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We need a real leader

March 9, 2014

Mark J. Hanlon, Bismarck Among the Great Obama’s claims while running for the presidency was that he’d return America to a position of dignity and credibility internationally....

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Mar-11-14 11:15 AM

"Obama deserves a chance. B2 did not yet the world gave him a chance."

Legend, I call that Bush envy. Pres. Obama HAS been given his "chance" by the American people to govern the US. It was called an election and it happened twice. And it seems he is governing whatever way he's wanted to do with that chance given him, including utilizing his phone and his pen in spite of Congress.

So you're claiming "the world" is not giving Pres. Obama a chance, but they gave one to Pres. Bush? Shouldn't all presidents have to prove themselves to the world, by their words and actions? Are we to force people of the world to respect our president, just because he was elected by us?

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Mar-11-14 10:44 AM

"I wonder if the MDN would print a letter of mine telling them how much of a f they have been to this President.Goinpeace"

Give it a try big mouth; and yes it would not be hard to find in the MDN = comic section. goinpea

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Mar-11-14 9:07 AM

Mark,Let me know if you receive a letter by mistake,Please forword it to your old man.Goinpeace

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Mar-11-14 8:57 AM

Just remember f could stand for friend too,butt I don think so.Goinpeace.

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Mar-10-14 12:01 PM

Make that pluraluralural... lol!

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Mar-10-14 11:59 AM

What we need to do is everyone in the USA send a roll of TP to DC so they can wipe their mouths out and clean up all the other splattering they cause around the country and world.

But seriously if they received several millions rolls of TP at the Capitol and Whitehouse maybe they would get a slight inkling things are not so hunky dory outside the beltway.

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Mar-10-14 9:58 AM

Legend: "No patriot would criticise our president at a time like this."

Back in the day, I supported billgrr and company's rights to criticize Pres. Bush in real time. He said they were called traitors.

It's no different today. Pres. Obama's policies, actions and words can and should be open for analysis and debate. Otherwise, he's more than an elected official like Pres. Bush was, isn't he?

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Mar-09-14 11:20 PM

everybody hold your horses. obama is going to dialogue putin to death.

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Mar-09-14 1:08 PM

If you google 'failure of socialized health care in Sweden' and 'Bjorn Hansen', you can decide for yourself if you the Affordable Care Act is what is needed.

Just so you know.

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Mar-09-14 11:59 AM

I would bet that Mark listens to Rush each day and his home TV system is on Fox News because it is fair and balanced? With John McCain and the rest of the Republicans, their goal is to move as far to the right as possible and to engage every conflict around the world as a possible help to the corporate war machine to make money. After all, that is where the political contributions come from. When you start on the "take our guns" thingy, you give away your position as a non-thinking, kool aide swilling, winger. The only ones who made money with that false premise was the NRA, Winchester, Remington, and all the other gun and ammunition manufactures. Look at the stocks of these corporations and the profits they are making. Then, research where they spend their money. Well, for advertising to scare the heck out of guys like Mark. Bet Mark went out and bought guns/shells too.

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Mar-09-14 8:27 AM

Larry7, I don't think you understood the letter. I do not advocate war in any way. It is a tremendous waste of resources and invariably involves crimes against humanity on both sides...e.g. Iraq and Afghanistan. I suppose you believe that Obama's "war of necessity" has "consequences for America"? I'm not suggesting the Obama carry out his meaningless threats, I'm suggesting he not make such threats...that he keep his mouth shut. Kind of like "If you like your health care plan you can keep it, Period", or "I will cut the deficit by half", or "I will not take your shotguns, I will not take your pistols, I will not take your guns", or "This (Obamacare) is not a tax", etc., etc. Come to think of it, I don't know why anyone in this country would believe anything that he says either. Mark

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Mar-09-14 1:38 AM

I'll tell you what Mark. Why don't you pack up your kids and send them off to fight in a war that in all reality has little if any consequences for America. The rest of use are tired of being sent and having members of our families sent to fight a war while the people that advocate the war sit at home. Obama ask the coalition for the possible use of force against Syria and the coalition voted no unlike Bush that invaded Iraq and said "Mission Accomplished" 10 years ago and you see where we are now. Would you have the US in a war with Russia over the Crinea Region. Why don't you and this bunch of Obama haters get over it.

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