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What would Reagan do?

March 9, 2014

Mike Schauer, Mandan President Obama and his advisors can add foreign affairs to their list of dismal failures....

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Mar-15-14 9:54 AM

Seems like you can now comment on old stuff; letters and editorials, etc.

Let's see if this gets censored.

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Mar-11-14 3:03 PM

Reagan would stare blankly at the camera like a deer caught in the headlights -- just as he did when reporters confronted him about the shadow government being run out of the basement of his White House.

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Mar-11-14 1:43 PM

Oh, and by doing this, the business owner would make more money and increase their personal wealth while also boosting the economy,

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Mar-11-14 1:41 PM

George Bush 1 called it voodoo economics and Pope Francis has also stated, it simply does not work.

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Mar-11-14 1:41 PM

How about this theory: "The term (trickle down) has been attributed to humorist Will Rogers, who said during the Great Depression that "money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy." Now, in the course of discussion, trickle down economics usually refers to economic benefits and tax incentives/breaks that are given to the wealthy with the thought that this money would then filter down into the economy to spur economic growth. Unfortunately, it has not worked because the upper level recipiants did not expand businesses or allow it to trickle down but instead kept the money to build their personal wealth. The economic boost should be given to the consumer who would then take the extra money and put it back into the economy by purchasing more goods. Thus, the business owner would then sell more product, make more product, hire more people to make more product and the economy would thrive.

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Mar-11-14 12:49 PM

So I went to research Rush Limbaugh's explanation of "trickle down" and I found one phrase which I agreed with:

"Trickle down implies that business owners get their money first. You know, business owners get their money last. Everybody else gets paid first. The employees get paid, then the bills that keep the business up and running, and then the materials necessary to build the product or to sell the product or the service or what have you. The business owner gets paid last, if the business is successful. If you haven't owned a business, you don't know this."

This is 100% true.

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Mar-11-14 12:39 PM

So, this woman is the ex wife of a prominent Republican in that State? Hmmm, anyone who is a sales person in many, many fields has learned to balance their income to cover the lean times in commission fluxuations. So, in the first few months, this woman has saved $530 each month. Would she not put that away for later. When asked about the actual costs to her, she stated that she still did not believe it. That sounds like some of the winger bloggers on this site as well as elsewhere. I would guess that the facts were not what she wanted to hear. Kinda like rushslide's skewing of his last few blogs. But, it is what we come to expect of a paid, out of state blogger. Oh, and that trickle down explanation given by Rushbo did not pass muster with Pope Francis either.

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Mar-11-14 12:31 PM

billgrr's post is straight from Daily Kos. That's a "left-wing source" in case centerish didn't know.

One of the comments under the newest article about Ms. Boonstra is: "I don't think we should give up, but I DO think we should SPEAK UP unequivocally, not with blathering insults, name-calling and hysteria but with simple math. And we should NOT be apologetic about doing so."

Now that's a dream if I've ever seen one...a billgrr that doesn't engage in "blathering insults, name-calling and hysteria."

Most left-wing sources would be THRILLED if right-wing sources were completely silenced about any ill effects from the ACA, instead of just letting chips fall where they may.

If Ms. Boonstra has been exploited by Republicans, we can find other people who've been exploited by Democrats.

Six of one, half dozen of another

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Mar-11-14 12:14 PM

DL cont...

She also said that she would like to be transparent.

"'I truly would love to show the public my numbers, but like I said I just don't have that because I haven't had those visits,' Boonstra said. 'People don't have that certainty -- they don't have the stability of knowing every month what they're going to be paying now and it's the ability to actually have that sum of money to pay. People don't have these out of pocket expense moneys.'"

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Mar-11-14 12:13 PM

Dexter Leader 2-21-14

"(Julie) Boonstra said that not even she's sure of what the math comes to, as she's currently less than two months into her new plan.

"'I honestly don't know what those numbers are going to amount to; for instance, I've went in to have a prescription filled, thinking well it's never been a big deal ... I never gave it a thought,' she explained. 'And now it's no longer covered. So people are asking me for the numbers and I don't know those answers -- that's the heartbreak of all of this. It's the uncertainty of not having those numbers that I have an issue with, because I always knew what I was paying and now I don't, and I haven't gone through the tests or seen my specialist yet'"...

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Mar-11-14 12:04 PM

"Trickle down was not something the hippies could take. They wanted high paying jobs and they wanted to start at the top.."

I don't think this mindset was exclusively "hippy." I have a younger family member that has never understood that you don't start at the top. It's called working up the ladder for a reason. There's always the bottom rung, the first step.

The mindset that says "I want everything as my parents had it," minus the years that it took to get to that spot, is widespread in our culture.

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Mar-11-14 11:58 AM

"The spending power of wages has been stagnant since those years--resulting in both parents having to work to support a family. I lived and worked thru all of it."

