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Are you sick of President Obama apologizing for us to the rest of the world?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Long ago
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May-04-13 12:18 AM

I guess the MDN thinks the President is on an "apology tour" again.

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May-04-13 1:51 AM

So've you stopped beating your wife yet? (No! Yes! Wait a minute...)

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May-04-13 6:02 AM

I'm just plain sick of the POTUS, he is more full of beans than Clinton was. We should know better than to elect lawyers to be POTUS. We need Lawyers but not in politics, I hope we learned something.

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May-04-13 8:48 AM

It's 'Pick on Obama Time'. Yeah!

Jumping the shark with another beat up on Obama poll question. It's fine with me, so let's begin the process of beating up on Obama then I'll switch to beating up on the ND Legislature for a sorry excuse they were this year.

President Omoron is the oft-beat red-headed step son for a president. The poor guy, nobody feels sorry for him because he is a sorry excuse for a president and everybody is sick of his excuses. After that, they are sick of hearing him say he's sorry to anybody.

Americans are sick of hearing about Omoron as the preznit.

Somebody, anybody, help America. Rescue us from this fool.

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May-04-13 8:55 AM

Yes I'm sick of having someone living large off of tax payer dollars in a country that he hates and is trying to destroy,along with the rest of you haters of America, why the he** don't you just get out!! MarkHW I suggest that you get your sorry BS rant tattooed on your forehead for all to see, it would save us all a lot of time and trouble!!!

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May-04-13 9:49 AM

What an outlandishly stupid poll, and that goes for anyone who took the Poll as well. Gullible to the core if you did.

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May-04-13 10:26 AM


The only fuel who has been fished-in is you!

It is a moral duty and obligation to soundly pound Onitwit's impugned reputation right into the dirt. Gladly do it night and day, thanks to the Minot Daily, it is a daily ritual, happy to beat up on President Obama anytime. Never miss an opportunity to do what has to be done.

Obama bots' fealty to President Obama is even more sickening than the utter nonsense of apologizing while seeking drone targets and missing them only to have women and children die from his poor decisions.

Obama should apologize for being a barbarian, but that's not what barbarians do, so he'll just be a sorry excuse for a human being.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner is a loser.

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May-04-13 10:40 AM


1. Are you sickened by misleading polls such as this. No? 2. Do you believe such sick polls as this are correct and serve to highlight the problems with the President? Yes 3. I do not understand the question. No?

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May-04-13 10:42 AM

Poll Correction:


1. Are you sickened by misleading polls such as this. No?

2. Do you believe such sick polls as this are correct and serve to highlight the problems with the President. Yes?

3. I do not understand the question. No?

4. This poll is inaccurate. Yes

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May-04-13 11:50 AM

The poll is accurate. 79 percent are sick of hearing the president apologize or even speak, for that matter.

Choice b indicates that 21 percent still want to hear the president apologize to the rest of the world.

Only 21 percent of the population has yet to be jaded by President Obama's bunkum and bosh, so it will take some more time, but time is on the side of those who are sick and tired of listening to President Obama. 21 percent still go for the bread and circuses.

At the end of the day, the only choice will be a.

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May-04-13 12:25 PM

Mitt Rmoney actually used the "apology tour" term in one of the debates. With the President right there. Pres. Obama should have stood up and slugged Mitt's son.

I see I finally made the highest rated user list, thanks. I guess it was my sufficiently vague post here that appeared, to the inattentive reader, to say Obama was on an "apology tour". Thanks again to the careless readers.

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May-04-13 12:54 PM

No, because he is just trying to clean up this county's relationships with other countrys following eight years of a President who had the philosphy of its "my way or the highway"! President Jr. Bush ticked off so many foreign allies with this attitude, and demanded that they work with us instead of being straight forward with information and requesting their help. Of course, with regards to Iraq, none of the above mattered because he was so anxious to have a war against the man "who threatened to kill my daddy" that he lost complete control of the situation!!!!

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May-04-13 1:04 PM

This idiocy is all a red herring anyways. He apologized to Kamala Harris for stating that she is the best looking attorney general. After receiving a huge dollop of Michelle's wrath for a couple of hours, President Obama learned a lesson the hard way and issued an apology for stating the obvious.

Never mind that the Fed is pumping 85 billion dollars each month into the economy to create liquidity and juice the stock market. The full intention is to once again fleece the Great Unwashed from their hard earned money. Private capital has left the building, the fed runs the show now. Move along though, nothing to see here.

It is better to beat up on Obama instead of doing a bunch of hand wringing over the useless economy, i.e. a financial economy, not an economy of goods and services, but an economy where the goods and services are prey by those who are more than willing to skim billions for doing nothing.

Better to have the blind leading the blind.

Dumb and dumber.

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May-04-13 2:57 PM

Willgarr---That's the third time today I've run across the "thingy" term...weird. I used it too. Bizarre.

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May-04-13 4:18 PM

I'm sick of the Minot Daily "News" posting inane polls like this instead of having real news. Why do I have to go to the Fargo Forum to find out that two Minot legislators voted against the governor's education funding bill after supporting it and two other legislators didn't even vote? Every day I open the Minot daily and every day I ask myself why I keep paying my subscription. I guess I just really like Garfield.

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May-04-13 5:15 PM

"President Barack Obama has offered an apology for the Bush era, declaring that America had “shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” towards its allies."


