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Federal rules for others

May 19, 2014

Federal regulators demand that the rest of us, including individuals, companies and states, comply with rules intended to safeguard the environment....

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May-21-14 2:21 PM

@ centerfield

"You are joking, Mule?"


If she's telling jokes, they sure aren't funny.

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May-20-14 10:31 PM

muleskinner--I will demand all of the submissions that labeled and branded Cliven Bundy as a racist, moocher, living on gov dole, and any other berating and belittling of his character be removed immediately.

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May-20-14 11:50 AM

You are joking, Mule?

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May-19-14 9:03 PM

It is surreptitious bolshevism, run farmers/ranchers off the land, of course the farmer/rancher has done something wrong, against the law, the fed gov makes enough laws where it is a crime to not read the directions on a tube of toothpaste before using the toothpaste.

There is always a reason for the fed gov to act, make laws, regulations, fees, ad infinitum. Why? Because the fed gov is run by bolshevists who are intent in running the US right into the ground.

It has taken a while, but the neocons/neolibs/bolshevistic morons in charge have every intention of doing harm to the citizenry. Cliven Bundy is one fine, prime example, but nobody sees the real motive, it's the kill the messenger/blame the victim game and the only loser is the common ordinary joe/man on the street.

January of 2017 can't get here soon enough AND the addled, brainwashed, brainless imbeciles can vote for Hillary and the US goes into the abyss even further.

What difference does it make?

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May-19-14 7:41 PM

YAAA...some days I start getting HAHA-InTheHead like the rest of my Democrat Party bretheren....justa the way we are...

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May-19-14 6:09 PM

The Fed. is operating under sequester where cuts must b made somewgere. I am sure the same is true 4 the long waits at the VA hospitals and clincs. republicans have said "the fed. can't do anything right, gut it and cut the regulations". They r then the first to whine when white house tours r cancelled, rail cars r too weak and oil pipes r not up 2 the job. "take that 2 wash." was the ND righty cry when bakken work started. Now we see what the lack of Fed. oversight will produce. Oil wears out it's welcome with every new leak and spill. There is a safe way 2 drill and handle oil but we don't want that in ND. ND Oil Can destroy much of our state.

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May-19-14 2:27 PM

Ya...ya...ya, rahi....if feel the better use for that money is using it for the children, for the schools, and for the welfare that supports the voters of your and my Democrat Party....

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May-19-14 11:52 AM

"WASHINGTON — The federal agency tasked with managing oil and gas development on Wednesday acknowledged it needed to do more to improve oversight of drilling, pointing to a lack of funding as reasons it failed to inspect oil and gas wells it considers potentially high risks for water contamination." ....Boston Harold

Gee, It would be nice if just one of these opinion pieces would make a nod toward being "balanced". Note the reason given by BLM 'lack of funding'. I know of more than $1,000,000 BLM could get from a certain rancher in Nevada.

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