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Is the state doing enough to monitor crude oil pipelines?

  1. Yes
  2. It's getting better
  3. No
  4. Never will
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Nov-05-13 7:26 AM

Yeah a lightning strike is an act of God so they will blame God for it I guess.

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Nov-04-13 10:39 PM

EarlyBird, at last report, they're sticking with the lightning strike, and they're operating the pipeline again.

Maybe more breaking news later?

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Nov-04-13 8:09 AM

I was referring to the lightning strike, did you people know a lightning strike is approximately 53,540 degrees Fahrenheit? With any life experience at all you would know oil is combustive at a much lower temp, oil becomes combustible at 3,902 °F, and 3,632 °F for natural gas.

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Nov-04-13 7:18 AM

It's just a test to see how gullible people have become. Gullible=1 People=0

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Nov-02-13 9:10 PM

Sure, there might be yet more to hear about this: lightning strike, negligence, too big to fail, greed, the sky's the limit.

But I haven't read much more than lightning strike, so speculating would be a waste of time.

This was big enough to get LOTS of attention: those whose job it was to "monitor" and any other interested party, governmental authority, etc.

It happened. Clean it up. Do it better.

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Nov-02-13 9:06 PM

Nice speculation there, Legend. I chose not to speculate, but instead tell what others reported.

Do you have a source for your theories?

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Nov-02-13 9:05 PM

PJinfinity and willgrr, your deflection technique is not working. What does Michele Bachmann have to do with monitoring crude oil pipelines?

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Nov-02-13 9:05 PM

lightning favors tall objects. this a crop field--not tall. the pipe is buried. wouldn't lightning blast a hole in the soil above the pipe which would cause the oil to go up not down into the ground? the path up is the least resistance and it floats on water. most of our soils are very wet this year. it could have been struct b4 it was placed and buried--everything is so high speed out there and who would want to stop the assembly line by reporting it--if they saw it? first they burned the puddle to destroy the evidence.

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Nov-02-13 8:54 PM

MS: there is probably more metal per inch of oil pipe than per inch of lightening rod. the rods don't fry when struck--why would the pipe and it is buried? our sewer system is a L. rod system--that is why you should avoid plumbing fixtures during lightning. never heard of one of those pipes breaking from lightning.

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Nov-02-13 8:43 PM

We are learning what our politicians meant by "take this to Wash." referring to our oil business. it meant: don't get in their way. let them flare, spill, leak, pollute, destroy. get the EPA out of it because we can handle it. A writer from Colorado warned us and said "they cannot repair the damage they do." the McClain Co. Ind. paper had a detail of the frac lines and oil transfer lines in the greater Newtown area. every quarter mile is surrounded by a frac or transfer line. pipeline leaks are the objection to the keystone xl. we have the potential for many now. i think the MCI article told of 13 pipelines crossing lake sak. if they take the true story to Washington--the epa will probably follow them back here--in droves. the work can and should be done safely for all of our sake.

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Nov-02-13 12:43 PM

mules, kudos for your post about lightning rods. There's always lots happening out here on the prairie. One has to be prepared for anything. Betcha L-rods will again become fashionable very soon.

Did the libs here miss the news story about that lightning strike that left a quarter-inch hole in the pipeline?

MUCH easier to keep up with mainstay diatribes, I suppose....

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Nov-02-13 12:38 PM

PJ14 (which should stand for prunejuice14xday), your hating on NoDaks is so tiresome. Find another hobby. Please.

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Nov-02-13 10:51 AM

PJ 14 year old, spare us your sohistry and your sophomoric nonsense.

Ya stupid moron.

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Nov-02-13 10:50 AM

The Oil Spill Crisis is one that need not go to waste.

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Nov-02-13 10:28 AM

by the time oblamer is finished, all risk of any kind will be eliminated by Him and the world will heal. then everything will be riskfree and supplied at no cost. we just need to give the Messiah time. Why, just on friday He decided to stop "global warming" all on His own with one more executive order. As it should be.

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Nov-02-13 9:07 AM

If it was a lightening strike that caused the rupture in the pipeline, it is a good idea to add lightening rods.

If you have never heard of them, now you have.

Any old grain elevator in North Dakota had braided copper lightening rods at the top of the very top of the building. Keeps the elevator from burning down to the ground when struck by lightening.

Lightening rods do work.

Time for the oil industry to get a clue.

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Nov-02-13 9:00 AM

It's not the States job to monitor pipelines, it's the States job to monitor the people who are monitoring the pipelines.

It's obvious somebody wasn't monitoring the fluid levels and pressures.

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Nov-02-13 8:31 AM

The oil hating libs are out in force and they will never change! But they all love to heat their homes, drive their cars,go fishing, go gulfing,play and watch sports,ALL THINGS MADE POSSIBLE BY OIL!!

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Nov-02-13 8:08 AM

Ounce of prevention -pound of cure--but at what cost? Greeed rules

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