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Should the Minot City Council let voters decide whether to extend a 1 percent sales tax to pay for a flood control project?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Undecided
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Mar-18-13 12:16 PM

in my part two, I left out a very important word, TWICE.--million or a set of zeros twice. Should have read $230 million and $530 million So sorry

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Mar-18-13 11:58 AM

muleskinner, I agree about the faux property tax relief. Like I said, it was debt retirement, not property tax relief and should have been called such. I did watch the planning commission put a hold on First Western's building plans a couple of weeks ago because one citizen stood in valiant opposition to it. Haven't heard the final results, don't even know if there has been another meeting about it. But the commission did not fold blindly to the wishes of the mayor's bank. It gives me a shred of hope.

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Mar-18-13 11:28 AM

The Minot City Council listens to its money masters and that's not the local homeowners paying the local property taxes.

Although, I am not opposed to funding flood protection, you have to remember that these local sales taxes are supposed to relieve property tax increases but they don't, so it becomes counterproductive. People finally wake up, the city council senses a distaste for local sales taxes that become gravy trains for a lucky few to ride.

Meanwhile, the property taxpayer, the sales taxpayers, all get taken for a ride... again.

1 percent of 1 million is 10 grand.

1 million in sales each day times 365 is $3,650,000 in sales tax proceeds in one year.

The money masters like those numbers, so the tax isn't going to go away, plus, your property tax increases too. Banksters doing God's work, so there is really nothing to worry about.

The money masters are in control, the city council relent. They both need the dough, not your vote.

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Mar-18-13 11:06 AM

disgusted.. My solution to flood protection is to use the flood protection. I shop online and in the little town I live in, we pay city tax here too but I got to vote on it.

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Mar-18-13 10:16 AM

Yep, the capital improvements they listed more than 40 new needs that were addressed plus annual distributions to the Park District, Rec Complex, Tennis Center and Auditorium from the tax that was set up in 2006.

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Mar-18-13 9:26 AM

EB, I know you said you left Minot. Where do you do most of your shopping? I, too, believe that taxes should be through representation. What is your solution for flood protection for the river valley?

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Mar-18-13 9:09 AM

voting rights.... not right... or left for that matter!

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Mar-18-13 9:07 AM

When the first special 1 cent tax went in if you were 50 miles or more from Minot we didn't have to pay that special tax because we couldn't vote on it. Without an opportunity to vote it is taxation without representation and that used to be against the law. As a matter of fact the Revolutionary War was fought about taxes with out voting right.

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Mar-18-13 8:58 AM

Part 2. If 50% of the 1 cent sale tax would raise $230,000 of the estimated $530,000, why not 100% of the tax go to flood repair projects for the entire county? socialisms ucks, I do hope you voice your opinion at the meeting on the first.

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Mar-18-13 8:51 AM

I have looked at the proposed sales taxi extension. I have posed questions to my councilmen and to the city manager. I, personally, don't believe that we need to spend money on economic development at this time to promote diversification. I don't believe they have done a great job in this area anyway. 'Property tax relief' is not property tax relief--it is "property tax relief through annual appropriations to pay previously authorized debt retirement mill levies for highway projects or to pay other statutorily authorized mill levies" and airport terminal debt. Let's call it what it is. Debt reduction, not property tax relief. Just because they say they haven't increased mill levies as much as they would have, doesn't mean there would ever have been an increase to begin with.

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Mar-18-13 8:49 AM

i suppose the city council will next assume that 'we, the taxpayers' want them to stay in office so there is no reason to waste time holding an election in the future.

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Mar-18-13 8:19 AM

Yeah and somehow include the people you have abducted into your area of commerce who do not live there, let us vote too. And not the Heidi Hitecamp answer of go somewhere else to shop if you don't like it.

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Mar-18-13 6:46 AM

why shouldnt the people vote on that (what a stupid question)

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