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Minot is an unsightly city

February 23, 2014

Dennis E. Klein, Minot While reading the letter from the dead loop group, it occurred to me that Minot has bigger problems when it comes to being unsightl....

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Mar-01-14 10:03 AM

The same people who toss trash from their windows as they drive down the street?

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Feb-28-14 8:06 PM

Who would put the trash out uncontained when the wind forcast is for 25 to 35mph??

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Feb-28-14 1:07 PM

Unsightliness has little to do with greed. Expensive homes are usually meticulous. Poor districts/areas are blighted with debris, trash, abandoned cars, broken windows, etc. Get the picture? Matt, Minot has been blighted for some time, but that doesn't mean that that we can't change how we address the blight. As jails fill with all these non-violent criminals, we need to be creative in what we as a society demand as 'punishment'! Can't really imagine how we would get the drugged addicted 'whatever, dude' kind of criminal to take pride in cleaning the litter from the streets, but maybe we cold brainstorm ideas. We, my hubby and I, drove around the area in northwest Minot where they fought and won to defeat Wal-Mart. There is no Wal-Mart, but even with all the snow debris and trash was evident everywhere.

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Feb-25-14 2:36 PM

Oh, quit complaining. I remember thinking that Minot looked blighted long before now.

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Feb-25-14 1:11 PM

rickrod, a good idea. We need to start with all those who don't pay their fines. Then non-violent inmates. Who will monitor them? The deputies? I think we need to get the citizens behind this. Then we need to over-haul our jailing practices. Being jailed is no longer a stigma, therefore not a deterrent. Monumental order, but well worth the effort to make the changes.

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Feb-24-14 5:01 PM

Solution to the trash along streets in high traffic areas, Use Non Violent Prisoners in Ward County Jail to pick up trash every week early Saturday mornings in high traffic areas.

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Feb-24-14 9:46 AM

I could not agree more with your comments! Minot has the potential to be a beautiful city. Our city leaders want development to continue and our city to prosper. We all want that for Minot, but as you drive through our city, the filth is sickening. We can't take care of what we have! Sidewalks are dirty, garbage is all over, the weeds that grow in the fall are ignored. I personally will not spend my money with a business that has garbage strewn all around their area. We wait until the month of June to get our streets cleaned of all the sand and dirt after a long, cold winter. We are all so anxious to get outside and enjoy the nice weather--and we have to look at the filth for so long. You visit other communities and cities, and they are not this way. Don't blame it on the flood, areas of Minot that weren't flooded are just as bad. Look around the mall and North Hill. So sad!

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Feb-23-14 3:36 PM

Here I thought the block wall was built by the production company that displaced the community while "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" was in town?? As far as sand goes, Coley Lewellyn is turning over in his grave. The old street forman back in the early 80's only allowed us to put sand down if it was absolutly necessary. It cause's more than just unsightly weeds and such. But with the phone ringing off the hook at Public Works this is the results....

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Feb-23-14 2:07 PM

hairbrained minion comes to mind. We live in nw Minot and during summer months, I pick up trash from all the fast food places. I suppose you think they should run behind their customers and pick up after them. Your no thru traffic sign is childish. It only makes sense to enter there from the south. I guess you could sit out there and stop all traffic. Guess friends of folks shouldn't visit either.

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Feb-23-14 12:18 PM

The Block wall was paid by the Department of Transportation due as a noise blocking for the other fences itself along 16th Street, the Green Acres Residents paid for that fence.........I said the business should be ashamed as they aren't being great corporate citizens ensuring the trash isn't picked up when in fact it is their trash as these businesses have their name on them......As for you going through a sign no thru traffic, I don't think so...breaking the law.......and there is a sign that says no left turn out of the original entrance...breaking the law.....

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Feb-23-14 9:20 AM

muleskinner, have you alerted the environmental division at the first district health unit? They were collecting addresses of abandoned structures to start the labored task of getting them demolished.

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Feb-23-14 9:17 AM

concerned, it is NOT "shame on the city" it is shame on the people who throw trash out their car windows, don't secure trash on garbage days, etc. And thank you for doing your part in keeping it clean. First people up there in Green Acres complained because they couldn't turn left onto 16th st because of the traffic. Now you complain because you have a second egress to a lighted intersection and you complain because people drive in green acres. I am going to start driving through there just to irritate you. Have a great day.

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Feb-23-14 7:00 AM

You can build a new high school, a new elementary school, spend 125 million on the school system and the town will still look the same.

There is a house that is next to the river just east of the 3rd Street viaduct that has one side burned black. It's a beautiful sight.

Looks wonderful and it should be featured on Minot's Visit Minot web site.

The heart of the town was ripped out in 2011 and it shows.

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Feb-23-14 12:59 AM

So true about SW Minot with all of the added businesses and trash it's horrible and these business should be ashamed of themselves. The safety of the streets and traffic in this area needs to be addressed as well. And again when No Thru traffic is marked for as street it means no thru attention to the streets and clean up the trash...I know I do by the bagfuls almost every other day....shame on this city.....

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