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The Postal Service plans to eliminate Saturday deliveries, except for packages. Your thoughts?

  1. They had no choice
  2. Awful decision
  3. No feelings either way
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Feb-09-13 4:39 PM

Veritas, why would you at all be concerned if you do anything, I mean RIGHT?

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Feb-09-13 11:41 AM

"You sound like a genuine taker.... Entitled to this and that because you think you're an American.

"Todays dream is different yet very much the same...Oh,... the different part....does not include you."

This is a typical leftwing sentiment: the left determines what is "American" while demeaning any other definition of the term.

I was brought up by an extended family who made "the sacrifices most Americans made in the 1920's-1950's" and have NOT come to the same conclusions of the left, that gov't is benevolent to all and must be funded as gov't itself sees fit.

As I've stated before, there's no room in the Democrat party for people like me. Now, after Veritas' post, it looks like there's no room in America any more for people like me.

Back to topic: I'll adjust to the USPS not delivering on Saturdays.

And now, on to better things...

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Feb-07-13 2:39 PM

and the Unions lobbying for this. Yes, it needs to be corrected. Have YOU contacted Heitkamp, Cramer and Hoeven?

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Feb-07-13 2:36 PM

"Under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, Congress has for years (since 2006) forced the USPS to pre-fund 75 years’ worth of pensions for its employees, a requirement not made of any other public or private institution. That means that the Postal Service is footing the bill for employees it hasn’t even hired yet" "The USPS doesn’t actually receive money from the government, but still needs Congressional approval to make any changes to its structure. An analysis in July showed that the USPS, without its pension requirement, would have a $1.5 billion surplus." Another Republican blunder that hurts the country.. We only have to look to your REpublican party to find the problem.

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Feb-07-13 1:49 PM

When I receive one email from data miners offering millions of contacts from schools to businesses to consumers to insurers and on it goes, why do I need the postal service to provide a mail service when it can all be done digitally?

Why do I need a paper copy of the MDN when it is online?

Why do you need a factory job when robots can do work night and day, never need food, never need pay, no breaks?

Do I need the postal service for my Chinese takeout? No.

Hey, there we go, have the Chinese handle the postal service in the US for much less cost and higher profit potential. If anybody can make a profit at delivering mail, the Chinese will. You probably will be able to get your Chinese takeout at the same time.

Chinese government pays for the administration of the postal service, doing business as the US Postal Service.

You'll get your mail on Sundays too.

Americans have lost jobs by the millions to China, might as well let China have the postal jobs too.

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Feb-07-13 1:00 PM

Sounds good to me. No cliff to drag me over for leverage.... lol!!

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Feb-07-13 12:19 PM


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Feb-07-13 12:19 PM

That's a Government ran companie people. Wait til Obamacare goes into effect.

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Feb-07-13 11:28 AM

Turning over the postal service to a private company? I see major problems with this: 1. One company has complete access and control of everyones names and mailing addresses in the entire country. 2. The marketing value to sell all that information to other companies. 3. Political ramifications during elections.

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Feb-07-13 10:24 AM

Animal is right, put Romney in charge. Then, instead of waiting indefinitely for the USPS to collapse, we would know that in six or seven years, Mitt would harvest the post office . Thus, all the vehicles would be sold, The buildings would be demolished, and the Cayman bank accounts would increase dramatically. Oh, and the retirements of the workers would be stopped along with medical care. That money saved would be sent to Switzerland for safe keeping.

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Feb-07-13 9:13 AM

Saturdays are for drinking and postal workers don't have to miss out of one single second of the fun now. Now they can go back to like it was in the good old days of riding ponies and drinking all along the route. 'Bout time.

History is a set of lies that are agreed upon - Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

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Feb-07-13 8:07 AM

Veritas - The 50% that say they had no choice, I don't think you can say it is typical American behavior. The poll question only gives 3 options and one of them was not that people agree with the decision.

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Feb-07-13 7:23 AM

too bad Congress is involved with the USPS. The postal service does not get any money from the gov, but since the republican controlled congress decided they had to fund a pension fund for 75 years within a 10 year period, they have been losing bundles of money. A deliberate attempt to bankrupt it? Maybe?

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Feb-07-13 2:01 AM

It's an accounting problem. The Feds have been wantonly raiding USPS coffers for years, making them seem sloppier and wasteful where they otherwise wouldn't be. The thing's strangling in red tape.

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Feb-07-13 12:57 AM

Actually Pony Express was alot of fun from Buford to TR Park. Handing off the mail bag to each other and riding. But that is just me.

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Feb-07-13 12:41 AM

Good. I have PO boxes. Other than that emails work. Winter roads would not allow my mail to get to me. Sometimes for a few days to a couple of weeks.

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Feb-07-13 12:38 AM

Time for change--no longer need pony express-

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