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Supporting proposed daycare

April 3, 2014

We encourage the Minot City Council to approve a recommendation from the Minot Planning Commission to allow construction of a child-care center in northwest Minot....

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Apr-07-14 10:43 AM

As a child care provider, a North Hill resident and a parent, I support any daycare built in Minot that cares for our children. We need both centers and in-home facilities. Hopefully this one can offer evening services, which are greatly needed.

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Apr-05-14 8:31 AM

"Supporting proposed daycare"

So a school shooter can show up at the gate one day and go to work on doing the shooting.

It is better to have a multitude of daycares which would at least avoid a potential massacre.

Just that these days, just about anything will happen. It is a perfect opportunity for someone to plan the final outcome of a school shooting incident.

I wouldn't send a child to a huge daycare for one simple reason: it can end up a huge disaster and lots of grief.

But, go ahead and build it and then find out later what might just happen in the future.

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Apr-04-14 11:29 PM

MoocherSlide2014 -- mooching off the fat of the land since Herbert Hoover was stinking up the Oval Office:

Apr-04-14 / 9:43 AM

"99% of these people on Government services could do without if they were not so fat and lazy and if the Gov. didnt make it so handy for them to get everything at the drop of a hat."

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Apr-04-14 6:08 PM

BeauDay, why can't you take LS to task for his comment about mush instead of taking me to task about Legend's comment, which included the slur about lying?

Equal time post: LS, your assertion about public schools seems rather close-minded (even though I've shared this opinion at times). Are you POSITIVE that all public school students will have "their heads (filled) with mush from Government run facilities?" Do you have proof for this assertion of yours? Or is it your opinion only?

Now everyone can be happy and my job here is done. You're welcome, BeauDay.

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Apr-03-14 5:32 PM

Loco, why is it you only question the facts of Legend's comment and not ls2014's about filling heads with mush, etc.? Anyway, who cares whether the MDN thinks that is a good spot for a daycare? As if the opinion of the MDN is one that should be given any credence when making city planning decisions. The county thought the MDN parking lot would be a good place to expand the jail but the MDN held out until they could get top dollar for the land, regardless of what was or is best for the county.

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Apr-03-14 4:47 PM

Legend, your assertion about private schools seems rather close-minded. Are you POSITIVE that all private school students "will sound like santorum, bachmann, newt and cruz?" Do you have proof for this assertion of yours? Or is it your opinion only?

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Apr-03-14 9:30 AM

LS: Highly unlikely but either way there r always private schools. Then your kids will sound like santorum, bachmann, newt and cruz. U know the type--that hold the record 4 telling lies about Obamacare. Elections r comin and the right is running on the same losing platform. Place your bets.

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Apr-03-14 9:22 AM

first 17th and now 21st NIMBY. Those shack dwellers r real pretentious. i see a truck plaza, casino, strip club and western bar--just because they forced wall-mart out. if your plan was 2 avoid traffic--what are u doing close to 20 and 21st ave. near the bypass? They r probably all for the keystone xl but not so much as a daycare in their low rent area.

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