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Advocating for tougher gun laws, an Obama administration spokesman said "The president supports, as do an overwhelming majority of Americans, common-sense measures to reduce gun violence." Is that accurate?

  1. Yes, a majority-plus
  2. Maybe 50/50
  3. Not even close
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Sep-18-13 10:26 AM

I know, Veritas, I know. The GOP is responsible for any and all evils of the world. /sarc/

Yin and yang. Black and white. Good and evil. This and that. Come and go. Sit and stand. Left and right. Hot and cold. True and false.

What a wonderful world and what a horrible place until we can get rid of those who oppose us.

Tension. Dynamism. Magnetism.

One side isn't the same without the other.

One side doesn't need the other, says the totalitarian.

And that's it for locomotive's soapbox. Stay tuned for more adventures.

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Sep-17-13 11:00 PM

Hey, hey, animal. I am still waiting for an explanation of Iran-Contra. Fill that order first. Oh, and are you talking about supporting the rebels that the Republicans have been yelling about for months? Maybe you should research it a little more than you did, which was pull it off Fox or some other winger station. He did not violate the law and you don't even have an idea about the vetting of the groups. Get the facts before you let the winger drivel come off your lips.

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Sep-17-13 6:18 PM

OMG, now It is Obama's fault that this guy was able to access the facility? Well, when did this actually start.. Let us go back to good ole Ron Reagan. The union buster, overseas trader, and the original "privatize government jobs." The Republican mantra is to give government jobs to the private sector. Well, the private sector does not police their people as well as the government use to. Take Mr. Snowden as an example of privatization with little or no security checks. You want to blame someone, go back to your party privatizing everything.

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Sep-17-13 6:11 PM

Wow, Russ, did you think of that all by yourself or are you just regurgitating the talking points. If Obama would have not said anything about the economy, the Repubs(you included) would have criticized him for not addressing it. Republicans are running around with their lips flapping about closing down the government to stop Obama care. Hey, it is the LAW. get over it. Well, maybe you want the Republican health care plan?? Oh, that is right, they don't have one. Just like a jobs bill. they don't have one.

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Sep-17-13 4:54 PM

After all the breathless hyperventilating of the lame stream media about those "evil assault weapons", it turns out that the guy had a shotgun, used his own government ID card and oblamers' government granted him his secret security clearance. The handguns he had were taken from the security guard and police officer he wounded with his shotgun. Meanwhile having a tragedy didn't deter the oblamer in chief from holding a news conference to whine that no one else is sharing his "laser like focus" on the debt ceiling which he has already said he is not going to compromise on as he pivots to the economy for the 22nd time with is "laser like focus". Oblamer's theme seems to be let no crisis go to waste and let's distract the public from the dismal economy by babbling about "common sense gun control" whatever that means.

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Sep-17-13 1:52 PM

To many gun control laws already folks, maybe we start dealing with the low life POS people that do these mass shootings instead of blaming the gun.......I know this has be said maybe once or twice before in the past......but if the sick POS people want to do you harm they will find away to do so!!!

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Sep-17-13 1:39 PM

You should have to commit an actual criminal act to be deprived of your rights. Owning a piece of metal just doesn't rise to that stop treating people who own said piece of metal as if they do!

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Sep-17-13 11:14 AM

All of the "common-sense" measures that we've adopted thus far, the ones we were told would reign in this violence, have not been successful. Why should we believe anyone who comes back time and again saying, "Come on, PLEEEEEZE?? This new thing that I want to do will totally be the solution we've been looking for, I promise!"

How about we start giving things back to the People?

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Sep-17-13 11:12 AM

If it has the same common-sense measures as Obama Care, the answer is "no".

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Sep-17-13 9:07 AM

Veritas PC (Poll Correction)

"Are there laws that could be passed that would curb gun violence while preserving the fundemental right of gun ownership suggested by the 2nd Amendment?"

a) very hard to do

b) is this a trick question?

c) violence of any sort will be with us until humanity is wiped off the face of the earth

d) wishful thinking

e) all of the above

f) none of the above

g) I don't like this poll question and I'm waiting for the next one

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Sep-17-13 8:36 AM

Doing the c/p shuffle (pardon me, Veritas)

"One would have to support that every gun in the US,every person who uses a gun in the US has originated in that nation to be relevant...That no outside influence of any kind attributed to this pathetic mayhem...That simply a law originating in one particular area is solely responsible for the "entire" outcome in that area..."

Ah, that's better.

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Sep-17-13 8:20 AM

The state of Illinois has the toughest guns laws in the US but Chicago now has the most gun deaths and crimes related to guns. You do the math!

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Sep-17-13 7:11 AM

I agree with SayWhat, especially the "the overwhelming majority" business.

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Sep-17-13 1:45 AM

Obama and his administration say a lot of things that are not true. Obama seems to think the American public overwhelmingly supports Obama care, and the polls show only about 12% support Obama care. But he and his administration keep preaching to the choir that we all want it.

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Sep-17-13 1:42 AM

Gun related deaths are at a all time low, the lowest that has ever been recorded since records have been kept. Fined another issue, this is a non starter!

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