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Should the Obama administration really be gifting 20 more of the most modern F-16 fighter jets to the new and unstable government in Egypt when their intentions toward Israel are so suspect?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Unsure
  4. Just another Obama-bashing question
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Jan-28-13 11:10 AM

"I can just go back a few pages to copy, paste and post your exact words. It's really not difficult."

Now how is this done? Oh, yeah.


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Jan-27-13 11:28 PM

The Purpose is YOU tried to make me a liar. When YOU lied and tried to trash someone. Something you do everyday. Something your party does everyday. You are not Trustworthy and neither is your Party, which I left when Clinton Lied. His wife is also has learned well.

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Jan-27-13 9:37 PM

Bill Garr and PJ. Find my exact quote. I said that my husband and I were driving home. I also said that that was the weekend they were looking for drunk drivers. We were going home from our "Job". I also said my husband does not drink. I threw a cigarette out the window, was good enough for a police to check us out. The rest Bill Garr and PJ you have lied about. Now this is my second request that You two LIARS please find my exact words. And copy and paste until your blue in the face. You have learned well from your Party of Liars.

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Jan-27-13 12:05 PM

Poor poor PJ, has to keep making up stories. Your lies must be your only friends.

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Jan-26-13 8:58 PM

Yup, there is a Full Moon out tonight. Be Careful, wouldn't want anyone to step into anything. Or be rude and resort to name calling.

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Jan-26-13 9:47 AM

h4c I don't agree with President Obama's foreign policy when it comes to supplying our top military weapons to unstable countries! They may turn them against us! Very unwise! We are repeating bad foreign policy by supplying military weapons to unstable countries and proping up gov'ts that could go against us and we later on have to fight! Example Iraq, Syria, Lybia, and Iran!

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Jan-26-13 9:39 AM

Where's a vigilant online moderator when you need one?

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Jan-25-13 8:48 PM

Hope and lore, thats funny.

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Jan-25-13 6:24 PM

When you spend 4 years ranting, raving, lying and complaining about any asinine thing you can think up -- throwing temper tantrums about birth certificates, waving placards picturing the U.S. President as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose, and insisting that state officials are secret members of the Muslim Brotherhood -- you've gone far beyond "Obama bashing" and entered the psychotic realm of autocastration.

You've effectively rendered yourself politically impotent.

Like the boy who lied and continually cried "wolf," any legitimate questions or concerns are dismissed outright as just more noise amid the non-stop nastiness and nonsense from self-indulgent bedlamites.

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Jan-25-13 5:56 PM

"Military jets are incredibly fickle and require a lot of maintenance and care. Without it, they may as well be paperweights."

That would be one Power Desk for that paperweight!

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Jan-25-13 5:55 PM

Egyptian politics have changed in the last year or so. It is the job of the administration to be on top of that current government's level of support for the United States and its policies.

Decisions to send arms, weapons, fighter jets, etc., should never be made "just because" or "this is how we've always done it."

The world's political landscape is changing almost on a daily basis. Our policies, in regards to who is a friend or a foe who is secure or a threat, have to be updated/upgraded accordingly.

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Jan-25-13 5:12 PM

Here is the advantage of sending US equipment. First, the Israelis have better versions of the same stuff, so they are familiar with capabilities and limitations. Second, by cutting off technical and material support for those aircraft, you can effectively render them useless. Military jets are incredibly fickle and require a lot of maintenance and care. Without it, they may as well be paperweights. And it would take them years to transition to another airframe, even if the Russians, Chinese, or Indians decided to sell them something. Not likely given that Egypt handed us a lot of Soviet Equipment in the 1980s when they shifted out of the Soviet sphere of influence.

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Jan-25-13 3:36 PM

Obama probably thinks that this is a great idea. Just like he thought overstepping his authority with a series of recess appointments to the National Labor Relations board was. The Federal Appeals Courts voted against him.

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Jan-25-13 3:20 PM

"Just another Obama-bashing question." 25 January, 2013: the day the MDN quiz becomes self-aware.

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Jan-25-13 12:06 PM

We should not be sending any of our top military equipment to any countries in the middle east period! It is just like pouring gasoline on a fire! The region is still unstable. We still do not know how this gov't will develop and if Eqypt can get their act together. We don't need to make the same mistake like supporting Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Look how that turned out.

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Jan-25-13 9:47 AM

animal's got it right about the spend-spend-spend part.

It must be that spending money=power or gratification or fulfillment for some people.

The raw truth is Our Country Doesn't Have Any Extra To Give Away. Period.

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Jan-25-13 9:18 AM

Loved the D-Choice. LOL. But sad that people ACTUALLY selected it.

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Jan-25-13 9:02 AM

The deep pockets of the US taxpayer has been providing weapons to unsavory countries for decades.

All politicians are in the pockets of the military industrial complex, who gets whatever they want.

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Jan-25-13 8:38 AM

Egypt could sell the planes back to Obama and then Obama could gift them back to Egypt again and Egypt to sell them back to Obama again.

Or, Egypt could sell the planes to China, China could reverse engineer the planes, build them in China, Obama could buy the planes from the Chinese and gift them to Egypt, then Egypt could be in the plane business without doing any work, just selling airplanes to the highest bidders. Syria and Iran could be potential buyers. A brand new market for f-16s and it would help the global economy. The Chinese would be a new leader in plane manufacturing.

All in all, a great plan and Obama deserves all of the credit.

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Jan-25-13 6:07 AM

when will the peasants realize we have the Smartest Man Ever as our emperor and we need to quit questioning His decisions. after all, the MSM doesn't seem to see Him doing anything wrong and they would surely let us know if this admin was doing anything underhanded.

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