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Why are you in D.C.?

February 16, 2014

Ronald O.....

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Feb-22-14 12:37 PM

The libs are purposely avoiding this letter of Carlson's; wonder why?

Just might awake a sleeping giant could be reason No. One.

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Feb-17-14 1:37 PM

Wrong as usual PL; if spelling and sentence structure meant anything then Legend, GoinPea and so many others could be thrown in the mix as well. DustOff is not landslide and there is a unique difference.

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Feb-17-14 1:31 PM

FreedomRings, DustOffski is alive and well and living amongst use lurking as Landslime. Don't you recognize his terrible sentence structure, spelling, and post after post after post of hate drivel?

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Feb-17-14 12:21 PM

Let the Drumrolls sound as I expect DustOff3 to return soon with a vengeance. At least I hope so.

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Feb-16-14 11:42 PM

"And are we, as a state, not number 10 on that welfare list?"


No, we're actually the 7th biggest moocher state -- per capita.

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Feb-16-14 9:55 PM

They are there to sell out North Dakota. It is their mission. The real answer, read it and weep.

Did you know that an acre of land in the Bakken Formation depocenter is worth approximately 40 million dollars in oil? Probably upwards in the area of 100 million dollars.

That's at current prices.

North Dakota supplies the world with 1/88th of the world's daily consumption of oil.

North Dakota is worth a mint and North Dakota's congressional representatives are clueless.

That's why they're there.

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Feb-16-14 8:18 PM

anybody that thinks there isn't going to be more devastation from obamacare and more jobs lost is living in a complete fantasy land.

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Feb-16-14 3:33 PM

Why are you in DC seems pretty obvious to me and the answer is "To lobby for the KXL pipe line. I ask, why are we paying you salaries when they should be paid by Canada.

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Feb-16-14 11:54 AM

" the Congressional Budget Office says it will mean millions of jobs disappear. I suspect the actual number of jobs lost is even greater than projected by the CBO." Carlson

"It’s misleading to suggeset the report indicated cuts in jobs. Instead, workers who can now receive subsidized insurance will cut back on hours equivalent to about 2.5 million workers by 2024. The distinction is critical to understanding the law’s impact on the labor market.

We rate this statement Mostly False."...PolitiFacts

I rate this letter mostly false.

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Feb-16-14 11:54 AM

The overall theme of Mr. Carlson's letter should appeal to people of all political persuasions and we should all be asking the same questions of our Senators and Congressman.

But business as usual and the letter will be attacked because it is too offensive to some and might affect their habit of taking from the system in Washington or Bismarck.

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Feb-16-14 10:15 AM

Now there is too much bengazi talk along with too much winter. The path b4 Obama was the landslide.

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Feb-16-14 7:45 AM

I hope no one posts any comments to your letter.

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