more students?? This problem is clearly not going away. Supply is not meeting demand, building costs are going up... this is ECON 101. Vote yes.

We have fabulous, hard-working teachers. Let's focus on the actual problems-- overcrowding and safety.

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Nov-30-13 10:18 AM

"People who attend class in portables become republicans."

Nice try at being subtle...

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Nov-30-13 10:28 AM

NDGirl You prove our point.. Teaching in "old locker rooms"

Now why did we build these "old locker rooms" if they are available now for teaching rooms?

If I were in the district I would vote No!

Its time to put in a city/county taxing system like they have in a few states back east. a 1 cent sales tax is added to your city and the proceeds go to fund new schools.. This "spreads the pain" and LOWERS property taxes in many cases..

Illinois is one state that has this tax county wide and a place in Georgia has it city wide..

These funds are set to cover school bonds and stay in place until the bond is paid off..

This needs to become an option to every state.. The new schools need to be paid for by EVERYONE not just the property owners.

Lets spread the weatlh folks.. Lets make it "fair" for everyone.. Quit taking from the guy who worked and invested and giving to those who attach themselves for the free ride..

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Nov-30-13 10:57 AM

property owners don't need to be paying for new schools. public education is something that's outlived it life. it's time for more private education to pop up and use vouchers to fund the students enrollment. private education doesn't have problems paying for new schools. and they teach kids for less $ per pupil anyway.

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Nov-30-13 3:54 PM

Notice the disagrees I got when suggesting that EVERYONE get to chip in for a new school?

Many people are perfectly happy to stick the property owners with the bill.. Its a very unfair system.. Those who have money spend it and would pay more in sales tax.. those with less money would pay less.. Not too sure why the liberals would be against that?????????????

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Nov-30-13 3:54 PM

Whats your point Veritas????

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Nov-30-13 4:10 PM

This should be coming out of the increased oil tax revenue,NOT the property owners who have towed the line when it just the locals,we should not have to support the oil boom,this should come out of the states pocket since they are swimming in a massive surplus due to YES the oil NO and lobby Dalrymple and company for these new buildings if they are so badly needed.

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Nov-30-13 5:13 PM


The military should get more per soldier with the least amount of dollars...

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Nov-30-13 8:15 PM

Peewee you an absolute idiot! You must have attended school in a porta-potty, cause your thoughts stink!

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Nov-30-13 10:45 PM

I suspect your right EarlyBird.. The teachers are now across the lot from the coffeepot and the office and the gossip center (teachers Lounge) They have to actually experience weather if they want to go be in the in crowd..

Vote NO!!!!

The world is already full of alot of dumb people and they were educated in first rate school buildings.. Don't blame the buildings.. they don't teach..

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Dec-04-13 9:00 AM

Allz I know is I was schooled in a portable....and look at me agenda in life is to strive for more government gifts...

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