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Another fiscal crisis looming?

January 1, 2014

Remember in late December, when officials in Washington were assuring the American people a controversial budget deal would prevent any new fiscal crises for some time to come? Well, forget i....

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Jan-07-14 6:53 PM

Brings fresh new meaning to the phrases...

get a rope

every which way but loose

any which way you can

don't bogart, my friend

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Jan-07-14 8:34 AM

Whist...Rugby and I have been taking quite a few trips to Colorado as of late....we both figger if illegals can cross the border, what's the real harm in us bringing a little toke across a state border 'illegally'...we know if you do it without getting caught, that it really then is legal.

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Jan-06-14 11:06 PM


I'm still waiting for math class.

If the following is true, I was ten when you started your tour in Vietnam. Do you honestly expect any of us to believe you talk like this, a person of your age and hopefully wisdom. If I was ten then you would have to be almost 80 now. It's hard to deceive for that long.

Started tour on May 15, 1968 at Bien Hoa Province, South Vietnam..My rank is Captain, Us Army. My MOS {training} is 4800D Maintenance Officer for Ordnance and Civil Affairs...Units served; A Co. Army Depot Long Binh Army S>P>T>, CMD Saigon, 1st LOG CMD, USARV... Medals: Purple Heart

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Jan-06-14 11:01 PM

Reid and Pelosi are the future of the liberals in America. Be thankful for that. It's like watching concrete dry. I love to hear them both on TV because they speak the liberal mantra and nothing else. Remember we have to pass the bill so we can see what's in it.

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Jan-06-14 12:42 PM

Still the same old stuff in 2014....

President Obama is beginning his 6th year in office. Will he be held responsible for ANYTHING that his administration has done?

I'm not betting the farm...

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Jan-04-14 9:33 PM

Just remember when it comes time to vote in 2014 that republicans caused our financial mess, and refused to do anything useful about it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it...

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Jan-04-14 12:00 AM

Lets see about facts..

Obama has borrowed and spent 7 TRILLION dollars in 5 years and you veritas don't have the brains to beable to explain to us where he spent the money..

I asked you a few blogs back and like usual you go hide under mommys dress.. Got no asnwers.. Just a big mouth..

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Jan-03-14 3:11 PM

I can only feel happy that both parties can work together, compromise, and reach across the aisle in order to continue to we all know that is the only way we can move forword.

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Jan-03-14 12:44 PM

Whistler, You prefer the borrow and spend Republican policy that created this mess?

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Jan-03-14 10:08 AM

oh my.....I'm getting my liberal journalist Chuck Todd mixed up with my Democrat Party Senator Chris Dodd....oh my....

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Jan-03-14 10:05 AM

I feel we Democrat Party people need to get Barney and Chuck back to reassure the nation that "all is good"....

Come Together

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Jan-03-14 9:29 AM

Ok, veritas, that is enough factual information. You have overloaded whistler and he is struggling to survive. After all, just think, his right wing sources do not deal with facts but only hatred, innuendo, and falsehoods. He is not used to an overdose of factual information. It causes him to convulse and make wild assertions. He also threatens to leave the blogging site because he is through with facts. So, lets keep posting facts and maybe he will just curl up in his tent with his right wing comic books.

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Jan-03-14 7:34 AM

The majority of the waste was bailing out the government retirement funds that are invested in the stock market. Looks like they take public funds and prop up private investments.

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Jan-02-14 3:19 PM

Vertiass has dissapeared.. Ask him a Hard question and he goes into hiding..

Where did Obama spend the 7 TRILLION dollars he has all the tax revenue that has come in..


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Jan-02-14 1:36 PM

liberals certainly know all about raiding the SS trust fund. I like it Matt, meet the new boss (obama) same as the old boss (bush)

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Jan-02-14 1:27 PM

Come on, we knew this was coming, but thought nothing of it at the time. It's going to be exactly the same as the last time we did this, and the time before that, and the time before that. Meet the new year, same as the old year.

