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Do you plan to attend any Veterans Day events today?

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Nov-11-13 10:16 AM

Winston Churchill spoke of the value and cost of freedom in these terms:

"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival.

There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves...

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Nov-11-13 10:17 AM

Churchill was right about the value of freedom, death is better than life as a slave.

The greatest threat to an individual's freedom, however, is never other nations; it is always one's own government.

Jefferson understood that, but was mistaken in thinking individual liberty could be gained or preserved simply by keeping one's eye on the government.

They are both right about one thing, however, freedom is not free.

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Nov-11-13 10:20 AM

Whatever the cost, the price of freedom is never too high for those for whom freedom and life are synonymous.

If you choose to be free, to live as an independent individual, it will be the most costly, difficult, and risky thing you ever do.

The most valuable thing in life, the most precious of all possessions, cannot be achieved or acquired cheaply or easily.

If you want something cheap, easy, and safe, settle it in your mind, individual liberty is the one thing you will never have; but if it is ease, security, and safety you seek, it is not freedom you want anyway.

My previous quotes and this one are from the Independent Individualist!

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Nov-11-13 11:39 AM

78% of the readers have no common decency.

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Nov-11-13 12:59 PM

In North Dakota 78% of the people reading this Newspaper and responsing probably ARE vets..

Many don't wish to be glorified..

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Nov-11-13 2:35 PM

A lot of the Vets believe in the power of prayer. They believe you are free to pick what religion and what church to go to. But yet, the Liberals want to take that right away from them, so they are not allowed to pray in public because it might offend someone. They don't want people to celebrate Christmas, have decorations in parks or on their homes, because it might offend someone. They fought for your rights to be free, but liberals won't allow them to be free to believe as they wish, and pray where they wish. Now that is disgusting.

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Nov-11-13 7:11 PM

Despite its problems and costs, we should still have the draft.

Every segment of our society should be called upon to serve. We need shared experiences to survive.

Our society is losing an important shared experience and obligation. Having a professional military means that the number of people with a connection to our veterans will continue to shrink.

Increasingly, we have elected leaders and representatives that have no connection.

They certainly stand up, say fine words, and wave the flag, but they don't really get it.

There's a convenience and an unspoken relief to be able to let someone else's son or daughter serve.

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Nov-11-13 11:07 PM

minot loner, you served well, I am sure. IF you are talking to me fine. I find it sad the people in the United States are really no longer Free. While they send the boys out to fight. Believe, Don't Believe. Our fat cats in Washington, are getting fatter. I was in contact for many year with the people from my town that went to Vietnam. And I am still in contact with them. Some of them pray and some of them don't. That is not my business. But my life is not the business of the Liberals either. Just to attack me for believing the way I do. You are right you are honorable for serving, but so are the others that came to and still believe. And, for someone to Trash another's belief or non belief, is unforgivable in this country. It just doesn't have to divide this USA. Like it has.

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Nov-12-13 10:46 AM

As a veteran, it is "my day" so to speak and I would rather be on a deer hunt with friends and family to honor my brothers and sisters that can no longer do so. As a veteran, I just see the day a little different and this is how I honor my brothers in arms. I do appreciate the offers extended to vets but I did not serve for free meals and cermonies.

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Nov-12-13 11:14 PM

73Hockey, thank you for your service.

If a vet prefers deer hunting on Veterans Day over a meal and ceremony, go for it. If a vet prefers a meal and ceremony on Veterans Day over deer hunting, go for it.

Thanks to all our vets and their service, so we have the freedom to choose as well.

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