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Are bigger fines needed for homeowners in Minot who don't maintain their lawns?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Aug-06-13 11:47 AM

what is the fine and what has to be the conditions for the fine to be issued? anyone know???

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Aug-02-13 4:38 PM

Hotdog had a really nice yard that was well kept--he passed away and the realtors are renting the property and not maintaining it.(no one is currently residing) Now the lawn is overgrown with weeds and the grass has not been mowed--enforce the laws or regulation whatever--if not get rid of it all together.

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Aug-01-13 9:53 PM

muleskinner, You don't live in Minot, so you aren't aware that most of the lots that have 6' weeds are abandoned with or without any structures. There has been no water service at these lots since 2011.

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Aug-01-13 9:04 PM

namexxx look at your compass and look at the current admin...and then get back to us on you is raising fines and the taxes. Now little o wants to give tax cuts to large corps for hiring workers...let us take a history trip back in time. Back in 2008 election McCain said he would give tax breaks to companies to keep them here in the US to employ the American workers. However little o said NO he would never give a tax break to the large companies...but he would tax them more. Also he wanted to tax the big oil more...mean while little o's multi green energy companies that we that tax payers (i.e. the top 1%ers like myself) pay for it as they go bankrupt one by one...

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Aug-01-13 8:53 PM

Blood suckers.

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Aug-01-13 7:10 PM

Republicans cut taxes -- but then raise fines on everything they don't like.

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Aug-01-13 3:25 PM

I feel these people are coming together to save our mother polluting by these CO2 belching mowers, no noise 'pollution', plants actually GROWING that are suc-king all this newly-found 'pollution' out of our air, a place for mother-earth's little creatures to live....sounds like a win-win for all......maybe section off a plot to grow some peas....we just must learn to live in peas.....Minot, now just stop this nonsense....p(l)eas....

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Aug-01-13 10:45 AM

We don't need bigger fines they just need to be enforced. Right now they only contact the owner if someone complains and then it takes weeks before anything happens. It's that way at least in my neighborhood

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Aug-01-13 9:50 AM

Here is the solution:

Send a notice to homeowners who do not cut their lawns and inform them that the water service will be terminated one week after the notice is received.

Problem solved.

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Aug-01-13 8:54 AM

So is it ok to say "demoniacs" about the other party?

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Aug-01-13 7:15 AM

My neighbor doesn't like to cut the weeds or mow.. She says Gods creatures need a place to live.Where are all the tree huggers on this issue? Back to nature..

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Aug-01-13 6:19 AM

i don't know what the fines are now, but i've seen quite a few lawns that could be hayed rather than mowed. for the amt of property/sales taxes we pay in the magic city, the city could almost mow our lawns for us.

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