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If the law allowed it, do you think President Obama would run for a third term?

  1. In a heartbeat
  2. He'd be tempted
  3. No, mission accomplished
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Sep-21-13 1:26 AM

Why would he want the headache of dealing with children who will do anything to get what they want. Thank less job.

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Sep-21-13 1:28 AM

What a feeble attempt to generate more hatred and garbage by the MDN. Go for it, dusty, BDGI, animal, loco, whistler.....go, go, go.

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Sep-21-13 8:22 AM

There is no comma needed after mission accomplished.

No mission accomplished says it all.

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Sep-21-13 8:55 AM

He thinks he is a king the way it is, so yes he would jump at the chance.

Thank goodness he can't because it will take the next 20 years to fix the mess he created in two terms.

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Sep-21-13 9:18 AM

Term limits for the disfunctional Congress is what is needed. Vote these obstructionists out! Stop blaming the Executive branch for the emempt actions of the Legislative branch!

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Sep-21-13 10:15 AM

Nothing is beneath this guy or the other 2 stooges we haven't seen the last of this guy and his foreign backers yet!!

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Sep-21-13 10:38 AM

Veritas, I sure wished he did. We would not be in this mess.

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Sep-21-13 11:25 AM

The right, especially the hard-right-loons who contribute to this fine MDN comment blog attribute every, and I mean EVERY problem the USA sees these days to Pres. Obama. For them every thing began going South (left) in Jan. 2009. If anyone hints at GW Bush accountability you all SCREAM that Obama will take no responsibility( Oblama?) Well, the FACT is that he WAS handed an economy that was in free-fall. And the Republicon congress has done almost nothing to help, and in fact has done much to hinder a more robust recovery. This is old news and the loons here have about as much chance of accepting any part of this as I do of finally realizing that Rush Limpman really is "almost always right 97.6% of the time", instead of knowing that he is a master partisan propagandist.

Ten days to the ACA opening. Republicons please don't insure yourselves just for spite. In fact, drop your employer HC, that'll show'm.

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Sep-21-13 12:14 PM

to make Obama care work, they need everyone to be on it, to pay in to cover your costs. That is why Obama is trying to get people to go out and promote it. Instead companies on laying off or taking hours away from the employees. I choose not to. I have my own insurance, still.

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Sep-21-13 12:45 PM

YOU HIPPOCRATES, you whine, that little o gets blamed for everything,you guys set the standard, for the last 13 years you have blamed Bush for everything from toothdecay to termites, so how do you like it now? You guys revel in it when it suits you. As for poor little emperor inheriting all the problems, no one forced him to run for office, and he told the world he was the guy that fix everything, no problem to big for the choosen one!!

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Sep-21-13 1:01 PM

The only reason that Republicans in the House are against the Affordable Healthcare Act is that they will have to get their insurance from the same companies/exchanges as the rest of the country does, and that is not sitting well with them. They thought that would get a waiver to keep them on the Federal insurance but that changes on October 1st.

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Sep-21-13 2:41 PM

Obama said I could keep my doctor and insurance. Nothing would change, except the 40% tax I will have to pay to keep mine. Per the Chicago Times 9-20-13 6:54 pm. Employers shifting cost to avoid Obamacare Cadillac tax. Under the laws, plans that cost more than 10200.00 for individuals and more then 27500.00 for families will face a 40 percent tax on the amount over the threshold. Tax doesn't start until 2018. Talk about extortion.

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Sep-21-13 5:16 PM

Leftwing, by all means go on Obama care. I don't want to. I have a choice to keep my own insurance. I want my coverage that I pick. Not some policy that no one knows what's in it. And I will not be forced to take a policy that does not come close to the policy I have.

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Sep-21-13 6:10 PM

To the "low information voter" who thinks Congress, that means the House of Representatives and the Senate, are exempt from "obamacare" AKA "affordable care act" There staffs are also exempt per oblamer granting an exemption and they will be getting a subsidy to offset their co-pay of the premium for the federal health insurance program they are on. The "downside" of shutting the government down would be 535 sex perverts, drunks and adulters would be released into the general public

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Sep-21-13 6:43 PM

I don't know how health care costs could go down. Obama care won't kick in until Oct 1 2013. The health care was passed behind closed door. Not one Republican voted for it. This mess of a Health Insurance is solely on the Democrats back.

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Sep-21-13 11:52 PM

Left wing nailed it. Missy 1: Have you heard anyone complain about their Medicare? I have heard 100% brag from red and blue. Now, i have a for profit ins. co. between my doctors a nd i. I would prefer a non-profit USA agent in between. It is all about medical costs out of control and quality in question. Lipitor advertises "backed by 19 years of research" but they don,t tell you the results of the research. Similar to BP who dirtied the gulf. Endless ads but they don't say how the water and beach quality are compared to b4 they dirtied it. I expect h. reform to end up as good as medicare. p.s. Soc. Sec. is more efficient than and life ins. company in the country.

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Sep-22-13 1:43 AM

Will Garr and legend. Great you love Obama care. Go for it. I just am not signing up for it. And Will Garr you get all out shape about it. Legend, glad Medicare is working out for you. It is my Freedom of Choice. You know woman have a Freedom of choice. I want my doctor and my insurance.

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Sep-22-13 1:59 AM

willgarr and legend, you need "me" to sign up, to finance your insurance? That is what I get out of your posts, it's all about YOU.

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Sep-22-13 9:10 AM

What a "LOADED" question Radical Right Wing paper . . It should be, A: Yes B: No

Not the way YOU worded it.. That is as low as you could get!

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Sep-22-13 12:34 PM

Back at you leftwing.

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Sep-22-13 12:36 PM

Are you a little afraid you might have to explain your lies, Leftwing? So you just try shut them up.

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Sep-23-13 12:11 AM

You willgarr, have accused me of the same thing. I just got back in the house. You have accused me of a lot of things, which were actually not true. You are guilty for what you accuse. You have called me racist, when you know for a fact you lied about me. I just don't like Obama's policies.

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Sep-23-13 12:13 AM

And quite frankly, I really dislike Reid and Pelosi. They are the same color as me.

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Sep-23-13 1:49 AM

I have not the time nor want to play games. I don't have to throw your words in YOUR face. I actually remember them. Your the one here 24/7 everyday, everyday, everyday.

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Sep-23-13 3:02 PM

Every president, it the law allowed it and he thought he could pull it off, would run for a third term.

...well, every president except for Washington, who, when asked, expressly affirmed that he wouldn't do it. And back then, there was no law saying he couldn't.

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