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Military budget cuts abroad

March 3, 2014

Americans may be paying more for defense while getting less in troop strength, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel recently hinted....

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Mar-03-14 6:44 AM

While reading the news of the day on the internet I came across a story that told the 5 leading metro areas in the US where violet crime is soring and guess what, Wheeling, WV was number 3. I didn't realize that lying or misrepresenting the truth on a daily basis was considered a violet crime.

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Mar-03-14 6:48 AM

Maybe the Pentagon should be moved to Wheeling, WV so Gomer and Huckleberry could make the decisions involving our national defense.

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Mar-03-14 8:02 AM

The Raw Story is the most credible news source on the internet and one should never doubt the veracity of any contributor who writes for the Raw Story.

On the other hand, the Minot Daily is a right wing rag not worth bird cage liner nor fish wrap.

Guess what, you godless buffoon, you don't have to read one word published by the Minot Daily.

You don't have click on the link to take you to the web page, nothing at all, just be gone and don't ever come back.

A simple solution to your misguided opinion of a local newspaper.

Don't read a single word printed on the Minot Daily's pages and you won't be bothered.

Time to cut the military by half.

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Mar-03-14 8:42 AM

"During a speech at the Pentagon, Hagel said plans are for the active-duty U.S. Army to be cut from its current 522,000 soldiers to as few as 440,000. The Army has not been that small since before World War II."

As far as I know we don't have a World War going so why not reduce the number of Soldiers?

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Mar-03-14 8:44 AM

I dont get it,I dont get it.Is the MDN trying to tell us to buy some defense stock.Hey mule what you think,your up on this kind of stuff.Goinpeace

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Mar-03-14 9:24 AM

MDN I totally agree with you, close those overseas Bases before stateside.

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Mar-03-14 9:27 AM

My cat box remains outside, several miles away from me, so it matters not to me.

So far, I have 240 dollars to collect on the 6 disagrees and somebody has to agree or my bank account will be 240 dollars short after I pay myself.

Now, back to Obama and his string of lies and incompetent decisions, the main topic at hand and not to be ignored one eensy teensy tiny bit.

President Obama, not worthy of the title, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt and use the title so everybody knows who I am talking about, has too much time on his hands and uses it inappropriately trying to be president. He can't do the job.

Sooner than later, forgetting about who he is will be the most nagging thought on everybody's mind and the desire to do it won't last long, he'll be long forgotten; it will be the best thing ever to happen to mankind.

If we could only fast forward to January 22, 2017 and never have to look back.

God is dead and look at what we've got.

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Mar-03-14 11:50 AM

""Why, for example, do Americans continue to spend $2 billion a year to station 50,000 troops and Marines in Japan?""

Because we defeated them and now must protect them since they aren't allowed to have a strong military anymore. Same applies to Germany. The spoils of victory I guess. But, it insures we never have to fight them again.

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Mar-03-14 11:53 AM

while I agree we could certainly close many army posts around the world, we could also close many around our country. Also, the troop strength would still be double what it was prior to WW2 according to defensepolicy****.

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Mar-03-14 12:46 PM

Double ,no way. No draft now and no air force then.Goinpeace

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Mar-03-14 4:47 PM

The editorial was regarding the army and troop strength. Not the air force and the draft did not enter into the equation at that point. The army troops would still be double what it was prior to WW2,

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Mar-03-14 4:53 PM

To calculate todays force with the force of what it was before world war 2 YOU HAVE TO ELEMINATE WHAT WE HAD THEN WITH WHAT WE HAVE NOW.NO IT WOULD NOT. Must be above your paygrade.Goinpeace

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Mar-03-14 8:03 PM

Don't really need an Army since we should not be in the business of nation building, only in the business of regime change and that can easily be done with drones. Take out all of their ability to kill their own people and let themselves decide who they want to rule themselves. We should be converting all of those A-10 Warthog attack jets into drones and practice in Syria.

We do need all of our nukes though, half aimed at Russia and the other half aimed at China.

We should also bring back the Davy Crockett atomic rifle.

h t t p://en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Davy_Crockett_(nuclear_device)

As far as bases, when we do need to invade some piece of @#$% country it is easy to mobilize from our foreign bases that from the homeland unless it is Canada or Mexico we're invading.

