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Bailing out insurance companies

February 14, 2014

No wonder many insurance company executives supported President Barack Obama’s virtual takeover of the U.S. health insurance system....

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Feb-17-14 10:32 PM

The entire state is one big bailout.

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Feb-17-14 6:29 PM

"She (Sen. Heitkamp) is now a right wing tea bag Sarah Palin wannabee."

There are plenty of conservatives that would most heartily disagree, HAetc. She might be a moderate Democrat, but she's no right wing wannabe. In fact, she'd probably be insulted at the notion.

Well, at least she knows who her friends are among the Democrat/lib faithful. Newsflash: it ain't HAetc.

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Feb-17-14 6:26 PM

"1. Rely on government, of which WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of, and ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR, and can vote for who we want to represent us..."

HAetc, irregardless of your liberal ideology, there are liberal and conservative operatives in gov't now that are unelected and unaccountable. They have been "appointed" to their positions of power, or positions of pushing paper, by those who have been elected. These are the ones who I call "operatives," which usually stay on through administration changes.

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Feb-17-14 4:13 PM

"...obamacare has been amazing..."

Didn't Sen. Heitkamp promise this before she was elected?

Perhaps her "amazing" and social's "amazing" are two different things...

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Feb-17-14 4:11 PM

"I guess choice #2 is what Republicans want because they want this type of dictatorial power where unelected people run our lives without any way to change it."

Unbelievably partisan, HAetc.

AS IF Democrat operatives, those who are unelected and unaccountable, are just figments of people's imaginations.

There are operatives of all political stripes in all levels of gov't. To imply that all evil resides in one party is plainly blind partisanship, and that's being nice.

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Feb-17-14 7:51 AM

it hasn't taken long for obamacare to be exposed as a way to get as many people dependent on govt 'assistance' to pay health insurance premiums. and to punish those that don't qualify for the govt assistance/welfare/redistribution plan. Yup, obamacare has been amazing and Blue Cross/Barack's Boys probably think so now too since they've been bought and paid for with tax dollars.

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Feb-16-14 8:51 PM

That turning to the government instead of to God and our Founding Fathers, to be our provider in hard times, only leads to slavery? Yes... That the only reason government wants to be our provider(health care) is to also become our master?

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Feb-16-14 7:47 PM

Thanks, big oil.

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Feb-16-14 7:46 PM


Nov. 5, 2013


Minot city manager David Waind stressed the urgency of more state oil impact assistance as the Minot City Council Monday approved $37 million in debt obligations a heavy burden that could affect the city's bond rating.

"Clearly, the debt that is being incurred is the result of the growth we are experiencing," Waind told the council.

"The help we have gotten has not been sufficient to take care of the tremendous amount of growth that the city is seeing. We have never seen the kind of bonding that we are having to do tonight."

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Feb-16-14 6:15 PM

"socialism***** comment of affordable insurance smacks of untruthiness. 300% increase?????? I told him a million times not to exaggerate."

billgrr, I've heard tens upon tens of insurance anecdotes such as these. Unlike you, I can't consider them lies, especially when people's pocketbooks are being affected.

So much for the compassionate liberal. billgrr is the mythbuster of the day.

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Feb-16-14 6:12 PM

centerish: "So, where do the pharma's spend the majority of their political capital???? guess."

The implication with the first post was, of course, contributing to Republicans. Why that implication? Because the poster was centerish.

The info I posted busted what was implied, by citing figures of how things have changed since 2006.

Money talks, and sometimes it speaks Democrat fluently.

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Feb-16-14 5:26 PM

Slide didn't you hear,401K AT THEIR ALL TIME HIGH.Didn't they give faux news the memo.Goinpeace

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Feb-16-14 1:15 PM

Gosh, loco, you even researched something/?? wow... now, even when you read the research, you still interpret it the "right wing" way. The open secrets puts information out on election cycles from 1990 on at two years at a time for thirteen cycles. What it shows is over those cycles, these groups have supported Republicans with money on 11 of the 13 cycles. The High was just before Medicare D was passed and was around a 70-30 split gift with the average for the total cycles running around the 60/65 to 30/35 split. The closest was about a 50-50 split for two cycles. So, what myth is crushed loco? Your facts just supported the premise and yet you don't think that is true??? Typical right wing evaluation. Oh, the high split was 75-25 in 2002. The year before the passage of the Gift that keeps on giving, medicare D.

