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Who do you think would come out ahead in a Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush presidential election?

  1. Clinton
  2. Bush
  3. Not the American people
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Aug-15-13 2:29 AM

Please run another Bush. Pretty please?

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Aug-15-13 8:35 AM

we don't need another bush killing machine!

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Aug-15-13 8:52 AM

No bill, I'm talking about the killer who sent thousand of American Solders to there deaths on a War started on total Lies.

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Aug-15-13 9:06 AM

Another Clinton? I don't think so....

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Aug-15-13 9:13 AM

All I know is that when a Bush was president the country was respected and feared by other country's and under B Clinton we were a laughing stock and not respected by the rest of the world.....same thing under Obama and H Clinton would be same way. Also Under Clinton the country was very divided as it is under Obama and H Clinton would do her best to keep us divided. Under the 2 Bush preidents the country was more united granted there are always disagreements in policy and governing of this great nation but it is nothing like the stuff we have under liberal leadership when we have a more moderate leader like a Bush or Reagan.

Do I want Jeb no but if I had to choose between him and H Clinton.....I'd take Jeb any day of the week.

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Aug-15-13 9:30 AM

If Bush runs against Hillary bush will win. Hillary would be too slow.

Bush would better for the economy and for billionaires pocketbooks.

Jesse Jackson goes to jail, meanwhile John Corzine loses a billion of investors' money and is forgiven. Money talks if you're in the billionaires club. If you're a money spending fool like Jesse Jr., you go to jail do not pass go do not collect 200 bucks. That is justice in America. A joke too.

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Aug-15-13 9:35 AM

"Not the American people"


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Aug-15-13 10:08 AM

Please cite your source on that whopper of misinformation.

The country is always more divided under a democratic President. Your party is filled with sore losers with big microphones. Your party is filled to the rafters with racists. You have no new ideas. Vicious hate is all you have. You have a very deep problem.

willy...really you cite your source!!

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Aug-15-13 10:14 AM

Hehheheh....of all the people in this great land.....these are the choices??? Bad move on both parties!!!

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Aug-15-13 1:51 PM

If Jeb Bush even made it anywhere near the Presidential race... it would demonstrate how it is possible to "fail upwards" to an important job.

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Aug-15-13 2:14 PM

The proof is all over the place have Clintons dividing people on social classes they always bash the rich then on the other hand you have Obama dividing people by race, religion and social classes. I have been around for a long time and never has there been a conservative president that divided people like the liberals I mentioned....... And just because you don't agree with Obama or any other politician of another race doesn't mean you are racist. I know in my case color is not a factor at all in any choices I make while electing representation.

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Aug-15-13 2:15 PM

OK, I have a question for all my Repub, and Dem friends. According to all the experts the Iraq War was costing a Billion Dollars a week, and the Afgan War the same. With the end of the Iraq and Afgan War almost done that is a savings of 2 Billion a week, so why is not the Defence budget being reduced by 2 Billion a week? were is that money going?

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Aug-15-13 2:47 PM

I do not want to see defense spending cut at all, defense is what the federal government is for....protect us from other nations and keep our borders secure. I want all the freebies people get to go away so that everybody gets what they work for and no more than that......I want an end to life long welfare....I do know some people need it while times are tough but to spend their entire life getting handouts is draining us all.

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Aug-15-13 3:00 PM

bill I agree the Iraq war is over, so were is the money going? that was my question. And I agree the Military is for national Defense! (not world defense). And I also agree bring the troops home and place them along the border, along with all the tanks/jeeps/guns, and place signs along border that say deadly force will be taken for illegal entry. We sure don't need 15,000 new border patrol personel when we have thousands of troops who could be doing the same job.

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Aug-15-13 3:02 PM

Sarah Palin would quit when the going got tuff.

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Aug-15-13 3:03 PM

billl, because both sides are having pockets filled by defense contractors.

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Aug-15-13 3:12 PM

bill, the repubs are the ones who want 15,000 more border patrol members. Why not use military who we are already paying for? What would 15,000 more GS 10s cost? and they want to cut budget.

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Aug-15-13 3:41 PM

bill, I agree make that call and place the troops at the border. And bill this is some of my points today, why can't we talk things out, and not say its not the dem or repub way. I think we need to be more Independent and work things out. But I still want to know were the Money is going if a billion dollar a week war is over, don't you?

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Aug-15-13 3:53 PM

Jeb Bush 2016! That would be awe-awe-awesome! As W. once infamously said:


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Aug-15-13 6:53 PM

bill, it really makes me feel good we can agree, or work things out. It is really to bad we can't get the children in the Senate and house to do the same, all they want to do is act like children. Thanks bill!

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Aug-15-13 7:14 PM

Jeb Bush won't win! He doesn't know how to play spades or go golfing while our people die! You call GWB a killing machine, like the boy emperors killing people all over the world with drone strikes (real tough guy)

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Aug-15-13 8:50 PM

amen bill

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Aug-16-13 8:18 AM

leftwing, BS, we can use the troops at the border.

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Aug-16-13 9:42 AM

Where is the online editor? This page is full of ad hominem attacks which are expressly against the rules.

The MDN is quick to delete my posts, but the tea party personal attacks are rarely removed.

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Aug-16-13 11:13 AM

NSA documents challenge Obama claim that surveillance programs ‘not abused’

Newly uncovered documents directly challenge statements made by President Obama and other officials who insisted that the National Security Agency was not abusing its authority or knowingly violating Americans' privacy.

The Washington Post reported on an audit and other secret documents that allegedly show the NSA broke privacy rules and overstepped its authority thousands of times since it was granted new powers in 2008.

The May 2012 audit specifically tallied 2,776 incidents from the prior year where communications were improperly gathered and handled. Some of the alleged abuses were inadvertent, stemming from typos and other errors, while others were more severe.

Yet Obama, in a press conference held last Friday, claimed there were no "abuses" of the system.

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