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What do you think happened to President Obama's "red line" regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria?

  1. It's been crossed
  2. Not yet
  3. Obama erased it
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Aug-30-13 9:34 AM

As a woman who's been through more than one delivery, valor in service that is worthy of a CMH and labor to deliver a child into this world are two very different things.

Apples and oranges.

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Aug-29-13 11:59 AM

Thank you for your time of service to your country, willgrr and all the vets who did or didn't post here.

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Aug-28-13 11:19 PM

One of the finest men our family knew was a WWII Marine who saw action at Iwo Jima. He didn't talk specifically about his experiences. He was a gentle man who loved his family, his friends, his gardens and his country.

Every clear day, my kids saw this man raise the US flag in front of his house. Every evening, he lowered it and folded it "regulation." He was pleased to teach my kids the proper way to treat the flag. It had to be done right too.

At his funeral, we found out from his daughter that he had a highly developed sense of humor. We knew him as the best of neighbors. We sure miss him.

A part of his younger life was spent serving us, the people of his country. Vets like him should receive good treatment from their country afterwards. This is just my opinion.

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Aug-28-13 11:11 PM

OK, all. It's time for me to come clean.

I didn't, did not, serve in the armed forces. I have a brother, a sister, and other extended family members who have served, but that's as close as it got for me.

I have much respect for those who have given a portion of their lives in service to their countrymen. The ones I have the most feelings for are the Vietnam vets, who received contempt for their service instead of the respect they should have received.

Wars are hell. Men and women who have the uniform on during a war go through*****too. Our country should do what it can to be of service to our vets after they've served their time for us.

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Aug-28-13 5:47 PM

I would bet that it took BDGI at least two or three hours to come up with that question. Now, you definitely need that nap.. Oh, and take your alzheimers pills too.

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Aug-28-13 12:19 PM

Did you think of that all by yourself, BDGI? You must need a nap by now. Such a huge strain on you. Maybe you are just good at conspiracy theories.

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Aug-28-13 1:02 AM

Your grandson certainly got his spine from his mother because your sniveling, crybaby, whining would not serve him well in the service. Your massive hatred, racism, and plain lack of intelligence make you the poster boy for the far right wing crazies. Yep, you aren't much of a man and yellow certainly is your color.

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Aug-28-13 12:05 AM

Veritas, I've said before that you and willgrr have that Rant Patrol On Conservatives Only (RPOCO) thing all sewn up. billdoesnt, dustoff, and more don't stand a chance of having any of their posts ignored.

Why would I get in the way of all that diligence?

Get after it. No holds barred. Call every conservative post a hyperbolic rant.

It is simpler that way, isn't it, to think that all conservatives are one and the same. And I have seen many liberals think that, but I won't say ALL liberals think that.

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Aug-27-13 8:34 PM

You hatred know no bounds. Going over and over Benghazi is just showing how little you know. Your information is incorrect and at best an indication that you have nothing to put forth but lies and hatred. Oh, and I am sure you have a grandson over there and he is probably the commander of the entire war zone. You guys always have experience or knowledge of things at the highest level. That yellow sheen is coming off your back and it is visible even through your hatred and rage.

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Aug-27-13 11:53 AM

Yep, dusty, when you have nothing, you repeat nothing over and over. I stated that Tripoli was not a secured airfield and the jets could not land there. That was a factual statement and follows international rules and military protocol. But, you know nothing about that as with most all of your posts.

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Aug-27-13 11:49 AM

"During the eight years that Bush was in office, the image of America abroad took a pretty hard hit. In Bush's last year in office, I spent some time volunteering in a village in Peru. A farmer took me to see his donkey tied behind the shed. He pointed at it and said, “His name is Bush.” Excerpt from an article written by Adam Hogue ten months ago. How true.

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Aug-27-13 11:18 AM

hyperbole (noun)

1. obvious and intentional exaggeration. 2. an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.”

"Hope the time off was good for you and yours, Veritas. Coincidentally, it was good for some of us here too. Now we can get back to "normal" again..." it hyperbole or not?

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Aug-27-13 11:10 AM

No, Veritas, I said the time off (from your lib talking points - thanks Missy) was enjoyable.

I think you're being thick-headed on purpose.

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Aug-27-13 8:41 AM


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Aug-26-13 10:24 PM

Back at ya, Centerfield. You only hear and read what you want. And your point is? Oh yea, you want, you are owed, and Obama promised. Everyone but the Liberals are Racist, hates women , hates everything. I got your talking points. Get Real, yourself.

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Aug-26-13 10:13 PM

Back to the right wing philosophy. Never met a war, you did not like. But, lets do this. You want boots on the ground, how about putting your grandsons in the first wave of those ground troops. Lets see your yellow streaks show up on you backs.

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Aug-26-13 10:05 PM

Come on missy, get real. Right wing summaries don't count for much. Now, the Pew Foundation did a report in 2008 covering the previous ten years. Not what you want to read. Bush's was viewed as " little confidence/no confidence" in foreign countries was uniform-- He averaged between 75-80% with an unfavorable view of him. Not just European countries but all around the world.

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Aug-26-13 9:38 PM

billdoesntgetit...little o was at the golf course on the back nine today while the UN was deciding to go to war on WMD that Saddam himself sold to Syria

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Aug-26-13 9:20 PM

Now, when did Saddam get those weapons that Bush could not find? Well, When the messiah was in office, Iraq used those weapons against Iran. Gosh, did we know that for a fact...Yes we did. Ronnie knew it but said nothing. Iran even came to the UN with samples but the US did nothing. Selective reasoning. So, did Saddam have those weapons at one time or another. YEP, he did. Did Bush find them after killing so many innocent people??.. NOPE. Did the US look like a fool in the eyes of the world? YEP

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Aug-26-13 9:13 PM

Gosh, mini and BDGI, you must have missed the question. How many civilians (Iraqi and others) (innocent) (shock and awe heck) were killed by Republican (Bush/Cheney/Rumfeld) lies. Oh, as long as you are looking, look up how many Allied soldiers were killed, how many were wounded, and how many have committed suicide since it began. Now, maybe you could site your sources to verify the transfer of these weapons to Syria. Now, calm down. I am not saying that Iraq at one time did not have those kinds of weapons. After all, you brought it up. You prove it. Or, as Veritas says, another conspiracy theory which is the staple of those who know nothing. So, don't be like loco, who brings things up but cannot defend them. Oh, shucks, you guys are already doing that...

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Aug-26-13 9:01 PM

By the way just Google it. You can get the facts. (In case you didn't know.)

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Aug-26-13 8:56 PM

Veritas, nice try. I have more important things to do than you. Look up your facts and report back. With your one finger.

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Aug-26-13 8:43 PM


Aug-26-13 8:39 PM Agree | Disagree

The worlds opinion of the administration of (2001-2008) was just arrogant,disrespectful & just plain stupid!!!

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Just had to say it again!

veritas...list your source and date as proof of what you can say what you want huh...

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Aug-26-13 8:30 PM

veritas... why are you on the defensive??? As namexxx would say have another beer...and enjoy...Never retract...Distract! The Republican way...

It's an ongoing book with 4 pages so far...What can I say?

veritas...that's your words, and what has little o have done smoke and mirrors and saying that DC is distracted by these phony scandals!!! Man you got jokes tonight

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Aug-26-13 8:29 PM

Veritas, look it up. Say what you want, who cares? And by the way, You have no Proof. Just your "Liberal over and over and over again", talking points. Big deal.

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