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Mar-03-14 8:39 PM

I suppose if you want the stock market to lose 10,000 points in 10 days, you can have the military do all of that and more.

That nuclear plant in the meltdown stage in Japan is more worrisome than all of the nukes in the world. Nuclear power plants present more of a problem than CO2 emissions, but you can't convince a global warming insane nut to believe it.

B52's over Moscow means the Space Station no longer will carry American astronauts launched from somewhere in Russia.

All bets are off then.

It's war now, it just isn't on fire yet.

Buy soap.

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Mar-03-14 9:34 PM

Reverend Niemoller spent 7 years in a Nazi concentration camp for alarming Germans of Hitler's insane policies and Germans hated him for it.

Obama's rule is analogous to Hitler's and nobody dares make a peep.

Obama flies all around the world while people are suffering and can't heat their homes with sufficient resources and this crazy man plays golf.

People are suffering because of his policies and it doesn't matter to President Obama.

Your lying eyes won't let you admit the truth. Denial is better, it doesn't bother your conscience.

You have to empathize with Rev. Niemoller's dilemma.

Not for Obama brainwashed Obama acolytes, they're nuts, no compassion, no sympathy, just derision and contempt.

They would be happy watching Rev. Niemoller rot in prison.

What fools.

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Mar-03-14 9:49 PM

Crazy Mule, just crazy...

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Mar-03-14 11:51 PM

A dangerous time, Bill Garr? It's been dangerous since Obama was elected, and the people he surrounded himself with. US is small and he can't even protect us. He just makes red lines and I am surprised he hasn't wag his finger at the foreign leaders he has been too busy to talk to because of golf. He is too busy worried about his Democrats running and not get the support he needs. Obamacare does not care about anyone. Reid says that they (American Families) are just liars. So that is what you copy. Liars. Or try to make people sound like Liars. No one cares about you or your President. He has made a mess for the American's.

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Mar-04-14 12:20 AM

Crazy Mitzy, just crazy...

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Mar-04-14 12:27 AM

Right Progressive Liberal and you are too. Crazy P. L. , Just crazy......

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Mar-04-14 12:43 AM

Mitz, I'm not the one so far off topic it's just crazy. Wasn't this editorial about reducing the size of the Army?

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Mar-04-14 12:52 AM

I didn't throw it off target, I think Bill Garr did. Just saying, Crazy, LP, just crazy. And yes it is a Opinion Piece, not ATTACK piece. Keep that in mind.

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Mar-04-14 12:56 AM

And I mean, "Personal ATTACK" that I have witnessed. Just to shut people up. Sick.

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Mar-04-14 8:56 AM

JackAaah Mar-04-14 7:58 AM

"Read the Communist Agenda for America from 1963"

I've noticed you really like to use this "1963" agenda theory JackAaah.

Funny thing about all these global situations coming about; Egypt, Libya,Syria,Ukraine and in some slight comparison the US, where the masses seek freedom from repression and move forward to progressive manifestos that in my opinion are anti-communist principled.

At home in US, the probability of AZ becoming a solid blue state is more than likely in 2-3 yrs. while Texas will return to a Democratic stronghold I predict in 8-10.

You could characterize it as a pea eating contest.....Some peas taste better than others and if those GOP'rs could ever find a good tasting recipe those Dems would be in trouble.Could just come down to the cook?

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Mar-04-14 9:04 AM

landslide2014 Mar-04-14 8:12 AM

Another typical paper slam from the right!

Every theory, every action or inaction is scrutinized by the paper bunch.....I mean the paper money bunch who've never had any foreign dimplomatic success of their own and are content at throwing paper money at it to solve the situation.

Then unfortunately the bills come due on the next President and it's not their fault!

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Mar-04-14 10:11 AM

thinkprogress . org/election/2013/03/22/1761431/what-it-means-to-be-a-progressive-a-manifesto/

If you ever wanted to know what a "progressive manifesto" is, here you are.

"ThinkProgress was voted “Best Liberal Blog” in the 2006 Weblog Awards and chosen as an Official Honoree in the 2009 and 2012 Webby awards."

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