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Should parents with school-aged children have to foot more of the bill for their children's public education than property owners without kids?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Sep-02-13 11:20 AM

The property owners of rental units pay property taxes. If renters were taxed again that would be double taxation. I would best most were educated in public schools - those against supporting them now. Do they think that was easy for people in previous times??

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Sep-01-13 9:38 AM

Legislative session is over, Goettle gave the city his report, and is now vying for Shirvani's position. The school board needs to go to the state to demand money for new structures, not another direct hit on the taxpayers.

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Aug-31-13 6:19 PM

This newspaper does not have a hidden agenda. The MDN's bias is right out in the open.

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Aug-31-13 1:56 PM

Nancy1 that is the way it should be why pay taxes for a*****building with books in it that nobody goes to?? With the internet and all this high tech stuff libraries are out dated and serve no purpose......the highway deal is very different because if you don't drive somebody else is driving you and I'l bet they are driving on city, county, state and federal highways so that is why is is fair.....after all it is the community we care about right???

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Aug-31-13 1:50 PM

People who don't pay property taxes should be charged what the average homeowner pays in property tax. Just have the the city or county auditor who ever has those figures tabulate the average for the city and send the bill to those who are living in rental housing, that should even things out.

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Aug-31-13 9:28 AM

Did the city of Minot need to buy all New vehicles from Westlies on our tax dollars? Every city employee is driving around in a new Ford Car or Truck. Westlie Motors is making a nice haul on the backs of all of us!

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Aug-31-13 9:22 AM

Explain to me why we need this additional tax increase on the property owners at this time? With all the new houses and growth going on in this town it seems to me we have widened the tax base and if everyone is paying their fair share of the taxes there should be plent of tax revenue, especially when the Gov. when he was running for re-election was promising property tax relief! Did we see any of that? Where is our city lobbyist, Mr. Goettle on this? We are paying him $58,000 a year to fight for Minot citizens? Why aren't we getting any property tax relief? Where are our representatives that we elected and sent to Bismarck? I don't hear any of them speaking out and fighting for the property owners! Keep it up and when the boom goes bust who will you have left in this town?

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Aug-31-13 7:30 AM

That is like saying those who don't drive shouldn't have to be taxed for roads or if they don't like to read don't help support the public library. The list goes on. People used to value being a part of a community.

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Aug-31-13 3:03 AM

I suppose when one factors in the cost of supplies and other fees, parents with school-aged kids do 'foot more of the bill' than childless landowners.

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Aug-31-13 1:42 AM

It appears the MDN has given up on their assault on Roosevelt Pool and moved on to Minot Public Schools.

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Aug-31-13 12:28 AM

MDN...try partnering with the public school system for once. These polls are purposeful and reek of a hidden agenda. It makes me sick. Might as well run a headline tomorrow in bold letters "MDN does not support the bond issue."

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