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School debate continues

January 18, 2014

Let the discussion begin – again. Members of the Minot school board plan to ask voters to approve a smaller bond issue before May 1....

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Jan-18-14 6:56 AM

All the school board is accomplishing is thoroughly angering the homeowners of Minot.

The next vote for a school bond issue will be also be rejected.

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Jan-18-14 7:08 AM

It should be interesting what zany ideas will be pitched at us. Someday they might figure out that a difference of 5 million is not peanuts. If they want people to back them they need to detail down to the dollar what they really need. After all these people are supposed to be educated and shouldn't have to guess how much money is needed.

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Jan-18-14 8:03 AM

Accept the 20 million dollar loan from the state, build the elementary school, pay for the loan with current tax monies collected for Minot's schools and not raise taxes.

Stop taxing and pressuring homeowners for more when the taxes collected are plenty.

Learn to live within your means.

Learn to live within your means.

Learn to live within your means.

You have to drive that meme into the brains of some folks who think money grows on trees.

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Jan-18-14 9:14 AM

This is not a debate about stupid Republicans and how they spend, acquire, and defalcate their money from the taxpayer, it is about a school bond issue that will increase taxes on property owners, some are darn sick and tired of being taxed beyond their means.

Maybe Republicans will benefit from the interest paid to bondholders, since they have the money to purchase the bonds. Maybe someRepublicans in Minot who pretend they're rich might purchase some of those bonds.

The debate is about how to finance a new school, improve other schools, etc., not about rich, ignorant, stupid Republicans in North Dakota pretending to be rich, of which, not a single one with any real wealth.

Stick with the program.

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Jan-18-14 10:18 AM

So, basically, it is appropriate to use ad hominem.

We're going to go after the Republicans in Minot because they are running the show. Those corporate monsters want to build new schools, but in reality, they'll be concentration camps, minimum security prisons, and a lot of money will trickle up to Republican hands and we all know how evil that is.

The schools need improvements because the Republicans want to make a lot of money.

Not to mention the newly developing oil industry that is encircling western ND and the money it generates.

Maybe a closer look at how oil development has impacted everything is worth scrutinizing rather than the Republicans who want to rip off the taxpayer is at fault mantra that is all hogwash.

A new elementary school will be a big help for the school system. A fact that can't be denied.

Methods of how to finance the cost is the debate. The taxpayer doesn't have to pay the money to finance the cost when a school lands trust fund exists.

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Jan-18-14 10:48 AM

The Wall Street bond vigilantes will buy those school bonds in a heartbeat.

The taxpayer then foots the bill. The bondholders make the moola.

Can't rob the school lands trust fund because it is all vested in Wall Street interests and any withdrawals of any school lands trust funds would hurt where it really counts, Wall Street bank accounts.

Investment banks have their fingers in the pie and those vampire squid don't want to let go once those beaked tentacles are wrapped around the victim's body, that would be the State of North Dakota.

And so, you issue bonds at the local level too, just to increase the size of the pie and ignore how it all came into being.

The surreptitious influence of oil is a 800 lb gorilla in the room.

Hence, schools and the system need upgrading and nobody wants to recognize how the problem came to be.

You can fool all of the people all of the time.

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Jan-18-14 11:18 AM

Proposition 13 only answer-then we can have LOCAL CONTROL--There should be no debate-voters-especially me property owners are tired of footing the bill for local public schools. It is time to find a different revenue source that is fair to all. Time for property tax reform.

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Jan-18-14 11:40 AM

if a person looks at the other schools around the area the reason there bond passes is they use the money efficiently, and only ask for when needed. if MPS had that attitude the bond would pass. manage the money with a fiduciary responsibilty.

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Jan-18-14 12:03 PM

If the school lands trust fund has 2 billion dollars in net asset value, 10 million every year in tobacco tax revenue, so when you see a smoker, thank them for contributing to the education of North Dakota's students, then let's do some arithmetic.

Here is 2 000 000 000. Here is 40 000 000. subtract 40 million from 2 billion. It is 1 960 000 000.

1.96 billion will still be there after 40 million dollars is withdrawn from the fund and deposited into an account that holds the school districts money.

A few clicks with the mouse and it is a done deal. Takes about 3 to 4 minutes at the most and voila, the money is there.

Debate over. No vote, no nothing.

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Jan-18-14 12:05 PM

Someone needs to once and for all explain wether or not the constitution can ever be changed. They have alledged this and non lawyers have speculated. I WANT IT LEGALLY PROVED TO BE TRUE, before any vote on taking our money.

VOTE N to the O

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Jan-18-14 12:10 PM

It's called put the MAGIC Fund on hold and use these funds for these schools as oil businesses and other businesses are the reason we have an increase in Minot and surrounding areas as other counties can qualify for MAGIC Fund money. It's also time to reexamine the Constitution and change with a vote.

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Jan-18-14 12:14 PM

"When asked, in his opinion and with the understanding that he was not a lawyer, could these funds be accessed by public schools to fund building projects, Mr. Engleson responded that no, in his opinion under current state law, Article IX of the N.D. Constitution and federal law, he did not believe that would be possible"


Vote NO to Non-Lawyers

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Jan-18-14 12:19 PM

"Rostad said he plans to ask the 2015 State Legislature for additional funding..."

