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Do your Thanksgiving Day plans include any in-store Christmas shopping?

  1. Tons
  2. Some
  3. No thanks
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Nov-14-13 2:01 PM

And that should tell us all we need to know about the types of characters who inhabit these forums. Rarely anything nice to say, but plenty of the intentionally inflammatory variety. I wonder if they purposely rile up their neighbors in real life as much as they do their neighbors on the internet.

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Nov-14-13 9:56 AM

Reasons for PJinfinity to celebrate Thanksgiving...

Not a moocher

Not a beer guzzler

Not a patron of the ER

Not a fatty fatty two by four

Not a Republican

Not a Neanderthal

Not a North Dakotan

Yeah, that's the short list, because PJinfinity seems to be a real thankful type...

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Nov-13-13 10:30 PM

Lefty you must be smoking crack!!! Are you the mayor of Toronto???

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Nov-13-13 6:57 PM

Where does politics fit in this question? HA

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Nov-13-13 6:14 PM

PJinfinity, this is for you...

"Who do you blame/credit most for your miserable life?"

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Nov-13-13 4:43 PM

Not sure what the latest figure is but it has been about $1.67 to $1.86 for ever $1.00 sent. Of course we have Hoeven bragging about the subsidies for Devil Lake airport and Jamestown airport. Another good place to start demanding no more subsidies.

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Nov-13-13 4:40 PM

PJ is jealous because he doesn't live in a state with a $7 billion surplus and growing. Why don't you talk to the Reservations who live off the federal government for starters?

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Nov-13-13 4:26 PM

@PoeticJustice14 You are just regurgitating the same old two dollars for every 1 put in line... I am asking you to tell me where and how I can get my fair share. I am now led to believe that you are just full of baloney on this subject since I have never been given an honest answer.

For the record I do not dispute the 2 to 1 ratio at all as I have heard that thrown around since the early 2000's.

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Nov-13-13 2:31 PM

So the question was whether or not I was going shopping on Thanksgiving Day and the answer is NO! I will be too stuffed to move, let alone do any shopping. I still can't figure out why every answer previously posted seems to be about the POTUS. Its not like he is personally asking if you are going shopping, so why even bring him into the conversation?

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Nov-13-13 11:39 AM


You asked a question and I answered it as honestly as I could, it seems you read more into it than you should have. I do not focus on the terrible job Obama has done at all but I do worry about the future, and I think most people do to some degree. My life is going good and I have a wonderful family to share it with plain and simple.

So when will you let me in on this welfare secret you have??? I want my free stuff.

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Nov-13-13 10:04 AM

PoeticJustice isn't happy unless everybody is miserable.

Obama is capable of making everybody miserable, so PoeticJustice is happy as a pig in mud with Obama as preznit because it is better for everybody to be miserable.

Next thing you know, Obama will issue an executive order cancelling Thanksgiving Day just to make Americans even more miserable.

That's how sorry Obama is, he's sorry that Americans have become miserable because of his policies and ridiculous laws.

47 million on foodstamps is a success for Obama, it means more misery.

Tent cities in California are a success for Obama, misery for everybody makes Obama happy.

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Nov-13-13 9:52 AM

OV, you just painted a Norman Rockwell word picture.

Thanks. Dittos for us.

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Nov-13-13 9:44 AM

Ahhhhh Thanksgiving day at my house..

Family..extended family .. turkey..ham.. sweet potatoes.. wifes fabulous dressing..

Then Football.. Card games.. Table Games.. laughter.. photos.. and dessert..

followed by more food.. more fun and more laughter..

No trips to the store for us.. Just fun and family..

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Nov-13-13 9:06 AM

Pesky liberals...can't do anything about em..

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Nov-13-13 8:21 AM

PoeticJustice14 my life is not miserable but it I do worry more about my future and my families future with the changes Obama has made in this country since being elected.

Also I may be happier if I could get me some of that welfare you are so proud of!!!!! still waiting for you to tell me where I can get my fair share!!! LOL at PoeticJustice14

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