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Feb-16-14 12:32 PM

dummkopf = with the brains of a potato still applies to your silly unfounded comments. goinpea

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Feb-16-14 12:20 PM

Freedom,Keep that fear tactic going.Thats the only way the rightwing knows how to rule.Goinpeace

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Feb-16-14 12:17 PM

Most are finding out the hard way that the Democrat's are the Party of lies garr and it won't last much longer till the chickens come home to roost...especially when it hits our pockets like ObamaCareLess will.

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Feb-16-14 10:29 AM

"How can these right wingers be so incredibly delusional?"


It's a combination of fear, willful ignorance and sheer stupidity.

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Feb-16-14 4:50 AM

after receiving my new 'affordablue' plan that includes a 300%+ premium increase, the 1st thing every Blue Cross rep has said is 'we can see if you qualify for assistance(welfare).' Now try to tell me this isn't a plan to get as many dependent on govt as possible. and a 'NO LOSE' for Blue Cross. Sky High Premiums=Huge commission checks and no risk since obama(taxpayers) will bail them out. the Messiah just needed to find out how much cash it would take to buy Big Blue and sell us out.

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Feb-16-14 1:52 AM

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? How about the little green men with a pot of gold for ya? Then you will really like Obama Care! Come on, I don’t care what party you belong to, Obama Care is the biggest Fraud ever perpetrated against the American people. Yes the Insurance Industry is going along with this, they are complicit up to their eyeballs! Have you ever heard the fable of the Emperors New Clothes? There is no free lunch, this is nothing more than Medicare for everyone under 65, period! Wake up, vote out these bums, I don’t care what party they belong to. Your grand-kids with thank you.

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Feb-15-14 5:36 PM

Freedom, have you and slide been sneaking around.Just come on out in the open ,We all know anyway.More cheese with that whine.Goinpeace.

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Feb-15-14 3:05 PM

Saul Alinsky: "The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative."

"Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem...Activist organizations have an agenda, and their strategy is to hold a place at the table, to be given a forum to wield their power. So, they have to have a compromise solution."

Y'know, Obamacare has proven chaotic in its acceptance and implementation. Tell ya what: how about single-payer? Won't that be soooo simple?

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Feb-15-14 3:02 PM

"You mean to tell me Democrats approved this legislation that will award subsidies to insurance companies aka corporations aka capitalists?"

"Of course they did! OsamabamaCare is a right wing Republican bill that was passed by right wing conservative Democrats."

So ALL the Democrats that voted for Obamacare on Dec. 24, 2009 were ALL "right wing conservative Democrats?" Really?

Sorry, can't buy that one...

HAetc, you do recall the history of ACA, don't you? At first, it was a bipartisan effort, but when the Democrats introduced the individual mandate, Republicans backed out and stayed out, because NO Republicans voted for "OsamabamaCare" as you call it.

I know you're in favor of single-payer and you're able to earnestly sing its praises, but I'm not there yet and probably never will get there. In fact, I'll refer to ACA as "single-payer lite" because that's where libs seem to want this to go next.

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Feb-15-14 2:42 PM

OK, centerish, I'll "guess" but I'll include a source too.

opensecrets . org

"The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally supported Republican candidates. But as Democrats have seized Congress and the White House in recent cycles, industry advocates have steadily become more generous toward traditional foes. These companies' contributions split evenly during the 2008 cycle, after the GOP received two-thirds of drug company contributions in the run-up to the 2006 cycle..."

Even steven. Another lib myth busted.

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Feb-15-14 12:18 PM

The sheeple complaining about "Obamacare" are the very same morons crowding the emergency room with their snot-nosed kids -- fully expecting someone else to cover the hospital bills.

You can carp and complain

All night and day --

But, from now on,

You'll pay your own way.

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Feb-15-14 11:26 AM

neither party has done anything of value. both sides spend like total idiots. best thing we could do is shut D.C. down for the next four years. And then do away with party politics.

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