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Obama’s war on coal continues

June 9, 2014

The recent announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency is coming down hard on existing coal-fired power plants raises literally hundreds of questions....

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Jun-20-14 9:55 AM

I'm now feeling much better thanks to ObamaCare JackAaah. BG was trying to quarantine me I feel.

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Jun-13-14 12:54 PM

I was never posts are all gone.

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Jun-13-14 10:31 AM

Funny, but I suppose that billgrr's own c/p doesn't make him nauseous one bit.


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Jun-13-14 10:30 AM

Jun-13-14 10:14 AM

"...these types of people..."

Sounds like billgrr is profiling again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Well, you get the idea. If billgrr thinks it needs to be said once, it needs to be said a thousand times. Or at least four times that I've counted.


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Jun-13-14 6:44 AM

Why are Democrats even wasting time with these "teapubs," their name for active voters who happen to disagree with their politics?

Name-calling is so childish. I suppose it will do for those who refuse to talk through issues and policies.

How about that Obamacare for one? And how about foreign policy for another?

How does the country feel about the present administration's policies? I simply MUST cite a poll schmoll...

realclearpolitics . com

Public Approval on Healthcare Law: 38.8% for, 51.3% against

Job Approval on Foreign Policy: 39.0% approve, 52.7% disapprove

Shall we discuss this state of affairs, or shall we continue with the name-calling instead? I already know which requires less effort.

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Jun-13-14 6:32 AM

Stutter much, billgrr?

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Jun-12-14 9:07 AM

billgrr, nice try, but when lefty sources take responsibility for all the stuff they've "encouraged" and "supported" in left-leaning proponents of violence, a conversation might begin.

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Jun-12-14 9:05 AM

From CNN Justice...

"The Millers moved from Indiana to Las Vegas in January, according to Amanda Miller's Facebook page...

"Her Facebook profile also shows pictures of a protest last year in Lafayette, Indiana.

"The "Million Mask March" protest's Facebook page describes the November 2013 event as 'a march against billionaires who own banks and corporations who corrupt politicians who enslave the people and injustice.'"

Doesn't BadHair think a little this way about corporations?

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Jun-12-14 7:08 AM

But ol Buffet will settle him down when he needs to.

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Jun-12-14 7:07 AM

The POTUS is very heavily invested in the gas industry and wants his piece of the pie.

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Jun-10-14 5:49 PM

How will we know when the world is "winning" the "war" on "climate change?" This just another perpetual "war" started by the progressive socialists same as the "war" on poverty. After 50 years we have move "poor" people on food stamps and collection disability benefits than ever before. This after spending between 15 and 19 TRILLION dollars. Sure makes you progressive socialists feel good just like the war on coal, war on women, war on the rich, war on big business, war on anyone who is a producer giving "free" benefits to illegals, "minorities" and anyone else is is willing to not work and let the socialist progressives take care of them. BTW another lie of the socialist progressives is the background of the mass shooters. You really should get your "news" somewhere else than Jon Stewart or the Daily KOS *******nation.foxnews****/2013/09/26/walmart-shooter-picked-victims-race

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Jun-09-14 11:27 AM

State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt admits that Bush's noble War on Terror was actually a "fight for oil" and cheap gasoline:

"David [Patraeus] and I have been out in the western portion of North Dakota where we have shared with him the challenges we've been facing to help make our nation and our world an energy independent country so that you and your fellow officers and enlisted folks never have to go over there again in order to fight for the oil we all need."

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Jun-09-14 6:13 AM

Wow! Anyone ever look to see how many Clean Water Act violations between 2006-2013 from coal companies in WV & KY?

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