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Congress rejects Corps plan

May 15, 2014

Congress has successfully thwarted efforts by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to charge residents and business owners for using water from Missouri River reservoirs. Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D....

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May-19-14 9:21 AM

HAHA-InTheHead....I justa feel we could be gleaming a WHOLE lot more from the federal gubment if we had only kept Dorgan, Conrad, and Pomoroy in office...

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May-15-14 10:39 PM

"And we could be getting a lot more from our federal government.....some feel it's now welfare....I feel it's moving forword...."

But our Republic party is very good at glomming off the gubbment too even though they preach the opposite to everyone else. When we have floods, the Republic party in ND goes begging to the federal gubbment for money to pay for it while stuffing away billions in oil revenue. And they complain about the federal debt, but it's ok because glomming off the gubbment doesn't affect the debt as long as the Republic party is doing the glomming.

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May-15-14 10:06 PM

A long standing republican delirium is that the Fed. should operate like a business. Charging 4 water stored by a CORPS project fits right in. ND Oil Can not have oil paying 4 water. Remember "u did not build that". So those with the most money get Fed. stored water free. Some would say we all benefit from it through lower cost of fuels. If that were true the cost of gas would reflect the glut of oil in the bakken. It does not! It is priced as high as the market will bear. Alcohol is lower priced and that lower price tempts gas handlers to add more than 10% because the price is fixed at $3.59 and they make more profit. The problem is many cars do not like 10% alcohol and dislike 30% alcohol much more. Don't blame E-10 until u have it tested and proven 2 b E-10.

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May-15-14 4:07 PM

Buddy can you spare a dime?

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May-15-14 11:28 AM

I feel if we only had Dorgan and Conrad back in office, we could be moving forword like we used to. And we could be getting a lot more from our federal government.....some feel it's now welfare....I feel it's moving forword....

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May-15-14 8:53 AM

JM: Right on most likely. If u see harold hamm; tell him there is clean up needed on aisle medora. Or let's just have the state hire someone like they did with the filter socks. Johnnie-o: minot needs flood control so much more than big oil needs lower costs, corp. welfare and more $. The Bismarck Pavers & Slicksters.--paving the way 4 oil to destroy western ND. 25% done already. How many more will sell their souls and burn in eternity like a flare?

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May-15-14 8:05 AM

"Congress rejects Corps plan"

Or, as seen by multiple views on this issue.....

Hoeven takes on Big Bad Govt. & wins another for ND Oil Companies all the while bringing another Billion back home for those RED river folks.....


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