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Budget sleight of hand

April 14, 2014

It used to be that liberals were known as the tax-and-spend crowd. Now they are the tax, borrow and spend group, as a federal budget proposal unveiled Monday makes plain....

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Apr-16-14 11:31 AM

What a sleazzzzy website with your name on it...what else would you expect.

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Apr-15-14 8:55 PM

I'm laughing so hard the tears are running down my leg. Got that somewhere, maybe from Chris Matthews or from website billgarrgetsnothingdone.

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Apr-15-14 7:44 AM

Zzzzzz, billgrr, but have a great day anyway.

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Apr-15-14 7:10 AM

Slammorama zzzzzz...

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Apr-14-14 10:02 PM

If I would owe the IRS 1.5 million, I would be hounded night and day. They would bankrupt me and take everything to satisfy the debt.

Al Sharpton gets a 'by' because Wall Street crooks are able to game the system, collect interest on money loaned to the US gov, foster greed, graft, fraud, corruption, continue to pass off what is loan sharking as banking, and make everybody look like fools, yet Al Sharpton is free of guilt? Everybody cheats on their taxes, so why can't Al do it? Nobody will notice and if they do, no big deal. The pot wants to call the kettle black.

I might be the stupidest moron on the entire planet, the dullest sledge hammer in the shed, a hick from the sticks, but I doubt that one passes the smell test.

Smells rotten, like fish in Denmark, Norway too.

I'll bet Al doesn't have the 1.5 million he owes and is bankrupt, just like Wall Street.

The US gov is bankrupt, sleight of hand is all they have left.

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Apr-14-14 9:41 PM

HAetc, I think it's fascinating how I can be "too partisan and one-sided" by saying 6 words...

I agree with mules: budget schmudget.

Not real eloquent, is it? :-)

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Apr-14-14 9:14 PM

Slammorama is the name of this (lib) game.

I agree with mules: budget schmudget.

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Apr-14-14 7:19 PM

landslide wasn't in Vegas, he was in New Hampshire gulping up the free all you can eat hors d'oeuvres at the best dressed lunatic convention American's for Prosperity could buy!

After watching most of the dirtiest dozen hypocrites stumble thru their "if I were President" speech, it occurred to me there's not a one of them who could measure up to a 4th grader with a notebook of facts to the contrary.....

Has anyone let them in on the fact that 1st graders can't vote?

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Apr-14-14 2:41 PM

"Deficits don't matter" Ronald Reagan: Deficits are insignificant- Rushbo Spend and borrow, the Republican platform and then blame the other guy. Just check the is there. Oh, one other guy- George Bush I---- It is voodoo economics!!!!! He was right and still is.

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Apr-14-14 12:23 PM

Because his "mood disorder" was so severe, he has become disabled and will receive $8,700 per month as a disability payment as well as $45,000 a year from his congressional pension, a total of about $150K per year. Is this a great country or what?

By the way, I have had a rather substantial "mood disorder disability" ever since Obama got elected in 2008. I have not committed any felonies, have not been convicted and sentenced to prison and I don't get squat..... other than a higher and higher tax bill every year and the privilege of watching our federal deficit grow every day of the year.

8,700 X 12 = 104,400 + 45,000 = $149,400 a year for the rest of his life. . . . . PAID BY YOU! His father must be proud of his son.

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Apr-14-14 12:23 PM

Jesse Jackson Jr. to Grab $8,700 Per Month in Disability, Plus a $45,000/yr Pension In Prison

Convicted Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) is scheduled to receive $8,700 per month in government disability pay, as well as a partial federal pension of $45,000. That generous $8,700 in disability comes thanks to Jackson’s sudden development of a "mood disorder" as the federal government began looking to indict him. Jackson, who was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, had no history of mental illness during his prior 17 years in Congress. Rev. Jesse Jackson has defended his son’s claims of mental illness, stating to the court, " This time a year ago I thought we may have lost him."

So, Jesse Jackson, Jr. 17-year veteran of the US Congress, suddenly gets a "mood disorder" (about the same time he learned he was to be indicted) and is going to prison for 2.5 years.

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Apr-14-14 9:19 AM


That about covers it!

Not only is it insulting to the average American Taxpayer hearing Congress debate the budget, echoed partisan rhetoric coming from the media diminishes anything "Walk the Talk" was meant for.

Breaking News:(not really) Representatives have hard time selling budget cuts in their own districts.

North Dakota & West Virginia are just two prime examples of not in my back yard sincerity when it comes to living without as are many other states with hard driving pandering from the right.

And since this article chose to exploit a partisan view of the Democrat's budget, I'll wait for the announcement from any Republican Governor from any Republican State refusing federal monies when not absolutely needed.....

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Apr-14-14 6:30 AM

The US gov has to borrow more money, tax taxpaying citizens more because it needs more money, too much is not enough, and is actually too little. More is always better.

Al Sharpton owes the US gov 1.5 million dollars in back taxes, and yet he walks free. Shouldn't someone who owes 1.5 million dollars in taxes at least provide some answers to some questions of where the money is? The IRS is not attempting to collect at least a hundred bucks?

Tea Party members are harassed and must pay through the nose, but not Al Sharpton. Me thinks something is rotten to the core here.

Oh, it is a do as I say, not as I do gov, so it only counts when you pay more, what you pay now is not enough, you must pay more. You do as they say. What they do is none of your business.

A budget you must follow, but the US gov never does.

Budget schmudget. Stupid hypocrites.

It's a house of cards. Good day.

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