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Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress Wednesday that a serious national security leak required the secret gathering of telephone records at The AP as he stood by an investigation in which he insisted he had no involvement. Are you buying that?

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Apr-27-14 10:16 AM

I would rather be 40th in business environment then to live in crap out west. Go 100 miles into MN and if they ask where you from and you tell them ND, they say I wouldn't want to live out there with all the crime.

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May-19-13 7:36 AM

"North Dakota Chamber President Andy Peterson said in an interview that in addition to promoting the state's booming economy, one of the campaign's objectives is to help Minnesota improve its business environment. He noted that a competitive states' index lists North Dakota 15th for a favorable business climate and Minnesota is 40th.

"'That doesn't play well for our regional economy,' Peterson said. 'We're hoping that Minnesotans take notice of this that the government in Minnesota is taking more of their money and they will probably have less to spend.'

"Peterson told The Associated Press that he has no plans to stop the campaign.

"'As much as the Fargo and Moorhead people think this is about them, it is not about them. It has nothing to do with them,' Peterson said. 'It's about what's happening in Minnesota that continues to*****the air out of the room.'"

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May-19-13 7:34 AM

My, my, I didn't know centerish had great expectations.

And am I sorry I don't meet them.

Well, maybe not too sorry...

DustOff, I didn't know about the Open For Business signs.

What a hoot!

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May-18-13 12:55 PM

Good gosh, loco, everyone expects more than your posted foolishness from you.

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May-18-13 12:54 PM

You realize of course, that when you use historical analogies to current situations, you should follow through on the reasons. You always leave out an obstructionist congress that has done NOTHING for the people of the US. Do you realize that each vote to repeal Obamacare takes about ten or more hours of congressional time with preparation, debate, BS, and lots of other stuff and each time they know it will go no where. That is 370 hours of lost time for each legislator that we pay for. Or, maybe you would like to review the almost 400 filibusters that is more than the total history of the Senate. Where is that jobs bill that Boehnor will not even debate for two years. Yep, put all the facts forward and look at the deficit shrinking, positive job grow, and in spite of the loser Repubs.

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May-18-13 10:41 AM

And which president promised job recovery? (Hint: it's the one currently in office, not that other guy.)

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May-18-13 10:41 AM

"But perhaps the most important effect was chaos in the banking system as banks tried to collect on loans made to stockmarket investors whose holdings were now worth little or nothing at all. Worse, many banks had themselves invested depositors' money in the stockmarket. When word spread that banks' assets contained huge uncollectable loans and almost worthless stock certificates, depositors rushed to withdraw their savings. Unable to raise fresh funds from the Federal Reserve System, banks began failing by the hundreds in 1932 and 1933."

Even though FDR declared a bank holiday and the FDIC was created to prevent bank runs, I see a similarity between then and now.

The be-all and end-all stock market, with its recent record highs, is NOT the best of economic indicators. Unless you think unemployed folks are putting all their money there, instead of paying bills, buying food, trying to keep their heads above water with No Job.

And which president promised job recovery? (H

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May-18-13 10:32 AM

"Throughout the 1920s a long boom took stock prices to peaks never before seen. From 1920 to 1929 stocks more than quadrupled in value. Many investors became convinced that stocks were a sure thing and borrowed heavily to invest more money in the market.

"But in 1929, the bubble burst and stocks started down an even more precipitous cliff. In 1932 and 1933, they hit bottom, down about 80% from their highs in the late 1920s. This had sharp effects on the economy. Demand for goods declined because people felt poor because of their losses in the stock market. New investment could not be financed through the sale of stock, because no one would buy the new stock...."

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May-18-13 10:31 AM

"All indications of an economic recovery are looming...Without the help of the GOP."

Veritas' partisanship aside, I'd say not much has changed, other than the stock market going up. Are more people getting hired? The unemployment rate has dropped significantly below 8%?

A look back to 1929, courtesy pbs...

pbs . org/fmc/timeline/estockmktcrash


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May-17-13 2:59 PM

Yes, isn't it, willgrr?