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Jan-02-14 10:12 AM

Notea.. considering "they" are the same establishment that purposely wiped out the Native Americans and have killed people in every country on the Earth. Why would "they" not kill us also when we are no longer desirable to "them"? The deep wounds always leave a scar.

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Jan-01-14 10:53 PM

Then here comes veritass... Beetlebomb


Thats how much these DUMB liberals know about the debt.. and borrowing money..

Veritas if you don't know what the*****is going on then maybe you should shut the piehole..

Big mouth little brain..

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Jan-01-14 10:20 PM

mandatory ten percent cuts across the board in every single government program/department. And end all payments to any foreign nation. problem solved. Well at least until they spend us to prosperity again.

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Jan-01-14 10:12 PM

S.S. is in the black until 2033. The right attacks it maybe to force that money into the markets--such a safe place and all. We have not recovered from the 2008 crash and maybe that is where the answer lies. Honest banking.

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Jan-01-14 9:59 PM

The numbers used for payer statistics r adjusted gross incomes. Would like to see the true gross income figures but that is impossible because much income is hidden. Cuts r necessary in this slow economy. We will never get there when one side dances around like a pansey and refuses cuts in defense which is nearly half the budget. With that attitude we only fight half the battle. More jobs means more revenue but the pansies refuse to move on a proven economic booster. They prefer to war monger. Who said the wars r paid 4--they r not over! See the world record fireworks at dubai ports world. That is a bunch of low/no tax people flaunting their money (and tax dodging.) Remember the hidden overseas accounts. How many still exist? It is impossible 2 know what taxes could do when we do not know the true amounts of big money.

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Jan-01-14 9:00 PM

Drastic spending cuts are the ONLY solution. Period.

You can whistle past the graveyard all you want, facts are facts.

WSJ did some calculations in 2013.

If you tax the top 1% earners at 100% of their income, you collect about $1 Trillion. Then the next year you loss 40% of you tax revenue because they are all broke.

You can tax the top 10% of earners at 100% tax rate and collect About $4 Trillion.

Then next you the tax revenue drops 70% becasue they are all broke.

There IS no way you can tax your way out of this problem.

Spending cuts, many drastic, are the ONLY way and politicians don't have the bawlz for it.

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Jan-01-14 8:40 PM

veritass I'm waiting for your answer..or is this question something you will make a smart/not so smart remark about and then change the subject..

Funny when your asked about something you run and hide.. If you cannot figure it out ask your Republican Mama... Maybe she can help you with the numbers...

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Jan-01-14 8:25 PM

veritas You got the floor.. Explain dollar for dollar where your party has spent 7 TRILLION these last 5 years..

Where do you think the money goes? Tell us ..Give us the budget they used the past 4 years.. Tell us where Obama spent the money..

Come on Mr smartpass spell it out..

Sad part is you cannot.. Your first 3 years were the War.. the war was paid for long ago..

And the 7 TRILLION thats money borrowed.. What about all the rest of the money coming into the Government.. Where has he blown that..

We are all watching and waiting for your accountibility of where all this money has gone..

Spell it out.. Veritassss Be the hero here.. Show us where Obama needed all that borrowed money and also what he did with the tax money.. that came in....

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Jan-01-14 4:48 PM

If the libs had there way there wouylkd be no debt ceiling there would be no spending controls..

I libs with an open check book would spend until we borrowed every last penny from every last country and from every citizen in the United states..and once they had done that and put the USA in to total bankruptcy and chaos..they would then turn and blame the Republicans and George Bush.

You see the Liberals and Democrats with money and spending are like alcoholics and wine/liquor..they have to have it.. It controls their very being and they cannot live without it..

Drunk on power, drunk on spending, drunk on*****drunk on Obama.. They are just plain gutter drunks..after everyones last nickle with no plan to try to recover any of this .....

Out with the Dems in 2014....

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