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Helms: Too many jobs to do?

January 16, 2014

Put yourself in the shoes of Lynn Helms, the director of the state Department of Mineral Resources. According to state law, he is to be the state’s top oil regulator....

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Jan-29-14 2:43 PM


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Jan-29-14 2:43 PM


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Jan-29-14 2:42 PM


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Jan-17-14 5:04 PM

slide,The Pope is agaist birth control,NOT THE CATHOLICS.Goinpeace.

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Jan-17-14 11:28 AM

It all is just the same old story of money and power...

The liberals want a bigger piece of the action so that they can 'redistribute the wealth'.

Ultimately they would want to see Washington take over and it could be called ObamaOil. You can then qualify for free gas along with your food stamps.

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Jan-17-14 8:57 AM

religious police state are created by people who hate religion..

Like many foreign countries Christians are under attack here in the USA..and it ain;t the Christians waging the war.. Seems this Obama Government is trying to change the laws of the churches.. every day..

Forcing the Government laws like birth control onto the Catholic Churches which have ALWAYS been against it..

At least Christians have a belief for which they are willing to stand up and fight for and willing to die for if necessary..

Can't say the same about Liberals.. They now are beeching about Obamacare..Funny how when its money from their pocket they don't want to play anymore..

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Jan-17-14 1:29 AM

Schneider along with the libs/dems should pack their bags and move to cali. Much better fit there than North Dakota.

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Jan-16-14 9:25 PM

Obama, Too Many Jobs to Do? That would or should be the question. Multitask, Not.

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Jan-16-14 4:43 PM

They're all good eggs!!

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Jan-16-14 4:41 PM

The truth is I was quite surprised how friendly, helpful and civilized the people in the O&G Division are. Give them a call and ask them any question you can think of concerning any and all aspects of ND oil and they will teach you the answers you seek. There all good eggs!

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Jan-16-14 4:35 PM

I have met Mr. Helms and he was a good guy when we met. I think if anything he was duped into having decisive meetings without a strong enough legal team backing him up. The oil companies don't represent themselves they have teams of lawyers practicing deceit for them. So it isn't fair that we should expect a can do man like Mr Helms to obstruct all avenues of deception he must have pitched at him every day. Oil & Gas Division needed a team of good lawyers long ago.

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Jan-16-14 4:18 PM

Ed Schafer was appointed a director for Continental Resources and was awarded shares of the company.

Ed recently sold 1945 of the shares he owns on Dec 24 and Dec 26 of 2013 at 110 dollars per share, more or less. Ed gave himself a couple of hundred grand for a Christmas present last year.

Since he is a former governor, does it represent a conflict of interest?

Should Ed receive such compensation?

Lynn Helms isn't receiving shares of stock from oil companies, anyway, I hope not, and the job he has to do involves decisions that favor oil exploration and development of the resource in the state. If there is oil, hundreds of oil companies are going to want to drill for oil.

A low estimate at this time looks like around 90 billion barrels or approximately 1000 days of supply at 90 million barrels global daily consumption rate.

There is plenty of oil in the Bakken, a high estimate is 900 billion. A 10 percent recovery is 90 billion. Will probably go much higher.

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Jan-16-14 9:52 AM

Yep, we sure don't need those Government people (EPA types), do we rushslide? After all, just look at West Virginia. Here is a state controlled by coal and chemical companies even if the politicians there are Democrats. But, what have coal/chemicals fought to have the least of??? Regulations. And, they cannot drink their water!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, by the way, a company who stores chemicals is not subject to the regulations of the company who would produce the chemical on site and store it. Georgia Pacific owns the chemicals and stores them elsewhere, to avoid regulations. And the people suffer. By the way" Georgia Pacific is owned by those anti-regulation, anti-government billionaires, the Koch Brothers!!! By the way, that toxic chemical that spilled is used to make "Clean Coal".

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Jan-16-14 8:47 AM

If Mr. Helms receives money from speeches he is asked to make, the money belongs to the state of North Dakota while he is employed by the state.

