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Report backfires on Obama

March 8, 2014

In all likelihood, a recent Interior Department report was intended by President Barack Obama as another slap at conservatives in Congres....

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Mar-08-14 12:33 AM


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Mar-08-14 5:55 AM

that's what happens when the takers elected a spoiled,entitled, community organizer that wears an empty suit. Maybe the Messiah can give us His side when he gets back from His latest vacation.

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Mar-08-14 6:48 AM

Who cares? Who cares if Obama is flying high again and out of sight? Good for Obama. A few rounds of golf and life is good.

And we thought he was the president, nothing can possibly be further from the truth.

The truth is, he is completely clueless, out of touch and very possibly out of his mind. What's that they say? Oh yeah, out to lunch.

The homosexual officers at Fort Bragg scheduled a celebration at the base one day not too long ago. Two men married each other at the base chapel. LGBT rules at Fort Bragg. Yowza!

All in the line of duty. Obama, the US Military, all out to lunch.

Who even gives a rip about these nitwits? Who really even cares anymore?

Beam me up. Time to start drinking, it's Saturday and everything is driving me to drink.

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Mar-08-14 7:48 AM

This is the republican spin.The republicans wanted to pick and choose what to keep open and what to close.Sorry,thats not how it suppose to work,But then again I said a four letter word the the republicans dont like ,WORK.Goinpeace

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Mar-08-14 8:44 AM

we all need to have a little more rspect...


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Mar-08-14 9:11 AM

Said correctly: The right demanded severe spending cuts except 4 defense. All ended with sequester which cut equally to all departments. Departments made cuts to comply with thesequester. They cut their least important functions. Departments, not Obama determined what to cut. The public objected to park closings. The right blamed the left who demanded the cuts in the first place. Cuts were shuffled to appease right wishes until they wanted too much their way and left put their foot down; and rightly so. The right was the one to show surprise at some of the least important things the Fed does.

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Mar-08-14 9:16 AM

Now where would the mdn and wingers be if they could not conjure up something to blame on Obama? This Utah park was the only one that might have been able to support itself with fees? What about the others? What a loser editorial. Oh, and yes, it was the Republicans who shut it down. Along with costing the government about 24 billion dollars. But, spin it Rush's way and leave out the full picture. Hatred knows no bounds.

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Mar-08-14 9:19 AM


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Mar-08-14 9:23 AM

Listen again to the chants of the right as the clammer 4 position at the current shindig. "Gov. can't do anything right. Close Ed. Dept., EPA, IRS and etc." They can't say enough bad about the Fed or enough good about oil, medicine and other business. To them, oil, medicine and the banks have all the right answers. They demand cuts but trim a little off the edges of the Fed and they whine like infants 4 pablum. This is 2012 revisited but don't tell them that--they prefer to repeat methods that don't work like vovo economics under Reagan. The good news and real story here is some people woke up and stopped taking the FED 4 granted. The much bigger and related issue here is tleft tries to protect our parks while the right is pushing hard to deface and pollute those with oil drilling.

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Mar-08-14 9:39 AM

The right did not care about the tremendous waste and cost of the shutdown. They yelled "shut it down", cheered when it happened and then tried to deny they did it. Employees were paid because they are under contract to be paid and many did continue to work to protect Fed. assets. No crazy dream of paul ryan and his simple minded cohorts can change that. But unpaid for, unnecessary wars r ok with them.

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Mar-08-14 10:04 AM

Slide,that was your friends in congress.I do have a question for you.How many more hits to you thinh you have left.I figure you should be gone some time in the next seven days Goinpeace

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Mar-08-14 10:13 AM

The "cost" of shutting the government down has been easily spun by both political parties.

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Mar-08-14 10:22 AM

In putin V. Obama--the civilized world is betting on Obama. Count me in.

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Mar-08-14 11:59 AM

that is quite a leap into right field there people. Could it be your editorial backfires? Nowhere in it does it say how many dollars had to be cut, nor the daily cost of keeping the parks open. Only the loss of income is mentioned. Well, duh! I believe across the board cuts were the most fair way to go.In your zeal to bad-mouth Pres Obama and defend the right wing, once again, you look foolish to thinking people.

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Mar-08-14 3:10 PM

Socialism --- To last August:

Obama 92 vacation days

GWB 367 vacation days

Any questions?

And for good measure: Bush's last budget 1.3 Trillion Dollars. How's that for Socialism? ***** don't it?

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Mar-08-14 3:21 PM

rahi, where's the rspect?

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Mar-08-14 4:32 PM

it's in our best interest to have the gov. shut down for four days a week. Or at least three months a year. Heck put em on the same schedule as teachers or the supreme court. they can do less damage that way.

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Mar-08-14 6:55 PM

landslide, did you see the photo of the helicopters holding the sheet in front of Mt Rushmore? The lengths this president will go to just boggles your mind, doesn't it?

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Mar-08-14 7:19 PM

Interesting about Obamacare...

When Republicans suggest delaying mandates, it's always BAD

When President Obama unilaterally delays mandates, it's always GOOD


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Mar-08-14 7:30 PM

I think it is the Obama dance. Except, we don't know all his steps. Obama Care is Great, He says we can keep our Insurance and Doctor's. Then we can't, people get cancelled. Then the delays and more delays and more and on and on it goes. Businesses don't even know how to figure out what step next. No one cares that any report backfires on Obama. Obama backfired on himself. And every supporter of Obama blame Bush. When this Obama is cancelling his Obama Care after 2016. Let's blame it on some one else.

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Mar-08-14 8:02 PM

"Bush working vacation"; have a few lobbyists over for food, drink, shooting, and payoffs.

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Mar-08-14 8:12 PM

Whatever, PL.

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Mar-08-14 8:17 PM

Five and a half years later and the subversive socialist progressives still parroting the daily talking points from the burrock insane oblamer regime. Meanwhile their "messiah" is down in Key Largo with moochelle babbling about boosting the economy with tourism. That's a good federal government goal instead of the states doing their own tourism. Oblamer can appoint a new czar to oversee the department of tourism. Maybe Putin is available? According to burrock all we need is rspect

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Mar-08-14 10:32 PM

another slap at conservatives in Congres....

I think we need not do a thing.The congress has proven time and time again that they can screw things up fine all on there own.Goinpeace

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Mar-08-14 10:36 PM

Sarah Palin speaking at cpac.Boy she is looking about as homely as it gets.Goinpeace

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