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Obama’s pipeline timetable

February 26, 2014

A couple of months....

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Feb-26-14 6:10 AM

He should wait for a couple of years. Ideally, a couple of decades...

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Feb-26-14 8:17 AM

The word is spelled exacerbate. And yes it will. Probably worse than the shipping, piping, etc. of the oil is the actual retrieving it. I heard the TransCanadian gent said if they couldn't ship it, they would not continue. What a blessing that would be!

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Feb-26-14 9:39 AM

In a couple of months, Obama will decide to wait a couple of more months.

The Two Month Timetable of the Two Month Timetable is Priority 1.

It's going to take a couple of more months to decide if it is going to be time to decide if it is going to be a couple of more months.

The Two Month Decision will take a couple of months to decide if it's a Two Month Decision.

That's The Two Month Timetable.

Don't worry, be happy.

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Feb-26-14 9:40 AM

Where do they get these numbers.Probably the same place mule does.In his dreams.Goinpeace

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Feb-26-14 11:52 AM

Well, back to big oil's request, again. Where are the answers? Just asked a simple question. Where are the answers???? Ok, rushslide, chad, mule, loco, anger, animal, etc.-etc. List the reasons for approving the XL- It is easy. 1,2,3,4 Please list the citations for where you got your information. Where are you guys? So far, all you can do is denigrate Obama or the liberal posters who question this Republican give away. Speak up with facts or don't you have any?

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Feb-26-14 1:10 PM

Just a few extra items: Nebraska- The Republican legislature gave the right to eminent domain to any foreign country that wants to build a pipeline. They actually violated their constitution??? Republicans: Here are some more items for Nebraskans to look at-- it is a cut and paste-- It discusses some of the problems and a comparison between the pipeline they currently have and the XL "Just proves how gullible the land owners were when the 1st pipeline came through Nebraska. They didn't read the fine print. There are very big differences between the 2 pipelines. The first is 30" pipe not 36" like KXL. The pressure per square inch is ungodly higher in KXL. The majority of the land in eastern Nebraska where the 1st pipeline runs is heavier soil not sand" Not to mention the toxic nature of tar sand and the inferior Chinese steel. Let us not forget the substandard welding of the southern extension just completed...1,2,3, Tell us righties.

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Feb-26-14 4:01 PM

The Keystone is old news. We don't even need it. Canadians want it sure, it's their oil being shipped to port and off to market. We are beyond the Keystone Pipeline. Look up Harold Hamm and LISTEN WHEN HE TALKS. Also, I get the feeling the editor that wrote this has a little Obama hate doll that they poke with needles and light on fire occasionally. Time for some new material. *Disclaimer---Not an Obummer supporter at all, I agree he's the scum of the earth but an almost daily poorly written bashing article speaks miles about MDN credability.

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Feb-26-14 7:07 PM

centerish, I appreciated reading your posts concerning some of the issues in Nebraska. Looks like property rights plus.

Now for your consideration: if the pipeline is so awful and should not be built, then what is the way to transport Bakken crude? Trucks? Trains?

Would you admit it, if your real agenda is not only "down with KXL" but "down with oil, up with alternatives?"

Alternatives are being explored, but not at the rate of successfully replacing or doing away with the petroleum industry anytime soon.

Isn't a pipeline safer than trucks or trains?

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Feb-26-14 7:19 PM

On September 30, 1999, The New York Times reported:

"Fannie Mae, the nation's biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits.

"In addition, banks, thrift institutions and mortgage companies have been pressing Fannie Mae to help them make more loans to so-called subprime borrowers... In moving, even tentatively, into this new area of lending, Fannie Mae is taking on significantly more risk, which may not pose any difficulties during flush economic times. But the government-subsidized corporation may run into trouble in an economic downturn, prompting a government rescue similar to that of the savings and loan industry in the 1980s."

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Feb-26-14 7:35 PM

9-30-01 Bill Clinton was president in 2000, and the Republicans controlled Congress...$133 billion debt buildup during that fiscal year

9-30-03 George W. Bush was president, Republicans controlled Congress, and Democrats controlled the Senate from mid-2001 until the end of 2002...$976 billion increase in the national debt

9-30-07 George W. Bush was president and Republicans controlled Congress during calendar 2003-2006...Republicans get full credit credit for the $2.24 trillion increase in the national debt

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Feb-26-14 7:38 PM

9-30-09 Bush was president, but Democrats controlled Congress during calendar 2007-2008...$2.9 trillion increase in the national debt during that period

9-30-10 Barack Obama was president and Democrats controlled Congress during calendar 2009...$1.62 trillion increase in the national debt during that year

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Feb-26-14 7:40 PM

I didn't do further research on the debt (what, when, how) past 2010 because Pres. Bush, being out of office, can't be responsible for it anymore. Or can he?

