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Riverfront and Center

Residents view draft plan for enhancing Minot’s river valley

April 4, 2014

Minot residents at an open house Thurday caught of glimpse of how the river valley through the city might look in time....

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Apr-05-14 9:46 PM

When i put my distrust of "civic leaders" aside--this is possibly a good thing. had the city concentrated or parks and sports facilities in the valley, there would have been fewer flooded people. Flooded parks don't need a place to live or assistance from the Sal. Army or Red Cross or the generous Churches. There were very few houses in the Perkett area (west of 16th street and south of 2nd ave SW, in 1969. If the ball complexes on north and south hill had been built in Perkett, scores of homes would have been saved from flodding. If the attitude of the city was minimize home and business const. in the flood zone, instead of ignore the true flood potential, flood damage to people would have been significantly reduced. This is one more opportunity 2 do the right thing, albeit too late and too little.

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Apr-04-14 9:46 PM

That picture looks really weird.

What's that about?

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Apr-04-14 10:42 AM

once again good management will fix 95% of any problem that will show up in this situation, i get sick of hearing how they have learned something but never appley it much like the schools fix your management and the cost will go down.

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Apr-04-14 9:20 AM

Our winding channel is an invitation 4 flood. The railroad offered to straighten it free some 100 years ago. The civic leaders refused. We had more chances in 69 and 76 by the CORPS but we kept too many dangerous twists and curves. It is not too late 2 do the right thing and straighten the channel.

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Apr-04-14 9:10 AM

While we were told we voted on "Flood Control Dams in Canada", canada was building hydro dams. Hydro dams need much water to run the turbines and r typically quite full to cover low precip periods. The secret agreement with them was a max release of 5K cfs. They sent 26K cfs. We paid 4 flood protection and got hostefest instead. I do not trust them with the safety of the KXL either!

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Apr-04-14 9:02 AM

Wish it were so--but not. darling is about 26 feet deep and only in the channel. The canadian dams are 100 feet plus at the gates. Darling just does not have the needed capacity to protect us even if it were empty. We need a clear path 4 the water. We do not need the frills like gates, new bridges or concrete walls immediately--just a channel capable of a 32,000 fps flow. Canada sent 26,000 and we should add 4 the Des Lacs; should both run high at once.

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Apr-04-14 4:52 AM

To give Minot as well as all Land Owners down stream 100% Flood Protection Lake Darling**** Must be returned to a dry****catch Basin.

This is the ONLY answer and wil stop the illusion that anything else will work ! The only thing in the way from this happening is that the Corps of Engineers must admit they made a mistake in their calculations......By the way this would cost nothing to accomplish saving Billions in wasted Tax dollars.

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