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What is the IRS thinking?

April 29, 2014

It is no wonder the federal government is confused about what is fair and right, when it comes to consideration of the Social Security Administration’s now-halted program in which tax refunds were......

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May-16-14 10:36 PM


Who gives a rip about Clive Bundy? This post is about an important arm of the Federal Government that has been influenced by the democratic party to persecute citizen groups. Don't think you can cloud the issue with Clive Bundy. Oh ya what about your military service, I know by your previous posts you were shot in the bum and that is why you were awarded the purple heart. You should be thankful I'm not as active. I welcome your thoughtless thoughts.

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May-10-14 9:14 AM

Yep, that was so funny it got him banned.

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May-01-14 9:57 PM

WhoWouldJesusHate May-01-14 9:31 PM

That's funny!

Last I heard was RR was repeating Olli,Olli,Outs& Free or something like that all the while pointing North!

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May-01-14 6:49 PM

JustaGarr, did your latest creation go to Heaven today? Didn't take long huh?

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Apr-30-14 7:17 PM

Garr it is incredibly easy for you to ring up disagrees here when you spend all your time using all your alias's to do so.

Who cares, gives you some weird sense of enjoyment.

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Apr-30-14 5:49 PM

JackAaah Apr-30-14 3:50 PM

Is...aaaah....'center' field very credible?"

Centerfield & HaHa are extremely credible.....Their posts are factually based, can be supported with minimal research(this should work to your advantage) and never present an option to hide.....

You on the other hand have never presented anything factual in the last 5 months I've been posting on MDN.

You JackA (Hal Neff) have an incredibly high ratio of disagrees with the majority of your supporters also getting a high ratio of disagrees......

Define credibility.....I can define an old blow hard like Hal who's received federal monies for the first 28 years of his young married life and now sees the Constitution in his angry surreal interpretation.....

Yup! You're funny!

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Apr-30-14 5:36 PM

JustaGarr, can't you see your buddy HAHAAAAA clapping somewhere with that knee slapper? Barely hear him laughing too behind the curtain.

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Apr-30-14 4:16 PM

I feel so hurt from that tongue lashing I got from centernot; I think that I will just have to join JackAaah's DemocRAT Party. Booo-Hooo.

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Apr-30-14 11:55 AM

What is the IRS thinking handing out TWO DOLLARS to ND when the state puts in ONE?

How does the IRS justify an ongoing, yearly, full %100 subsidy to a very select, mono-cultural population of less than seven hundred thousand?

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Apr-30-14 10:15 AM

Oh my gosh, jack is also a soothsayer as well as being immaculately incarnate. Were you called Karnak on TV in your youth. You know what a billionaire in California has in his heart on why he votes. Does he really, really care enough that he would take the time to vote the way you said? Do you put an envelope to your noggin before you burp out your far fetched comments. Credibility, you never had any and never will.

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Apr-30-14 8:39 AM

landslide2014 Apr-30-14 8:02 AM

I got me a friend in Great Falls, MT who drives into town in his 68K dollar Kings Ranch Truck to pick up his $80,000 check at the FDA for actually not planting a thing. And he does this year after year after year.(True Story)

Now that's a Tea Party guy and it's okay in his mind.....

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Apr-30-14 8:34 AM

JackAaah Apr-30-14 7:51 AM

"Report: Clippers Owner Caught In Racist Rant Is A Democratic Donor" — Fox Nation.

"NBA Sterling is a Democrat..." — Matt Drudge.

"Race Hate Spewing Clippers Owner Is Democratic Donor" — the Daily Caller.

"Media Ignoring Dem Donations of LA Clippers' Owner, Allegedly Caught on Tape in Race-Based Rant" — NewsBusters.

"LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling is a Racist Democrat" — the Tea Party News Network.

On Sunday, Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times columnist, tweeted that local voter records show Sterling to be a registered Republican "since 1998." We followed up on that, and a search of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's website for Sterling's name, date of birth, and address confirmed that he's registered as a Republican:

Like shooting fish in a Tea Cup!

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Apr-29-14 9:40 PM

landslide2014 Apr-29-14 6:38 PM

No Garr never posted on the Bismarck tribune and I suspect your totally null and void of mind when it comes to WHY they shut down the comment section"

"null & void of WHY they shut it down"

Two words landslide.....Rick Berg!

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Apr-29-14 6:19 PM

I will demand all of the submissions that labeled and branded Cliven Bundy as a racist, moocher, living on gov dole, and any other berating and belittling of his character be removed immediately.

Thank you.

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Apr-29-14 3:41 PM

"we will be moving forword under"

Grimm/Bundy 2016

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