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Ruling against Obama

January 20, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court justices often are called upon to interpret difficult, highly technical points of law and the Constitution. At least some of them may be grateful this week includes a no-brainer....

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Jan-27-14 8:02 PM


Lesson to all posters when you lie this is what we get:


I'm still waiting for math class.

If the following is true, I was ten when you started your tour in Vietnam. Do you honestly expect any of us to believe you talk like this, a person of your age and hopefully wisdom. If I was ten then you would have to be almost 80 now. It's hard to deceive for that long.

Started tour on May 15, 1968 at Bien Hoa Province, South Vietnam..My rank is Captain, Us Army. My MOS {training} is 4800D Maintenance Officer for Ordnance and Civil Affairs...Units served; A Co. Army Depot Long Binh Army S>P>T>, CMD Saigon, 1st LOG CMD, USARV... Medals: Purple Heart

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Jan-27-14 7:24 PM


As new as I am to this forum, please tell me why you were banned or why you will be banned again

At the risk of being banned again from this site, I must say you 2 are the least intelligent 2 posters on here.

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Jan-24-14 3:08 PM

I would have thought the ruling would have gone against Obama since the "vacancy" itself did not occur during the recess. It had been vacant before the recess, so the abuse of power was to wait until there was a recess to get his picks in. The point of appointing to fill a vacancy during a recess was for expediency--not for political maneuvering. Nevertheless, if there was no recess in the first place, that works, too.

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Jan-23-14 3:19 PM

willgarr bage is talking to himself again and uses his ndvetrn alias to help him with spellcheck.

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Jan-23-14 12:44 AM


this really pains me but we have to do a spell check on you. Did you mean to say "Obama will get his in the ned" or in the end? I hate to tell you what you're saying.

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Jan-22-14 10:20 AM

Did I say "all the Democrats' fond utopian dreams?" Why, yes, I did, and I'll give you a sample from newspaper headlines:

(The Atlantic 1-21-14) Obama on Pot Legalization: 'It's Important for It to Go Forward'

(PBS Newshour 1-6-14) leaves thousands stranded without Medicaid coverage

(WA Post 1-10-14) The unemployment rate fell to 6.7 percent. Don’t celebrate.

(WA Times 7-9-13) New York school drops Michelle Obama lunch standards: Kids too hungry

(McClatchyDC 1-20-14) Kerry’s ‘obsession’ with Palestinian peace talks worries Israeli right

Note: I can say truthfully that Republicans have not done everything well, but HAetc says they are "the party of Satan" which is typical liberal hyperbole and a little unhinged if you ask me.

HAetc implies that liberals are only after dreams like "a stable job, a house of my own, a family, and a secure retirement." Uh, sorry, that's not all that the Democrat party platform includes. Read it someti

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Jan-21-14 6:09 PM

Those who elect Republicans expect the Republicans to stand up against the implementation of Democrat policies, i.e., Obamacare.

Turnabout is always fair play, whenever Democrats have been in the minority. Those who elected Democrats expected those Democrats to fight against Republican policies being implemented, right?

But not now. Today's Republicans (national level) are characterized as "obstructionists" for not going along with all the Democrats' fond utopian dreams.

Fair enough. I'll remember to dust off the "obstructionist" label and use it voraciously once the tables are turned. Stay tuned...

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Jan-21-14 4:16 PM

Funny how Bush worked with a Democratic Congress and Bill Clinton worked with a Republican Congrerss and Obama told them to shove it they are terrorist and traitors and every other name he could think to call them.. Then does a magazine article and says its really hard in DC becasue he cannot implement the changes he wants to make to America..

Thanks God for the Republicans or we would all be in the streets and jobless..

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Jan-21-14 4:14 PM

Funny how Obama took office hating the rich and then gave 85 BILLION a month to the stock market and made the rich richer.. Didnt create any incentive for jobs for the working class so he made them poorer.. and then he has the balls to talk about income inequality when he has created the biggest inequality since the dirty 30s..

Funny hows hes getting richer and others are living on welfare and food stamps because of Obamas lack of leadership....

Obama thinks its funny obviously becasue hes not doing anything about it..

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Jan-21-14 4:12 PM

Funny how Obama has been in charge for 5 years and we still have 7% unemployemnt and more people are not working then when he took office.

Funny how he has spoent 8 TRILLION dollars and has nothing to show for it..

Funny how almost half the country is now on food stamps..

