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Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty to charges that he engaged in a scheme to spend $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. He faces 46 to 57 months in prison and a fine of $10,000 to $100,000. How much jail time will he serve?

  1. Little if any
  2. Less than a year
  3. Less than 2 years
  4. More than 2 years
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Feb-25-13 2:30 PM

So the jeep was imaginary?

Well, I made the right choice, didn't I, H4C?

'57 Chevy - vroom vroom vroom!

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Feb-25-13 10:00 AM

'57 Chevy or '72 Jeep?

I'll take '57 Chevy please.

Vroom vroom!

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Feb-23-13 2:19 PM

billgrr, I wasn't disappointed in your site, as it contained exactly what I expected it to. At least you're consistent in your hyperbolic opinions.

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Feb-23-13 10:53 AM

One very bitter pot of coffee, that website.

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Feb-23-13 9:41 AM

"loco, you are honestly giving Lorexxxalocomay an R.I.P.? You actually condoned her racists statements? Oh well, Birds of a Feather....."

Hard as it might be for you to believe, billgrr, I'd give you an RIP if you were bumped, and you know how well WE agree on just everything...

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Feb-22-13 7:23 PM

Hello, billgarrgetsit. How's your Friday been?

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Feb-22-13 7:10 PM

Hello, billdoesntgetit.

(This should be interesting...)

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Feb-22-13 7:09 PM

RIP, lorexxx.

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Feb-22-13 11:34 AM

Then let's go back to Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. I do feel sorry for him, his wife, his family, his dad, his mom. Some of the decisions up until they were caught were misguided, no doubt. Who knows when this trainwreck began? It looks like a case of getting found out earlier rather than later. As far as jail time, it'll be determined by someone other than us here at the MDN, and hopefully, it'll be a just decision.

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Feb-22-13 6:19 AM

If my house is on fire and I am trapped inside, I will not care if the color of the skin of the firefighter is red, just get me out of my burning house.

Come to think of it, I hardly ever see a firefighter whose skin color is red. Maybe we need to investigate the reasons why instead of bickering about who can take a test. The fire dept discriminates against people with red colored skin. Time to sue there too.

I don't care if the firefighter scored a zero on the test, if they can fight a fire, what does it matter?

All you need is water. If you don't know what water is, and a few here obviously don't know and it shows, then you won't qualify as a firefighter.

How did this go from a congressman spending like a drunken sailor to firefighters who can't pass a test?

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Feb-21-13 10:45 PM

I am one person, speaking my Opinion. And Yet you think your entitled to put me down. Gaming the system? What is going in and out of your brain? OK I don't even want to know. One person here Bill Garr, my name is Missy1. And I am not retired. Nor am I semi retired.

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Feb-21-13 10:13 PM

By all means, Please report it. Shut down this site, just because it does not fit within your "thinking" and again please do. By the way Bill Garr. One name, I sign in under it and don't change it. I have a Life. Apparently you don't as you are on all day and every day. I just don't like you attacking people for no apparent reason.

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Feb-21-13 9:27 PM

Apparently there is no Internet-wide mechanism for pointing out hate speech.

However, I have lodged a formal complaint to Google about the racism and hate speech that regularly appears at this site. I will work to have it flagged and taken out the safe site zone.

If you've had enough of the racist nonsense on this site -- please join me and report it to Google. It does not take very much time.

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Feb-21-13 9:22 PM

Oh, I could have predicted the results know this bunch. Someone's always getting away with something. Someone's always getting something they don't deserve. They feel so put upon. So much envy, so much resentment.

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Feb-21-13 9:14 PM

OK Lorrie. You lie by omission. Nearly 300 minorities will be hired by court order. You suggest that the same people who failed the test in '99 and '02 will be hired, they will not. They must get a score of 97 on the revised( insert dumbed down in you mind) test. A federal judge in 1973 - that's almost 40 years! - ruled that the testing was discriminatory and must be changed. (who knows how it discriminates, but it does.) Now it has been changed and most of the first pool of hires will be minorities. (make your blood boil Lorrie? good.) It's called a make good. I can almost hear the NYDAILYNEWS in your post, expand your reading a bit. Where JackAaah? I miss JackAaa(p)h.

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Feb-21-13 9:07 PM

Lorexxx, the applicants in question are being allowed to retake the exams because a judge "found the FDNY guilty of discrimination after a group of black firefighters and the Vulcan Society successfully challenged the methodology of its entrance exams." The FDNY has fairly solid reputation for actively weeding out minorities from the application process, not just in its examinations but in the actual hiring as well.

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Feb-21-13 8:30 PM

Bill Garr you did the same thing to me, using all the same words, and accusing that I was this person and that person. Then you lied about me. Now you are upset about racist remarks, but continue to slap the small women around, because you can. Some people take it and some people won't put up with it.

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Feb-21-13 2:39 PM

If you want to read real 'hate speech', this is not the web site that has it. Not even close.

I can direct you to web sites that do, but won't do it here.

You haven't seen hate speech until you go there.

The web sites that have finance and investment content are not happy with President Obama.

Go there if you want to read hate speech. Not because of his skin color, but because of his policies, rather failed policies.

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Feb-21-13 2:16 PM

Racism is alive and well at the Minot Daily News.

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Feb-21-13 12:10 PM

I don,t see how telling it like it is, is being a racist, all you have to do is pay attention to what goes on everyday to see that if you are black you get a little extra leeway for fear that you will be called a RACIST!!!

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Feb-21-13 12:08 PM

Didn't Jesse Jackson the father admit to spitting on plates of food served to white people when he worked in a restaurant?

Like father like son.

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Feb-21-13 11:18 AM

Typical, someone calling us racist. If he was white would you call us racist too?? Racism exist with the one accusing someone of being racist. Quit making it a color issue. If anyone is racist its Jacksons dad. You know the white hating jesse jackson sr

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Feb-21-13 11:02 AM

that piece of trash won't serve a day. By all rights he should have to serve the max. People in a position like that should have the book thrown at them.

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Feb-21-13 9:24 AM

Typical DC politicians with their fingers in the cookie jar! Slap their fingers, sentence them, repeal their sentence, and then they will write a book about it and make millions. Crime does pay in DC. no matter what political stripes you are!

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Feb-21-13 9:18 AM

He won,t serve a day, he's in politics,they live by a differ set of rules than avg. Americans, they get away with anything! Besides he has a get out of jail free card, he is black! And a supporter of emperor Obama!!Besides he is doing what he great leader is doing, spending money and living big!!!

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