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Holding young adults accountable

February 19, 2014

It seems like every time a large party full of underage drinkers is busted in Minot, the same, tired discussions begin. - Must have been a slow night for the police departmen....

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Feb-19-14 12:48 AM

None of them where smoking that evil Maryjane?

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Feb-19-14 8:24 AM

We should hold the MDN accountable for not reporting news. Did anyone see anything in the MDN about the HIGH cost of Rent in ND? NOPE

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Feb-19-14 12:45 PM

The police were wrong to get a search warrant just because the kids were being to noisy to hear the them knocking or ringing the door bell. (sarcasm) The police probably saved lives by letting them sleep it off. I am sure the neighbors appreciated the police effort to return their neighborhood to a quiet Sunday morning. They broke the law. If one isn't taught to respect the law, what do we have? If you don't like the law, work to change it. To belittle the efforts of the police is part of the problem in this country and it again seems to come from the left.

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Feb-19-14 1:05 PM

this has to do with wisdom when a person figures out what is a better way of like that person should encourage that path even if it takes action of the police i say good for the police, it would make more sence for these parents to take action and let the police do a more important job it is NOT there job to babysit kids acting like if your kid was at the party be a patent and MAKE YOUR CHILD THANK THE POLICE FOR WATCHING AND TAKING CARE OF THEM.

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Feb-19-14 1:21 PM

a few years ago, there were a bunch of youngsters arrested at a house party in our neighborhood. 22 were taken away in the paddy wagon and many many parents were called to come and take their kiddie home. The behavior of minors is the responsibility of parents, including the parents of the 17 y/o. And yes, the police saved some lives Sunday morning.

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Feb-19-14 2:35 PM

Ha,Ha,Ha,Yes gusty ,we all need a ethics lesson from you.Ha,Ha,Ha.Goinpeace

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Feb-19-14 3:18 PM

Nothing worse than overage drinking!

Vote NO

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Feb-19-14 10:03 PM

The warrant is highly suspect. That many people and the police could not have flashed their lights, banged a little longer or got someones attention. And what was the warrant for? Suspicion of robbery, Meth lab, terrorism, murder? Can you really get a warrant to search your house because your music is loud and you did not answer the door?

And quote "Six adults were taken to the Ward County Jail due to their level of intoxication" Is it not possible to drink in a private house? 5 or 6 beers gets you legally intoxicated!

This whole operation stinks. The Judge should be highlighted for is actions to determine why he busts a private party. Yeah the noise was too loud. Fine knock louder, but do not tell me you could not get thier attention with that many people inside. BS

And the Police-Great job for arresting 71 persons at a private party for drinking in a private house! You should be proud. Overbearing force and Police overreach. Where is the talk of our freedom and Peroson

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Feb-19-14 10:11 PM

Freedom and personal liberty in a private house were stomped on and people went to Jail. A lot of people. Yes the neighbor has a right to not be disturbed, but the police without a doubt could have got thier attention to lower it. Land of the Free? Or land of the Police overeach. And and a bone to the folks who feel selfrighteous hatred for the NSA Evesdropping. Well I have not heard of one party or persons who were taken to jail in the whole USA because of it. But here in Minot "71" for partying in a private house. That should give you pause about your fears of the federal gov. when you have this going on in your backyard.

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Feb-19-14 10:12 PM

you are a fool

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Feb-19-14 11:04 PM

To an intelligent ******* most things do look foolish. Hope that makes you feel better.

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Feb-19-14 11:07 PM

Re-d* N - eck cannot be cannot be used in a sentence on MDN because it is a swear word? Boy I am a fool!

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Feb-20-14 9:59 AM

The police chose confrontation instead of trying to work to tone it down. I hope the Prosecutor understands and works towards that end.

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Feb-20-14 10:31 AM

Wow. The police were actually able to get a warrant for this?

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Feb-20-14 11:30 AM

in all my run in with the police they have always tried to settel things without a big production it there is one it is from the general public. but a person has to treat them like people.

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Feb-20-14 2:57 PM

If laws mean anything in our country anymore (I am beginning to wonder), the juveniles that were arrested had it coming. I had it coming: I never bought liquor underage again after getting caught, having to borrow $$ from my sister, going to court, etc.

The right to drink in a private residence starts ending when it's disorderly and/or when there are juveniles present.

Frankly, if the adults had been "policing" themselves (keep it down, get the youngsters outta here), then the police might not have had to get involved.

Until the laws change, I expect law enforcement to happen. So it should in a civilized society. Worldview should run for ND house, senate or governor, and then change the view of the ND world.

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Feb-20-14 6:14 PM

and on a lighter side;

Last month, MontrealUniversity and scientists released the results of a recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer. Men should take a concerned look at their beer consumption. The theory is that beer contains female hormones (hops contain Phytoestrogens) and that by drinking enough beer, men turn into women.

To test the theory, 100 men each drank 8 schooners of beer within a one (1) hour period.

It was then observed that 100% of the test subjects, yes, 100% of all these men

1) Argued over nothing.

2) Refused to apologize when obviously wrong.

3) Gained weight.

4) Talked excessively without making sense.

5) Became overly emotional

6) Couldn't drive.

7) Failed to think rationally, and

8) Had to sit down while urinating. No further testing was considered necessary!! GoInPeas

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Feb-20-14 6:22 PM

hey do you know why divorces cost so much

because they are worth it

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Feb-20-14 7:24 PM

Is that why rush is so broke.Man, he must be on his fourth by now.Goinpeace

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Feb-20-14 7:31 PM

ted nugent is the man, he doent put up with whinie littel babys. tell it the way he sees it very cool. a true leader of men. if we were at war i want to be on his side.

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Feb-20-14 7:39 PM

if it were me i wouldnt take the rights him or people like him fight for and give their life for. its people like that that make this country great so the candy a s s e s can walk around this country and talk smart, but you cant find them when they are needed for this cause.they are all in canada until it is over,

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Feb-21-14 12:44 AM

Ted Nugent, where do I begin? Didn't he promise to be dead or in jail come last November? Has-been hack musician. You wouldn't be able to follow him into battle because he would be hiding behind you Re dneck.

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Feb-21-14 12:53 AM

well thank you

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Feb-21-14 1:00 AM

The article does not say anything about teenagers, and under age is under 21. If you travel a bit you know that under 21 and drinking is no big deal and in fact a lot of countries (most of Europe) do not have a 21 age limit.

Anyway it is not my point to talk about the perils of drinking, but to point out that a warrant to arrest 71 people based on the fact that you could not get someone's attention is BS. It is police overreach and if you think having loud music is enough to base a search warrant on then you can have a search warrant for Anything. If that is what you want then fine, but I don't. That is not personal liberty or freedom, and just because MDN espouses warrants based on loud music and you want to follow anything MDN says because you agree with them regardless then that is ok to. Your choice but not mine. It was wrong and the prosecutor should know better or I hope each person involves can afford a lawyer and fight it as it should be. It was unwarranted.

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Feb-21-14 7:20 AM

This newspaper isn't held accountable. Why would any rational person heed their ridiculous advice?

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