I am of the opinion that the state should receive 51 percent of all of the oil and be the major holder, but that would be economically unfeasible, so the oil companies with their know how need to profit from what they do.

If you rent land and pay the owner in crop to sell at an elevator, the owner receives between 1/4 to 1/3 of the crop, so the oil companies really should pay royalties to mineral owners and the state, which would place the oil extraction tax at 25 to 33 percent of oil revenue.

All the oil companies do is drill a hole and pump the oil from the ground, they don't deserve 80 percent of the oil revenue or even 89 percent.

They make too much money from the oil and North Dakota's treasury should be more than double than it is right now.

The oil companies are getting too much of the revenue. That is the reality.

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Jan-16-14 8:15 AM

Typical Government.. Sounds like the Democrats want to create another job and spend more taxpayer dollars to pay the person..

And for gosh sakes keep the Dems away from regulations they are nuts!!!!!!!

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Jan-16-14 7:59 AM

Yes, he has at least two too many. There often is a false choice here in ND. We have to be able to destroy the environment or we won't get the oil development. We can't have regulations, we won't get the oil development. It shouldn't be all or nothing.

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Jan-16-14 7:54 AM

I'm pretty sure he should be capable of delegating his required duties to one of his employees. But then he might lose a little control if he delegates some authority to anyone else. Delegating responsibilities is the main duty of Mr Helms.

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Jan-16-14 7:45 AM

In regards to Helms, he has a major conflict of interest going on. The governor needs to put an end to that. Only in ND would you have the regulator also posing as the promoter. On a much smaller scale in Williston you have the owner of a realty agency in charge of planning and zoning. He gives the yea or nay on requests that directly impact his pocketbook. That's pretty questionable.

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Jan-16-14 7:42 AM

muleskinner, you must work for the government because your always about five years behind. we are so far past the 3-4 billion recoverable barrels for the bakken that it's nuts. and that doesn't even figure in the three forks. fracing technology is changing so fast that we are well into the teens for recoverable barrels. and the technology to drill the red river isn't far away. when that becomes available it's katie bar the door.

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Jan-16-14 6:47 AM

Maybe Lynn Helms could become president of the BNSF and work for Warren Buffet too.

If it costs 8 dollars per barrel to ship Bakken oil and BNSF is shipping full trains of 100 rail cars of oil tankers with steel wheels on them, it is 60,000 barrels of oil per train being shipped by train on BNSF rail lines. A rail tanker car holds 598 barrels of oil plus 2 more undocumented barrels of oil. lol

The BNSF is charging 480,000 dollars per train to ship oil to refineries.

10 trains per day is 4.8 million dollars in shipping costs paid to the BNSF. 1000 oil tanker cars per day is 7000 per week. The actual number is above 9000, so BNSF gross is 25 percent more.

Warren Buffet knows how to make a buck on oil.

9000 cars per week and 10 of them burn some oil every now then once every ten years is a risk and sacrifice everyone can tolerate.

The CP is probably hauling just as many cars as the BNSF.

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Jan-16-14 6:07 AM

There is only one problem. North Dakota has too much oil and 1 million barrels of the black gold is shipped out of state every day. Hard to fix a problem like too much oil. Everybody, and I mean everybody, wants oil.

3 to 4 billion barrels of recoverable oil is going to be gone in about a 10 year time frame if there is 365 million barrels leaving the state every year.

Unless, of course, those estimates are too low.

What is Lynn Helms supposed to do? Tell the oil companies to leave and not come back?

Everybody else has to have 4 to 5 part time jobs, so it is not out of the ordinary to wear more than one hat.

If he was doing nothing and there were no oil development with no oil companies exploring for oil, he would be fired.

dimmed if do and dimmed if you don't.

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Jan-16-14 1:18 AM

This sounds so interesting.Almost sounds like putting the rat incharge of the cheese.Goinpeace.

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