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Gas prices are on the rise again. Do you believe the explanation of refinery maintenance and upgrades as a cause?

  1. Sounds plausible
  2. Not for a second
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May-18-13 7:43 AM

Frickin stock market retirement programs. Borrow, abuse and loose!

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May-18-13 8:48 AM

There are 42 gallons in a barrel of oil. A barrel of oil is priced at 96 dollars. 96 divided by 42 equals 2.29 per gallon before it is refining time. Refining costs add to the price.

It is flowing out of the pump and you pay 4.30. I don't know what the price is right now, but it might go higher.

It's a bargain. Better than having none at all. You're stuck then.

Thank your lucky stars there is oil. The amount of work that can be done with fuel-powered internal combustion engines is phenomenal.

Coal and hydro for electricity, diesel and gas for cars, trains, planes, ships, factories, military armaments and you've got the world as we know it, and it ain't over yet.

It happens every Memorial Day, gas prices rise because more economic activity is taking place.

Did you notice the traffic? It doesn't let up even with the price where it is. Supply and Demand rules the game, not one family.

Only so much gas supply and high demand is the current situation.

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May-18-13 10:23 AM

Good post, mules.

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May-18-13 11:23 AM

Been here since 96, although It's always been a Scam, I've never seen a 40 cent jump in under 48hrs.

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May-18-13 12:18 PM

Gosh, loco, you will believe anything a righty will post. Do some more research. Last year was a great year for the oil companies. Last quarter was a record breaker for most that have posted. There is a glut of oil in the US. There is no shortage. If you believe that a couple of refineries in Illinois that shut down for yearly maintenance has caused this, you are definitely a righty. Big oil wants more subsidies and the Republicans will give it to them. Oh, and the cost of refining is minimal... Profits range from 30 to 50 cents per gallon. Now with the sixty cent increase, oil profits will double. Oh, and this refinery fib you righties all believe (you know the big oil lie that they cannot build them because of restrictions) well, tell that to MDU and the tribes.

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May-18-13 1:42 PM

What? There was no "I blame Obama" choice? Who dropped the ball?

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May-18-13 7:10 PM

Obama said that if he would have known what fracking was he would have been against it before he knew about it.

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May-19-13 6:29 AM

It's the price it is because we will pay this price. Stop buying so much gas and it will go down to a price we will pay. Last time it went over 4 bucks a gallon the nations economy went down equally as much. The economy is driven by what people purchase and when we spend all our money purchasing gasoline we put the brakes on manufacturing. It's yin beating the crap out of yang I guess, or maybe dark beating the crap out of light is more appropriate.

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May-19-13 7:43 AM

I think 20 acres is a great size for a piece of land. A house, a barn, a few large gardens, a few apple trees, a coulee, the meadowlarks in summer, some walking space...what could be better?

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May-19-13 2:09 PM

gas price in south carolina on sunday 3.06, in minot 4.26. Thanks ND Republicans!

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May-19-13 11:33 PM

I know what I think, willgrr.

What my green thumb family could do with twenty acres...

But you can relax, 'cuz I'm not in the market for your acres.


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May-20-13 12:04 AM

Right before the travel holidays start for most people-and crops to be planted--this is historic and will happen again-it is how they fleece the american public. Will eventually put the economy back in the toilet. More money to state coffers and more burden to those on FIXED incomes. But like Rush says -then get another job--The new method to get you to WALK.

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May-20-13 7:36 AM

Yep Old Cat it's for our own good. My gosh walk uphill both ways to both jobs again like the good old days.

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May-20-13 8:21 AM

rickrod, Gas prices in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma and Wisconsin have spiked up to 43 cents a gallon the past week alone. Behind the rise: outages and extended maintenance, which have curbed output at refineries in Joliet, Ill., Whiting, Ind; Tulsa, Okla, and Eldorado, Kansas. While the USA may be dripping in new found crude oil deposits and early May supplies were at their highest levels since the early 1930s, issues at a handful of refineries that turn crude into gasoline and diesel fuel underscore how kinks in the supply chain can cause quick surges in what consumers pay at the pump. Minnesota is particularly hard hit. Regular grade gas averages $4.26 a gallon this weekend -- another all-time state record after spiking to $4.15 Friday.... Oil-rich North Dakota, now averaging a record $4.13, is third, ahead of California ($4.06), -USA Today 5/18/13

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May-20-13 10:19 AM

It's price gouging at it's finest to help families celebrate The Memorial Day Holiday from home. Some people do like to pay respects and visit the Burial grounds of their families and all of our awesome Veterans who gave it their all. It's a very low blow to inhibit the meaning and purpose of Memorial Day.

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May-20-13 3:07 PM

More subsidies for big oil, more contributions for Republicans.

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May-20-13 8:43 PM

Refinery Turnarounds •Turnarounds allow for necessary maintenance and upkeep of operating units and are needed to maintain safe and efficient operations. •Turnarounds are scheduled at least 1-2 years in advance and do not necessarily focus on the same operating units. •In assessing whether to delay a turnaround, a refiner has to include the opportunity cost of a possible unplanned shutdown resulting from the decision to delay the turnaround. •Depending on the process unit and the amount of maintenance needed, the length of the turnaround can vary from 1 week to 4 weeks or more. •A major turnaround usually will involve the crude unit or the catalytic cracking unit and will result in a more significant decrease in the utilization rate than a minor turnaround that may involve units such as the alkylation unit, isomerization unit or sulfur plant. •Not every unit is impacted during every turnaround. For example, the industry average is about 4 years between turnarounds

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May-23-13 12:01 PM

Where is the greatest resistance to the Keystone Pipeline? Where have gas prices spiked the most? Yep, Big oil is putting the pressure on to the people so they can push through the XL boondoggle. Who rules the US..Big corporations... But, they are people too!!!!

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