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How would you rate the North Dakota State Fair so far?

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Jul-24-13 9:47 PM

bill, all one has to do is walk to the barns and the all seasons to see all the animals, baked goods, stitchery, wood products, welding entries that are brought to show.

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Jul-24-13 9:45 PM

animal, the parking ON the fair grounds is FREE.

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Jul-24-13 8:27 PM

I can remember when we brought the animals to the fair and I stayed the week sleeping in the mangers in the horse barns.. I remember when corn dogs first came to the fair.. Yummy but much better today.. altho back then I thought they were wonderful.

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Jul-24-13 3:49 PM

I'm going to get my fun somewhere else.

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Jul-24-13 12:14 PM

With a fair one-day pass and 25 dollars, 33 dollars total, I can get something to eat. 40 dollars in gas too. 73 dollars for a couple of sandwiches and some fries.

I remember back when it cost 35 cents admission to the fair and it was pure unadulterated fun. Now it is 8 dollars or an increase of some 25 times. Can't look forward to any fun when it costs an arm and a leg.

Everybody has their fingers in the kitty. It's easy to forget about that and go have some fun anyway.

Fairs are fun. Been to a lot of them and the early fairs were the best. Now, it's all shtick.

Still, though, it's fun to have fun and the fair is a good place for that.

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Jul-24-13 11:32 AM

Wow what a bunch of crybabies! Only a fool pays for parking at the fair when there are thousands of spots to park for free. Pro Wrestling? Really! Too early for bringing what you grow to the fair besides at that time the farmers need to harvest.

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Jul-24-13 11:15 AM

And what kind of fair doesnt have Pro Wrestling?!?!?!?!?!?! Thats like having a Circus without clowns

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Jul-24-13 11:15 AM

Waste of money, that's all Ive got to say about that.

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Jul-24-13 9:05 AM

At what point did the old county fair turn into a For profit organization?

Folks use to bring what they grew and raised to the fair to be judged.. Now its all about the entertainment and the rides. Not much "fair" left in the fair.

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Jul-24-13 8:23 AM

Normal cost to go the races $13.00 cost to go to the N.D. State Fair races over $30.00 W/ parking! Its your fair so be there, let us rob you blind, should be their motto

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