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Should airline passengers be allowed to use cell phones during flights?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Nov-23-13 1:10 AM

Only if they're Obama phones.

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Nov-23-13 7:19 AM

Why not?

What is an "Obama phone"?

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Nov-23-13 8:35 AM

oh this is a loaded question. If they use phones then they aren't talking to me and I can hear how screwed up someone is. The other hand, I don't want to know how messed up someone is at 30 000 feet.

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Nov-23-13 10:27 AM

Go Figure.. RR doesnt know what an Obama Phone is..

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Nov-23-13 10:56 AM


You said "bush...hummer..." HAHA - Beavis

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Nov-23-13 11:01 AM

“Obama phone” is the widely used and misleading nickname of a 28-year-old federal program known as Lifeline. It provides discounts, averaging $9.25 a month, on phone service for 13.3 million low-income subscribers. Lifeline was begun not by President Obama but under Ronald Reagan. It expanded to include cellphone service during the presidency of another Republican, George W. Bush. Lifeline’s intent was inarguable enough: Phone service is “crucial to full participation in our society and economy,” the FCC noted in the order creating Lifeline on Jan. 8, 1985. “The program has nearly tripled in size from $800 million in 2009 to $2.2 billion per year in 2012.”

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Nov-23-13 12:42 PM

Why is it called "Obama phone"? That makes no sense...

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Nov-23-13 12:47 PM

It it because like Food stamps, under Obama, the entitlement programs have getting subsidized cell phones under Obama, makes them an obama phone. As you know we have the right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness along with phones and healthcare via the govt.

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Nov-23-13 12:50 PM

I'm not just talking about the Obama phone, I'm talking about my LIFE, I can't seem to get that through to you. I'm not just talking about one person, I'm talking about everybody. I'm talking about form. I'm talking about content. I'm talking about interrelationships. I'm talking about God, the devil, Hell, Heaven. Do you understand... FINALLY?

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Nov-23-13 1:15 PM

Lifeline program is not about race...or is it?

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Nov-23-13 1:32 PM

Yes, I agree, the Democrats need to stop.

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Nov-23-13 1:39 PM

When things going their way, isn't not about race.

When things not going their way, it's all because of race.

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Nov-23-13 2:25 PM

Garrs back and now he has a problem with the coment Obama Phones..

Hard to defend the loser liar gracing the white house with his ignorance isn't it Garr?

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Nov-23-13 2:39 PM

I mentioned it because of my first amendment right to.

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Nov-23-13 3:18 PM

@PoeticJustice14 Why do you libs try and make everything about race??? And what region is being taken over by neo-Nazis??? If you are talking about Leith N.D, I don't think that should be taken over much less considered a region.

I have said this before and I will say it again the most racist people I know are liberals....I have never met a conservative that was racist.....I think that because conservatives are for welfare reform we are easy targets for people to play the "race card" to......because most liberals equate welfare with minorities......when conservatives look at welfare we don't look at it as a system that is broken and needs fixing not as race issue.

Sorry for rambling so long.

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Nov-23-13 3:31 PM

It is a sad state of affairs when people openly hate the constitution.

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Nov-23-13 6:33 PM

"Hey!!! There's'$2'2 billion for obmamacare!!"

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Nov-23-13 8:26 PM

Who is mule? I ain't got no friends here. Just the Lord.

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Nov-23-13 8:27 PM

Lets talk Obama Garr..

•Insecurity. Low self esteem is one of the biggest reasons why people become pathological liars. Whether they consciously recognize it or not, a pathological liar feels that he or she is not important enough as they are so they must make up accomplishments or events to position themselves as worthy..

Obama to a TEA!!!

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Nov-23-13 8:29 PM

OMG Obama is not only a Liar but a Pathological Liar!!!!

The worst thing that can happen to a pathological liar is to be busted for telling the lie. •Extreme defensiveness. Expect the person to become extremely defensive, doing whatever he or she can to pin blame on someone else. •Quickly fabricating another lie to cover up the original fib. The pathological liar will start the cover-up process quickly to ensure that their reputation remains in tact. This may include a bigger lie than the original fib––which may be quite apparent. •Vindictive and may seek revenge. Rage and anger may be another reaction stemming from being “outed”, so expect possible retaliation or vindictive behavior. Alternatively, they may feel upset that they have been caught in the act by someone who cares for them and have a tearful meltdown.

Blame Blame Blame.. Lie after Lie after Lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov-23-13 8:41 PM

We are quickly advancing towards 1938 Germany..

4 February 1938.. — Adolf Hitler abolishes the War Ministry and creates the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (High Command of the Armed Forces), giving him direct control of the German military. In addition, Hitler sacks political and military leaders considered unsympathetic to his philosophy or policies. General Werner von Fritsch is forced to resign as Commander of Chief of the German Army following accusations of homosexuality, and replaced by General Walther von Brauchitsch. Foreign Minister Baron Konstantin von Neurath is sacked and replaced by Joachim von Ribbentrop.

This is the exact same thing Obama is striving for.. Only problem is our Military won't stand for a leader who is a Patological Liar!!!!!!!

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Nov-23-13 9:54 PM

President Obama is trying desperately to sell his healthcare program to the nation. His latest stunt is a staged photo op at the White House Rose Garden with 150 doctors in tow from the 50 states. How would the people know that these men were doctors? “Doctors attending the event were instructed to show up in white lab coats to give observers the feeling that doctors stand behind the President’s health care plans.” But some did not show up with their white lab coats. They came dressed like stock brokers. No problem. Obama’s people were prepared with an assortment of white coats of their own. A medicinal sea of white served as a backdrop for the president’s propaganda push.

The white-coated doctors reminded me of how Nathan’s hot dogs gained respectability. Nathan Handwerker sold hot dogs for five cents, half the price of those being sold by Charles Felton at his famous restaurant on Coney Island. Handwerker got his start in the business as a roll cutter, but then went out on his ow

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Nov-23-13 9:56 PM

his own by developing his own hot dog recipe with a hint of garlic. Very good. Hot dogs had bad reputations in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. No one really knew what went into a hot dog. People were suspicious of a hot dog that was less expensive than what was being sold by Felton’s establishment. People would pass by Nathan’s stand for the more expensive Felton dog. Handwerker first tried hiring bums to gather as a crowd around his stand and paid them in hot dogs in order to give the impression he was busy. This only made the passersby even more reluctant to try a Nathan hot dog. Seeing the problem, Nathan had the bums shave themselves and wear doctor’s outfits. A new sign above the establishment proclaimed, “If doctors eat our hot dogs, you know they’re good!"

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Nov-24-13 12:04 AM

I still do not understand this "Obama phone" thing. It makes no sense to call something "Obama" that has been in place for almost three decades. ????

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Nov-24-13 12:31 AM

*****yeah. Why Obama phone name. I want answers. I want the truth!

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