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Which part of Sunday's Super Bowl was more entertaining?

  1. The game
  2. Commercials
  3. Halftime show
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Feb-05-13 4:39 PM

Was that the one you were attending, leftwing?

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Feb-04-13 10:27 PM

Quite the imagination, Veritas.

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Feb-04-13 10:19 PM

Ya okay Veritas.

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Feb-04-13 9:55 PM

I didn't watch the game. The Farmer Commercial hit me hard. My dad was a farmer and didn't plant 3 weeks - took the summer off - harvested 3 weeks and was a snow bird. That's an insult to me, who watched, my father live and die being a farmer. Now there are people who take advantage of every - stupid - program in the United States. From Workers Comp. - Federal Unemployment - Food Stamps - taking care of people who has baby after baby after baby, and are given money because they want their Government Money. How about quitting all the Gifts this Government to all people. It just might wake up this Lazy Country.

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Feb-04-13 7:41 PM

locomotive, you were responding to WA's off topic post. The first half of the game was a bust. 28-3 or some such thing. But after the black out, it got exciting. First super bowl I have watched in over 20years. Loved the Rams commercial.

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Feb-04-13 7:21 PM

Ooops. Sorry, disgusted, I didn't respond to the poll, as I didn't watch the game last night.

We found out after the game that the Ravens won by three. Then we said, "that would have been a good game" which I'm sure it was, but just too busy doing the normal.


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Feb-04-13 6:46 PM

And again, WA goes off topic. It would be nice if you could respond to the poll.

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Feb-04-13 5:28 PM

Worried, you posted elsewhere how several Republican Senators voted for the Farm Bill, with the majority of monies going for food stamps.

So is that newly-passed Farm Bill a good thing or a bad thing?

Yes, it's a trick question.

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Feb-04-13 4:21 PM

lorexxx yes the true small farmers that have cattle and grow crops. Not the big corporate ones like our Gov. Dairy Whipple that takes advantage of federal farm subsidy programs and don't need them. That is the problem with the farm bills. There should be exclusions on these big corporate farms from being included in these farm bills. Most of the big farmers spend about 3 weeks putting in their crops in the spring and spend their summers off and spend 3 to 4 weeks taking their crop off. Most are "snow birds" and go south for the winter.

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Feb-04-13 12:35 PM

I suspect that is NOT what is stupid ;-)

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Feb-04-13 11:05 AM

h4c said,The power going out in the Super Dome is President Obama's fault! Really? Maybe congress should get their act together and pass the jobs bill so we can improve our electrical grids in this country!

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Feb-04-13 12:26 AM

Very sleazy halftime show. Kids were freaked out this big sweaty woman hardly dressed gyrating around what a nightmare!

No more kids n halftime shows here!


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