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Feb-26-14 10:03 PM

Gosh, Loco, you have not been reading my post very closely. I am not in favor of eminent domain for a foreign country. But, we need to refine the Bakken crude here instead of shipping it to Canada. we need pipelines to our refineries so that h finished product is used here. The Keystone is for Canada, Shell, and the Koch brother. Your side backs that???? amazing. Money buys it all. Have you ever researched how many big corporations have not paid taxes for years. Your party is shrinking because they have sold the country out. Voter suppression laws, anti-discrimination laws, and selling out the country . You really need to re-evaluate your stance and do more research

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Feb-26-14 10:35 PM

Loco, you seem to forget the logistic of the legislature plus the 477 filibusters put forth by the Republican Senate. Now, what policies have changed since Bush left office. Medicare D, wars, tax cuts, What???? Tell us what policies/bills have changed????? Likewise, the Democrats did not have 60 votes to override when they supposedly controlled everything. Check the filibusters.... tons of them...More than the history of the senate. Give me a break... It is called obstructionism.

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Feb-26-14 11:01 PM

New report with indisputable facts on man-made climate change.

I predict by 2020, half of US states will be like California who will NOT purchase electricity from coal generated plants and Big Oil will finally have to SPEND money on inovative technologies instead of putting the profits offshore in that rainy day everyday account surely to come.

Keystone XL belongs in a series of pictures for the year 2100 where museums preview human change!

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Feb-26-14 11:29 PM

When the oil industry wants something, they manipulate the market to either kick the prices up or lower them, whichever is to their advantage. They want the XL and they will raise the prices of gas to scare the heck out of the public to get what they want. Of course, the right wing will buy into it every time.

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Feb-27-14 5:17 AM

our dear leader has no interest in anything that would help the economy. our emperor wants people to come to Him for everything. as the hard left libs think it should be, since He is the smartest socialist ever.

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Feb-27-14 9:12 AM

Slide,I just want to say, You voted for Mccain and lost you voted for romney and lost,Do you see a trend there.You and your party of losers better have a job lined up after the elections becouse they are going to need one.GOINPEACE

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Feb-27-14 9:22 AM

Slide,Are you a moron or just an idiot?You live in a bush economy and I will live in A President Obama economy.FAILED BANKS,FAILED JOBS ,FAILED HOUSING IN BUSH.What a nim.GOINPEACE.

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Feb-27-14 9:46 AM

socialism***** Feb-27-14 5:17 AM

"our dear leader has no interest in anything that would help the economy."

Economies all across America are doing better and in some states like Arizona thriving beyond expectations.

By 2016 who knows? One thing for certain, the Republicans will not be able to claim any positive involvement come campaign time 2016!

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Feb-27-14 9:51 AM

landslide2014 Feb-27-14 8:52 AM

You want to call everything and everybody a liar when all YOU do is lie. Doesn't make sense!

If that's a strategy you think you can make a point with-good luck. The list of liars in TP & GOP is a long one!

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Feb-27-14 10:40 AM

Well, let me see! Where are the answers for the XL? Not ready yet, chad/Rush/animal/loco. Rushslide talks about all the jobs from the pipeline. That has been exposed time and time again as a lie. But, rushslide just regurgitates the Fox news/Right wing talking point. Oh, by the way, that great guru of the Republican party-- you know-- Reagan.. Yes, Ronnie-- He increased the number of government jobs during his term in office to stabilize the economy. We needed that infrastructure bill and Boehnor still has it in his desk going on three years. Our economy would have been going great guns if the Rethugs had not blocked it. Your party is paying for their blunders and will continue to pay for those miss-steps for years and years. Look at the number of Republican governors who are indicted, subpoenaed, waiting for a grand jury, hiding scandals, and looking to stay out of jail. The future of the Rethuglian party. The minority party forever.

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Feb-27-14 1:14 PM

The Democrat talking points are all over the map here today. Did they miss anything? Doesn't look like it.

Pres. Obama always good

Democrat policies always good

Any Republican always bad

Lather, rinse, repeat

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Feb-27-14 4:00 PM

Gosh, I thought that the topic of this blog was the XL. But, if you cannot justify your position, change the subject. Loco, is that the Best you have??? Pretty pathetic answer.

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Feb-27-14 4:41 PM

Pleasant and encouraging as always, centerish.

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