I've been living and working through all of it too. We are a one-income family and we've been making it. It is a choice to live as a two-income family, not a "have to."

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Mar-11-14 12:39 AM

Julie Boonstra says in the anti-Obamacare ad, brought to us again by the lying Koch Bros., that she was diagnosed with leukemia five years ago, and her health care plan was canceled when Obamacare went into effect.

"Now, the out-of-pocket costs are so high, it's unaffordable," she said.

Before her plan was canceled, Boonstra was paying a $1,100 monthly premium. That's $13,200 a year, without adding out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and prescription drugs. But under her new plan, the Blue Cross Premier Gold, Boonstra's premiums are down to $571 a month, and out-of-pocket costs are capped at $5,100. That's a maximum annual expense of $11,952 a year.

Over a $1000.00 in savings!!!!


In their worlds 4 is always greater than 57.


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Mar-10-14 11:06 PM

From 69 to 74 private sector politicians blamed epa standards for performance problems in our big 3 engines. Honda, Toyota and Datsun/Nisson met standards and kept performance. Their goal was a car with zero defects. U know the rest of the story. Still today the right will lambaste labor while they worship business. Business gave us all of the lies of oil, oil and healthcare costs leading inflation, and the 2008 near collapse. My employer sponsored healthcare plan went from $30 to $1,500 per month during 1979 to 2004. Average starting wages for HS or college grads in ND went from about $6 to $12 per hour in the same period.

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Mar-10-14 10:36 PM

Loco: most economists trace the decline of our working class to the tripling of gas prices in 73 followed by the "trickle down" economic theory of Reagan. trickle down did not work. too much of the money stays at the top. The spending power of wages has been stagnant since those years--resulting in both parents having to work to support a family. I lived and worked thru all of it. He said U.S. workers were lazy. The next day paul harvey said it would do every American worker good to lose their job and have to look 4 another one. Business was never criticized but rather worshiped as perfect and without error (a God). Reaganomics is his legacy and was an absolute failure because there was no trickle down. They blamed the quality problems with our big 3 automakers on the assembly line workers who have nothing to do with design or quality of parts. They could not blame business (their God).

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Mar-10-14 8:00 PM

What did Reagan do?

Well, when the US Marines were attacked on October 23, 1983, he witnessed a day of death and Mr. Reagan decided to withdraw US forces from the ME.

Much to the chagrin of the neocons and their warmongering ways.

Ronald Reagan's ability to sense something was wrong was uncanny.

But that didn't stop the neocons and now the world is in a huge mess.

Let's hope the neocons prevail and make the world a conflagration.

It'll be so cool.

Reagan was going to put a stop to them, or at least he tried and then things didn't go too good for Ray Gun.

He didn't get to do the right thing afterward.

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Mar-10-14 5:51 PM

Remember, we heard this from RR first...

"Reagan is dead. He wouldn't do anything. Duh..."

Absolutely correct, RR.

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Mar-10-14 5:50 PM

"...evil old moron..."

So classy, isn't it?

I think it can be characterized as hatred of an elderly white president.

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Mar-10-14 3:26 PM

"What would Reagan do?"

Reagan would have a shadow government run out of the basement of the White House -- just like the evil old moron did when he was in office.

He would sell arms to hostages in a quid pro quo deal -- then later LIE about it to the American people.

Then, Reagan would start a "War on Drugs" which would cost the nation BILLIONS of dollars -- and instead of reducing drug-related crime, increase it, meanwhile devastating poor and working class communities.

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Mar-10-14 11:35 AM

You have to go back over 100 years to find a POTUS who left the White house with less than they entered it with.

And yeah there were some who did.

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Mar-10-14 11:32 AM

Do you see the the connection he had with EPA and big business in his history? He went from helping the government to helping himself, he never did anything for the USA citizens.

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Mar-10-14 11:28 AM

Reagan served as President of the Screen Actors Guild and later as a spokesman for General Electric (GE); his start in politics occurred during his work for GE. Originally a member of the Democratic Party, his positions began shifting rightward in the 1950s, and he switched to the Republican Party in 1962.

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Mar-10-14 10:57 AM

Reagan didn't have to look for popularity. He was simply just popular with an overwhelming majority of people in both parties.

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Mar-10-14 10:25 AM

Legend: "His policies r the reason it now takes 2 parents to support a family."

This is patently false.

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Mar-10-14 10:10 AM

Snowden may not need a nail file anymore. Probably rethinking his choice of hellholes to hideout. Is putin so brazen because he knows more from snowden? LS: Said another way--the ACA caused the cancellation of some policies often called "junk" because those do not have good coverage, often cost much more than worth and recognized by those in the know as a bad buy. Reds have been calling blues "weak" 4 scores of years--all while they pick fights they can't win. putin would like those who badmouth our Pres. right now--and probably knows who they r.

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