From the Telegraph, so it is true that Obama apologizes for America's obstinate obstructionism and failed past American leadership. Even if George Bush is a moron, he is an affable, like-able, polite moron.

At least Obama's apologies aren't politically motivated and are totally objective. Right.

In other words, he's an honest politician, just like all the rest, including Duke Cunningham.

You're right though, there have been no apologies issued by President Obama to Afghanistan nor to Pakistan for over 300 drone strikes that have killed many women and children.

Obama wouldn't dare implicate himself, that would be a crime.

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May-04-13 8:26 PM

Obama has represented us well.I know you hate to hear it , but it is true Bush had the world despising us with his arrogance and his ignorance. How can you be so tuff ? The saying is true" you gotta be tuff if you wanna be stupid".

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May-05-13 6:37 AM

76 percent of those polled are sick of President Obama, so the numbers are not in favor of President Obama, regardless if he apologized or not.

The Minot Daily conducts the poll, it is their responsibility to be able to provide the quotes.

Nonetheless, the poll shows very little support of President Obama's lecturing and preaching.

Maybe the Minot Daily should reword the poll question.

Are you sick and tired of President Obama's lecturing and preaching and caterwauling and prattling on about nonsense that nobody really cares to hear?

Don't need no stinking apology quotes, the poll numbers speak the truth.

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May-05-13 7:28 AM

Let's see; Stock Market all time HIGH, Unemployment at 5 yr. LOW, Housing Market on the rebound; That Obama can't he get anything right.

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May-05-13 7:56 AM

Got the Stockholm Syndrome yet?

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May-05-13 8:53 AM

Not Bill Garr - You claim the Yen is the only currency the USD is strong against. The Euro was 1.56 dollar to the Euro in Feb 2008 and now it is 1.30. (much weaker) I let you do the math but the YEN and USD and EURO are the only real (Reserve currencies) in the world that count for exchange and we are MUCH stronger against them now then in 2008!!

So not BILL GARR (No CLone here) "But The dollar has fallen against every currency OTHER than the Yen, how is that “rallying?

Well you are absolutely 100% wrong. Now tell me, does that matter to you... I think not because you have no other source for information and repeat what you hear only. too bad

Like the Australian finace minister said last week, " Thank God for US federal reserve and Ben Bernake" because we have basically kept the world from financial chaos.

Probably too much for you to chew on so just stick to your false info about the currency being only high against the YEN, and answer that delema in your reasoni

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May-05-13 10:05 AM

What invalidates it?

You're just taking the ad hominem route because I just don't believe a single word Obama says, which makes me a candidate for the funny farm.

I can criticize Obama if I want, doesn't make me right, but I probably am, plus, I am a hypocrite too. Would rather be one of those instead of a holier than thou pious Democrat. No big deal to be a hypocrite, better than being a Democrat who thinks they aren't a hypocrite.

You thinking I am a winger and a Republican puts you into outer space. la la land

You're just trying to get my goat and derail the argument that Obama is full of hot air.

Drones attacking innocents if far off lands means there are people controlling those drones. President Obama is the Commander-in-Chief, ultimately he is responsible for those attacks. Makes him a hypocrite of the highest order. The poster boy of hypocrisy.

Thems the facts.

Call me all sorts of names, still doesn't change the facts.

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May-05-13 11:18 AM

You didn't answer my question.

What invalidates this poll?

It should be obvious that the number of votes not in favor of Obama apologizing in any way or form is a loud and clear signal that President Obama is on a losing path.

You're too far down the rabbit hole, so there is no hope.

Eric Holder, the esteemed USAG, also hinted that using drones on American citizens was a possibility.

And people accept these cuckoo ideas of droning Americans on American soil as normal life in America?

Completely insane. President Obama needs to apologize to Americans for being such a loser as president.

He's too proud and his balloon-sized ego won't let him.

Parades Sandy Hook victims around the town to garner support for gun control, like a buffoon would do, and everybody accepts this idiocy as normal.

It is sickening.

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May-05-13 12:11 PM

What invalidates the poll? Well, to begin with is a lack of facts. You, yourself have brought nothing to the table but your own prejudiced opinions that are based right wing rumor and innuendo. A prime example is your comment about an "innocent American" killed by drones. First of all, he was not innocent nor was he an American citizen. He was an enemy combatant who had renounced his citizenship and he was a threat to the US. Let me see, where do we categorize using drones to kill citizens here in the US. Oh, yes, that is right up with Death panels, they are going to come get your guns, and they will bomb you here in the US. Fear tactics of the far, extreme, looney, right. Your entire blog arguments are strickly your wharped, biased "opinions" based on right wing fear tactics.

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May-05-13 12:17 PM

I fully understand that the question has bias against President Obama.

One answer is no, which implies that people want to continue to hear Obama apologize.

The other 2 answers are yes and yes, and long ago I was sick of President Obama apologizing for the US.

So the poll basically has no neutrality. The question is worded to potentially cause harm to Mr. Obama and to question his leadership abilities, if not qualifications. A legitimate question.

The question calls into question President Obama's ability to communicate with a positive message.

President Obama fails in every attempt because he is not interested in solving America's problems, he only has an interest in increasing America's follies and enriching those who are no longer deserving of the wealth they accumulate while the rest of America suffers.

President Obama now suffers the unintended consequences of his actions. He did it to himself.

It's the drone effect. He made his own bed.

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