Most of us really don't pay that much attention to the past. Kind of gets us into trouble, doesn't it?

You seem to be waiting - no, predicting - with bated breath to see the President exonerated of all allegations, willgrr.

Not more than what I expected of you, hysterically speaking...

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May-17-13 6:42 AM

I'm waiting to see when, where, and in whose lap(s) all of this lands.

If there's nothing to it, so be it.

If there's something to it, so be it.

No fear, folks. All we want from any duly elected president is presidential behavior.

Now has that always happened in the US? Well...

Sure, I think researching, cutting and pasting examples of past presidents' unpresidential behavior would be appropriate.

I even saw someone reference the old Teapot Dome scandal as a reply to the allegations surrounding Pres. Obama.

How's that for a history trip? It's a little dusty, but very historical.

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May-17-13 6:30 AM

"Keeping people angry is hard work."

So now we know what Veritas is up to.

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May-16-13 10:55 PM

No willgarr, it was me, Missy1 that threw a cig out the window, and we got picked up. You said I threw it in the cops face. See what a liar you are. Get your facts straight.

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May-16-13 9:45 PM

I am not buying anything that comes out of Holder's, Obama's, Veritas, or willgarr's mouth.

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May-16-13 5:08 PM

Oh, and by the way, this Issa guy/ you know the guy worth 740 million...ya that guy. Did you ever check his history to find how he made his fortune......... Car alarms??? from a guy convicted of car theft... or maybe a fire.... increase your insurance and then poof. up she goes. Yep, a real leader for the Hypocrite group.

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May-16-13 5:04 PM

What do you guys plan to do, bring back Ken Starr? Drop another 70 to 100 million dollars on nothing? Since the only group that got rejected for this status was a liberal group, what else will they investigate. Karl Rove's group should be investigated, fined, and disbanded... lets start there.

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May-16-13 3:26 PM

Good on ya, minreader!

An AP article should pass muster with the unbelievers...

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May-16-13 3:05 PM

Now that minreader has cited Fox, the liberals will all go nuts, falling over themselves to discredit Fox as a reliable info source.

Heard this song before...

I suppose one of us will have to search to find other news outlets that are saying exactly what Fox is in order to get some traction with the unbelievers.

Anyone up to the heavy lifting today? I'm a little busy.

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May-16-13 2:32 PM

Looks like <bush is> was also easily typed...

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May-16-13 2:30 PM

And, Veritas, you seem very able to type in <is obama> when you are after information, but now you are unable to type in anything that Dusty's alluding to?

I have taken bait from liberal posts and proven/disproven info as I found it. It's not that hard. Easier than peat and repeat questioning.

Go for it!

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May-16-13 1:40 PM

Veritas, not all people who use computers are asking the questions that filled in your blank <is obama>.

Grasping at straws...

I'll stand by my sentence: "If there's truth to the allegations, let's have it out in the open--that's another way of saying "transparent," y'know."

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May-16-13 12:23 PM

Heard a rumor that Ambassador Stevens turned down two offers for extra security in Bengazi from the military prior to the attack. Can you verify that Dusty? Would ask billdoesnteverneverevergetit, but he is too busy dreaming up conspiracies theories. Go bill go.

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May-16-13 12:15 PM

So if the AP is leaking classified information and won't say who or where they got the information, then the investigation into the reporters phone records is justified. The releasing of classified info is very serious, and if the investigation can reveal who leaked the info, then all the better. A reporter has no right to withhold a source or sources who is releasing classified information.

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May-16-13 10:58 AM

Those are just the axiomatic ravings of a lunatic, BDGI. All composted phrases with no substance. What do you hope to achieve, if not to inform?

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May-16-13 10:22 AM

Just like I said, billwillnevereverevergetit, a chemical imbalance. Not your fault. More "factually based" information in your blog, Billyboy? Yep, we need more Ollie Norths, Scooter Libbys, Dick Cheneys, and we would allllllll be under water.

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