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Do you wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle?

  1. Always
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never
  4. Don't ride motorcycle
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Jun-03-13 6:17 AM

No a helmet makes it harder to see and hear what is around me. I had one instance of hearing a siren while approaching a blind corner with a stoplight which was green, if I had not heard the siren I would have went through the green light and been struck by an ambulance. Helmets also take away your peripheral vision.

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Jun-03-13 9:10 AM

Concern about wearing a helmet in Minot? I think the bigger concern of cyclists is of being swallowed up by the potholes Minot is doing NOTHING about.....

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Jun-03-13 11:32 AM

EarlyBird, I ride and wear a helmet, and your full of BS.

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Jun-03-13 12:26 PM

yah...for sure...and we NEED more donors!!!

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Jun-03-13 1:27 PM

I agree with rickrod a helmet does not take away your line of sight and hearing ability.

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Jun-03-13 3:52 PM

Anyone that says a helmet does not impair your hearing and sight,has either never worn one or is a liar, that said they do help to protect against head injuries in some cases, not all,but should be up to the individual, not mandated.Wearing one that is.Years ago: no seat belts, no car seats,no helmets, no smoke free everything, no DUI task force, no unleaded gas,no ban on large soft drinks, on and on and on --- HOW DID WE ALL SURVIVE??

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Jun-03-13 4:49 PM

I wrote peripheral vision not line of sight out to the cheerleader in the group. Educate don't regulate was our voice when we started ABATE of ND back in the 70's. You are only a doner if you sign up to be a doner in most states from my personal experience as a legal doner. I have nobody but myself to impress and nobody to prove anything to including you Rickrod and your short temper. Go ahead and wear a helmet if you need one, I feel safer without one after over 40 years of riding without a helmet except where the law demands I sacrifice my safety for other peoples opinions. You got no common sense and bikers don't have much liking of your politically correct crap. I have my opinion and don't need yours.

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Jun-03-13 5:31 PM

If you don't want to were a helmet then don't no sweat of my back. I just wish full freedom of choice could be my tax dollars not used for the costly medical bills. And EarlyBird it seems by reading your last comment its you with the short fuse. All I said In my 1st comment was your comment was BS, and it is. Many people wear helmets other then motorcycle riders ie racers, and you never hear them say that they can't hear. In fact drivers will say they know another car is coming from the sound of the engine.

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Jun-03-13 6:02 PM

Rickrod you are full of BS and lack true life experience my boy. You have never paid a DR bill for anyone including yourself is my bet. I carry my own health insurance and full coverage insurance on my motorcycles.

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Jun-03-13 6:16 PM

EarlyBird, take your bottom lip and pull it over the back of your head and swallow.

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Jun-03-13 6:29 PM

Rickrod drink a couple more beers and you will be a real genius I bet.

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Jun-03-13 6:32 PM

Yeah you betcha Rickrod, I bet the Nascar Drivers can hear and see the other cars on the track is why they have spotters.. yeah you betcha. You made me crack a smile you goofball!!

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Jun-03-13 11:27 PM

Yeah, these morons wear a helmet . . . and they always lock up their guns . . . and they never drink to the point of passing out.

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Jun-04-13 7:43 AM

How come race car drivers wear helmets if you can't see where you are going?

When you rocket up to space, you wear a helmet and a space suit along with it all. It helps to be prepared.

When you buy gas, it still costs 4 dollars per gallon, whether you wear a helmet or not. Do not use 10 percent alcohol gas in your lawn mower, use regular gas with no alcohol. Ethyl alcohol added to gas causes lawn mower engines to break down. I'll repeat it once more, do not use alcohol gas in small engines, use regular gas if you want the engine to operate trouble-free.

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Jun-04-13 1:28 PM

Um, what kind of helmets are we talking about here? Peripheral vision and hearing? Just wear a "fritz" and all of that will be solved!

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Jun-04-13 5:36 PM

lefty it isn't really about turning my head it is about freedom of choice... If our insurance costs would go down when we get so called safer I would consider the idea but as you must realize no laws are really about saving lives or making anything better.. they are just more things to litigate and fight over in this ever increasing anti social world of socialists... it's just a bunch of mixed up people falling from one side of the fence to the other depending on popularity and lack of common sense. I'm not part of the problem or the solution I just am, I am from a time when we were accountable for our own actions without society sticking their noses in everybody's business.

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Jun-04-13 5:40 PM

This morning a suburban passed me and pulled in front of me no more than five feet from the front of my car, now that was dangerous. The crazy part is I was on an isolated country hiway with no traffic in sight.. just one idiot who shouldn't be driving until they learn to share the road. There are worse things than old guys not wearing helmets when they ride motorcycles.

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Jun-04-13 5:45 PM

Hey Matt.. I would rather just use caution and ride safely than wear helmets of any kind. I realize we have 1000's of new riders of every age out learning how to ride but that is no reason to even think about throwing up blanket laws that effect every body. If helmets are so great why don't people wear them when they drive their cars, there are way more car accidents than motorcycle accidents.

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Jun-04-13 7:31 PM

Why not non stop commercials airing about how motorbikes should lookout for motor vehicles and obey the speed limit if they don't want to become a donor....helmets save lives and the state should not have to pick up the tab for some moron without a helmet who is in a vegatative state in a nursing home.

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Jun-04-13 7:42 PM

A helmet defeats the whole purpose of be seen and be cool doing it, and enjoy the rapid acceleration and maneuverability of a bike...helmets are a buzzkill...and these loud pipes are never enforced either...i blow my horn LOUD when they come by my airspace!

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Jun-04-13 7:53 PM

highwater,, you are always blowing your horn LOUD, nothing new there.

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Jun-08-13 2:44 AM

You will look real cool with you brains all over the pavement squirly bird.

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Jun-08-13 2:47 AM

Bikers think they are exempt from the rules of the road...get a dirt bike if you wanna make a bunch of noise pollution and fly around like a bat outta hell.

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Jun-08-13 8:21 AM

My condolences to the families of the deceased motorcycle riders recently killed by a person in a 4 wheeled vehicle. The unfortunate bikers were wearing helmets and were not immune to accidental death. I don't suppose you care for these statistics though. It's a sad situation when people are closed minded and could care less about others opinions and freedoms. I think everybody with a drivers license should go back to driver training and learn how to overtake and pass other vehicles safely and the road rage people who actively show their rage should have their licenses pulled and have to go to anger management classes.

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