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Population growth continues

March 28, 2014

It’s no secret that areas of North Dakota are among the fastest-growing locations in the nation. Putting reliable numbers to those growth projections isn’t quite so easy. According to the U.....

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Apr-01-14 2:40 PM

C'mon, the 50's economy had more factors to it than the 91% top tax rate.

Today's Monolithic Rant:

Taxes Always Good

Capitalism Always Bad

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Mar-31-14 10:51 AM

putin and palin now that would be a team that sets the standard for leaders

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Mar-30-14 11:15 AM

"One universal truth is that capitalism cannot function without slavery. It cannot sustain itself without free labor because if you actually have to compensate someone for working, the profit margin is compromised. And in a purely capitalistic system, that simply doesn't work because profit is the only thing that matters."

This dramatic post conveniently ignores hundreds of thousands of good employer-employee relationships that have existed in this country.

It's impossible to put rational discussions into the same sphere with diatribes such as these.

So if capitalism were done away with, what would the economy look like? Would government bureaucrats be in charge? Would nobody be in charge? I suppose if this were just given a chance, it'll all work out somehow.

Talk about a dog eat dog world. It would boil down to survival of the fittest, as the government, or your own resourcefulness, determines.

Scarier than that "slavery" word being bandied about...

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Mar-30-14 11:04 AM

"You know why? Because they are all made up of humans, and there is always someone who wants to be king or dictator."

That's why political parties should be well-versed in that fact and why their policies should be rooted in reality, not in pie-in-the-sky stuff. I'm talking about any party's idealism.

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Mar-30-14 10:50 AM

and for a business to stay in business they have to make money or everybody gets sent home and put on welfare,

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Mar-30-14 10:26 AM

i was in a union and the union people were the ones that did the bullying far more them management, management gave me a company police and we both held to it and never had a problem now the union i never did understand the goal they were trying to reach except for coddeling the people that could not do the job

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Mar-29-14 7:27 PM

Unions remind me of group projects in school. It was usually one or two in the group who did the majority of the work, while the others would sit back and watch. The "group" got a grade on the backs of the one or two that worked hard.

I know, I know. Not all unions are structured that way. I talked to one family that moved here, because the dad left his union job out west. The union told him when he would work, when he would be laid off and for how long, and when or if he would strike.

Being laid off for seven months at a time (that's what he told me) was wreaking a little havoc with the wife and kiddos. The whole family had to wonder if dad would be "allowed" to contribute to the family's well-being or not.

He was low man on the totem pole, not seniority. That's why somebody else determined if he could work his job. He was GRATEFUL to come to North Dakota, so he could work as much as he needed to for the good of his family.

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Mar-29-14 12:19 PM

when unions were started they were a good thing but with all the gov programs in place like osha and all other gov instutions they take the place of what the union was started for, and i think there is no place for a union anymore. stand on your two feet and take care of yourself.

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Mar-29-14 12:12 PM

these people worked hard to keep the land i bet you never went out there to help them when they needed help, but now that they have something that payes off and you blame them for working and being successful you sound like a littel kid with your hand out, you are a sad person

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Mar-28-14 9:04 PM

Apologies for the slight edits, billgrr. Didn't want it to go to waste...

"The Hypocrisy of the LIBerals is scary.. They actrually (sic) believe everyone else is wrong but themselves..They figure they can throw this crap out and not live the story they are telling..Is it because they tell nothing but lies?"

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Mar-28-14 9:03 PM

"That workforce votes mostly left."

Does Legend have a study or statistics to prove this assertion?

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Mar-28-14 4:21 PM

dadgumit brian quit removing my comments

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Mar-28-14 10:39 AM

Just so we are all clear, Legend does not receive any royalty money from mineral rights. If he was, he would be singing a totally different tune. While oil has it's share of problems (no disputing that) there are other industries that cause harm to the environment and employees as well. Bottom line is that Legend still heats the home, drives a car and uses everything else derived from the oil industry. Can the oil industry get better and should they, ABSOLUTELY but until you are walking everywhere, burning wood to heat and off the grid using a solar panel, you can't complain. Wait - solar panels are made from plastic too.

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Mar-28-14 8:30 AM

Boy, I have a hard time getting JackA's head around that 7:47 post.....

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