What's the update on this?

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Jan-18-14 12:26 PM

i think it is up to the people in the district to build the schools not sombody else that is ok with me it is the fluf and the show i have a problem paying for. just look around it is right in front of us.

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Jan-18-14 12:26 PM

"Tioga voters voted Thursday in favor of a $9.925 million bond issue to pay for new school construction and renovation. The bond issue, along with other available funds, will pay for construction of a new cafeteria and kitchens, and three new classrooms at Central Elementary"

They are paying about $10M for a new lunch room and some classrooms...I am betting what they want to build here has a true cost of far more than what they are telling. I would like to see the cost of building, STAFFING AND MAINTAINING a new school.

Vote YES to amending the constitution

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Jan-18-14 12:34 PM

Article IX, North Dakota Constitution Text of Section 11: The legislative assembly shall pass suitable laws for the safekeeping, transfer and disbursement of the state school funds; and shall require all officers charged with the same or the safekeeping thereof to give ample bonds for all moneys and funds received by them, and if any of said officers shall convert to his own use in any manner or form, or shall loan with or without interest or shall deposit in his own name, or otherwise than in the name of the state of North Dakota, or shall deposit in any banks or with any person or persons, or exchange for other funds or property any portion of the school funds aforesaid or purposely allow any portion of the same to remain in his own hands uninvested, except in the manner prescribed by law, every such act shall constitute an embezzlement of so much of the aforesaid school funds as shall be thus taken or loaned, or deposited, or exchanged, or withheld and shall be a felony; and any f

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Jan-18-14 12:36 PM

Text of Sections 26: The legislative assembly shall provide for the editing, and for the publication in an independent volume, of this constitution as soon as it shall take effect, and whenever it shall be altered or amended, and shall cause to be published in the same volume the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the Enabling Act.

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Jan-18-14 12:37 PM

There are three paths to amending the North Dakota Constitution: initiated constitutional amendments, legislatively-referred constitutional amendments, and constitutional conventions. Sections 1-9 are about how an initiated constitutional amendment can alter the state's constitution. These sections define how many signatures are required, who is legally allowed to circulate initiative petitions, and other features of the laws governing the initiative process in North Dakota. Section 1 of Article III explicitly says that the initiative petition process can be used to call a constitutional convention. It is unusual for a constitution to explicitly address this issue. The North Dakota Constitution provides no mechanism under which the state legislature can initiate a call for a convention. Section 16 of Article IV is about legislatively-referred constitutional amendments. It very simply says, "Any amendment to this constitution may be proposed in either house of the legislative a

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Jan-18-14 12:38 PM

Section 16 of Article IV is about legislatively-referred constitutional amendments. It very simply says, "Any amendment to this constitution may be proposed in either house of the legislative assembly, and if agreed to upon a roll call by a majority of the members elected to each house, must be submitted to the electors and if a majority of the votes cast thereon are in the affirmative, the amendment is a part of this constitution." Unlike any other state constitution, the North Dakota Constitution defines the process of the legislatively-referred constitutional amendment in the article of the state constitution that, overall, has to do with the rights and perogatives of the state's legislative branch. Nearly every other state constitution has a separate article of the constitution just to do with how that constitution can be amended.

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Jan-18-14 12:49 PM

Significant property tax reform has already been achieved within the state’s school districts. The 63rd Legislative Assembly provided more than $850 million in property tax relief for the 2013-2015 biennium, including about $656 million provided through a new K-12 school funding formula that shifted the largest share of education costs from school districts to the state. The fully integrated funding formula insures that there is sufficient funding for every student in the state; it drastically reduces the local cost of education, with the state covering an average of 80 percent of school funding; it consolidates local mill levies to provide greater transparency for local property taxpayers. Meanwhile, school district officials maintain authority to ask their electors for additional tax revenue.

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Jan-18-14 1:14 PM

For someone who will be a takker the rest of his life you sure dont like anyone else to get a piece of the action do you.Goinpeace.

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Jan-18-14 1:20 PM

the constitution is ok it is there to govern goverment so we doent have to vote on every topic, wise men say it is based on ethics and morals for those that find it hard to follow those will try to change it to fit there wants

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Jan-18-14 1:22 PM

How is it that Ralph Englestad can contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to the University of North Dakota and they can take the money and run, build a hockey arena in his name, spend it right away? UND can inherit the money and no questions asked on how it is spent, but if a need exists elsewhere and money is available in the tax coffers, it can't be challenged and a brick wall is instantly built in place as a major obstacle. How can that be? Then take a look at the school lands trust fund; it is set up as a donkey and carrot scenario. Go figure.

Something is wrong with this picture.

A rotten, stinking stench right there with it.

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Jan-18-14 3:26 PM

Approved for $20M loan, asking for $40M, what am I missing?

Vote NO to fuzzy math

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Jan-18-14 5:11 PM

there is more infrastructure now then when the 10000 students were in school. so space can not be a problem this is a vote for fluff. i think some people think they are doing there job if they spend money. it kinda feeds the ego.

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