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Traffic problems at Ramstad

February 1, 2014

There is a bit of a traffic jam at certain times of the day near the new Erik Ramstad Middle School as parents drop off or pick up their children from classe....

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Feb-03-14 7:14 PM

Why do you believe that there will never be busing in Minot. Bismarck has in town school busing but a couple of years ago the only busing in town was for special needs. Bismarck made the change why wouldn't Minot?

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Feb-03-14 5:41 PM

I think it's time for all you complaining about school buses to realize that it's not going to happen.So drive the kids to school or home school your kids.Goinpeace

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Feb-03-14 3:57 PM

no sense making any improvements. but, to be fair, we must be sure that at least at Jim Hill parents are waiting an hour for pick-up and delivery.

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Feb-03-14 2:44 PM

I don't know why Ramstad is being called out for traffic problems. Every school in Minot has traffic flow problems. There was a child at Edison hit by a car earlier this year as the main doors open up for students to walk across the parking lot drive through, Longfellow clogs up 16th St at pick up time with cars parked along both sides of the road, Jim Hill congests both side streets...Why the big deal about Ramstad? While it is a new building, the current standard in our city is lack of planning for traffic flow/capacity no matter where you go. Why change now?

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Feb-03-14 12:25 PM

The old Ramstad had doors on all four sides for entry and exiting onto the school grounds and into the school. Do school busses have seat belts now? In the past, the concern was how the belts would be released in case of a fire, for example? WHo would be responsible? There are about 6 elementary schools on the north side of town. 6 busses on two rotations. I never hear anyone question of there are enough busses or buss drivers for all the sport activities that take the kids all over the state.

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Feb-03-14 8:51 AM

yep raising property taxes some more will no doubt solve the issue.

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Feb-03-14 7:14 AM

Our leaders will come up with the proper solution - raise property taxes. maybe some of people and businesses that are getting the tax breaks/exemptions would like to help? (silence)

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Feb-02-14 6:56 PM

does anybody know how many buses would be needed to transport students to Ramstad or to transport students to every school? Is there enough bus drivers available? How early will students need to be pickp?Would parents pay for transportation? And what is the cost for a new or used school bus and would these uses have seat belts?

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Feb-02-14 2:31 PM

Oh, I agree, school busses should be used by the school district.

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Feb-02-14 1:31 PM

I am not putting my kids on a public bus to get to school with god knows what adults on bus passing through to oil field. Minot public schools can afford bus system, not enough taxes? Next year we gotta take and pickup three kids from three different schools here.

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Feb-02-14 1:02 PM

The school is on the 'prairie'. Horse riding would be a better mode of transportation than cars. I don't think there are streets residential streets that go directly to the school. Kids would be walking the highways. I still think that the school district could have the kids congregate at each of the elementary school nearest their home for bus transportation to and from school.

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Feb-02-14 11:52 AM

Another fail by the city. Is it really that hard to build roads? No, it's not. If you want the town to grow, start planning correctly and not half arsed. Another case of Minot having to be reactive rather than proactive. They'll wait til a kid gets run over then they might start "looking" into other options.

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Feb-02-14 11:20 AM

AND those folks dropping their kids off thinking that our ridiculous two lane NW (US 83) by-pass is only 40 mph, clogging up that road as well.

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Feb-02-14 11:05 AM

Our poor little spoiled rotten kids now are TOO GOOD to ride a bus or walk. Never thought I would turn into my Grandfather but when I was a kid we walked or rode the bus, parents didn't have time to come get us, THEY HAD JOBS.

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Feb-02-14 10:52 AM

I don't understand why so many parents drop off and pick their kids up from school. Growing up in Minnesota we either walked or rode the bus for the most part. We didn't have 100 parents sitting in their cars outside the school causing congestion. I've seen this all over ND, Fargo, Jamestown, Williston so its not just a Minot thing. Although, when you have a school in a newer area the problem is more exaggerated with the lack of infrastructure.

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Feb-01-14 8:29 PM

The no vote finally has seen the light.Vote yes.Goinpeace

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Feb-01-14 3:56 PM

The ND constitution can be changed to allow land trust money usage, but doing so would require the approval of voters in a state-wide general election. Let's rock the vote.

Vote YES to constitution change

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Feb-01-14 3:53 PM

I go to pick my kids up there at 215 and sit until they get out at 315. This is everyday. I would have thought FEMA money would have designed better. I love the school and principal though.

Vote NO.

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Feb-01-14 12:10 PM

And half-ass development has to go as well...This is tiring and old. You did this to SW Minot and pretty much ruined the area with not finishing roads and half-ass planning, don't do it with NW Minot. This is why Wal-Mart won't build until something is better approved and more efficient as people in NW Minot see the pains of people in SW Minot. It's tiring.......

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Feb-01-14 12:07 PM

And the developers pass the I don't think so. They are responsible for the roads if they wish to build to stop burdening the taxpayer and they should be fined. Quit with the excuses everybody and the city. I am tired of this half-ass planning.

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Feb-01-14 12:03 PM

Well no*****since day once the kids hate it as they have to wait on their parents or their ride thinking they will be never picked up. The kids hate the school and would rather be back at the auditorium.

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Feb-01-14 10:12 AM

Typical Minot planning - who would expect anything more

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Feb-01-14 10:08 AM

Have we totally ruled out if Gov Christy had anything to do with this.Goinpeace

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Feb-01-14 9:40 AM

There are traffic issues at Jim Hill too... More than once you end up waiting through the light because people are backed up waiting to turn into the school to pick up their students. Or sometimes people wait in the middle of the street to pick up a student...

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Feb-01-14 7:49 AM

This may call for an Increase in Property TAXES........

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