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Jan-21-14 4:10 PM

Yup Jack Shes Just another luing democrat..she is under fire for apparently misstating facts about her life story, with a Republican opponent claiming the discrepancies raise questions about her honesty.

Davis, a Democratic state senator who rose to prominence last year after delivering a lengthy filibuster against abortion restrictions, was the subject of a Dallas Morning News piece on Sunday that took issue with several details in her personal narrative.

Davis, now 50, has long said she first took a job at 14 to help support her single mother and three siblings in Fort Worth, Texas. By 19, she was married and divorced with a child of her own and living in a mobile home.

After community college, she said she graduated from college at Texas Christian University and with honors from Harvard Law School.

Seems harvard is the school that TEACHES LYING!!!

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Jan-21-14 3:22 PM

Did I call them slackers,I mean losers.Goinpeace

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Jan-21-14 3:20 PM

I thought congress went back to work over 10 days ago.Hows the farm bill and immagration and jobs bill going.A bunch of republican slackers.Talking about a free meal.Goinpeace.

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Jan-21-14 2:59 PM

geeeze Garr one day you believe in God next day hes just a conservatives wizzard in the sky..

Flip flop much Garr or just when you want to get even??? Vindictive much? Hate Much?

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Jan-20-14 9:49 PM

Comi9ng from the party that HATED Romney becasue he had money..

Obama as usual is the biggest lying HIPOCRITE to ever sit in the White House.. He claims to HATE the rich and want their money yet he has doubled their income in just 4 years,, He has made the poor people he claims to help even poorer.. The middle class he claims to help he has cancelled their insurance and taken away their jobs..

Obama will get his in the ned.. All Gods children will be judged.. And when he hits the Judgement stand he will have to explain all his LIES and HATE and TERROR against the American people who put their trust in him!!!

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Jan-20-14 6:47 PM

Dems don't have to fillibuster they just change the rules to the 50% majority.. Or they use the nucular option right Garr???

How much crap have the pushed thru with NO republican votes allowed?

Want to publish the numbers..

Did you know the rich have gotten richer under Obama more then any other POTUS in history..and the poor have gotten poorer..

Hummmimagine if Obama had passed a jobs bill and had NOT put 85 BILLION a month into the stock market...Then we might have had more "income equality" that he is all of a sudden become aware of. Obvious the job is to hard for him and he says his words..He is being given the benefit of the doubt because he is black..

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Jan-20-14 5:32 PM

Fair enough, willgrr.

Now how about those Democrat filibusters?

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Jan-20-14 5:09 PM

Soooo predictably partisan, willgrr.

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Jan-20-14 5:08 PM

willgrr, I don't have the inclination or the time to prove what centerish doesn't want to see.

Ask her to research that...she's all about the research.

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Jan-20-14 5:07 PM

This statement isn't true: "Girilie men are all gay and liberals."

Now can we move on?

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Jan-20-14 5:06 PM

willgrr, so it's only pink elephants that interest you and not pink donkeys?

I'm sure examples could be found from the other side of the aisle, but I don't have the inclination or the time.

But willgrr has again shown his hyperpartisanship is in fine form.

Remember now, he's the guy who says "never, ever vote for a Republican." Such hatred, from such a nice guy too...

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Jan-20-14 5:02 PM

So centerish, the Democrats "never" used the Senate filibuster in the past for their own party's benefit?

Yeah right again

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Jan-20-14 3:22 PM

Let me see: The Senate Republicans filibuster "all" of these appointments and are leaving seats open for years because the want to keep the remaining members leaning conservative. Who cares that it is their job to review and approve replacements? Obviously, loco doesn't. The Republican party in both the house and Senate have acted like hateful, spoiled children. Not only have they blocked all appointments and nominations, they have used more filibusters to block bills than the sum total used in the history of the Senate by all others. It is called anti American and actually treasonous to the country. Even our resident intellect should know that, right Matt.

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Jan-20-14 2:33 PM

So Matt's point is not moot after all.

The Senate is controlled by the President's own party.

As far as in or out of session, who cares as long as the President doesn't?

I'd like to see if the Democrats lie down and stay quiet if a Republican president does things the Obama way.

Yeah right

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Jan-20-14 1:02 PM

"Yeah, once again, this is garbage. Obama has no choice but to do everything on his own and go around the Senate they block everything he tries to do. "

I thought the US Senate was controlled by members of his political party.

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