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Scoring all new legislation

December 28, 2013

When members of Congress get copies of bills under consideration, they also receive estimates of the measures’ costs — although that fact certainly doesn’t seem to do much good in controlling......

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Dec-29-13 11:08 PM

bush = obama, obama = bush. there really hasn't been a noticeable difference aside from obamacare. which pretty much trumped anything Bush pulled off.

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Dec-29-13 10:25 AM

Barack Obama campaigned for the Democratic nomination during 2008 by attacking his opponents, especially Hillary Clinton, for originally endorsing Bush's Iraq-war policies. He gave the impression he would reverse such policies. However, Obama adopted the main parts of the Bush policy for Iraq, naming Clinton to the State Department and keeping Robert Gates (Bush's Defense Secretary), and David Petraeus (Bush's ranking general in Iraq), as well as implementing the "surge" of military force. By 2010, U.S. forces had switched from combat to a training role in Iraq and they left in 2011.

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Dec-29-13 10:06 AM

Political Relevance While fiscal conservatism has become a buzzword in Washington, DC, much of the Republican base remains committed to its ideals. Unfortunately for its proponents, many who claim to be fiscal conservatives have turned out to be exactly the opposite.

Fiscal conservatism has little to do with social or "wedge" issues, and it is therefore not uncommon to hear social conservatives, paleoconservatives or even Democrats refer to themselves as fiscal conservatives as well. As blasphemous as some Republicans may find them, the cold hard facts are that President Bill Clinton spent less money than even Ronald Reagan, when adjusting for inflation and removing the military budget from the equation.

Clinton, however, has been the exception not the rule. By and large, most Democrats still believe in paying for outcomes by using public money, and their records prove it.

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Dec-29-13 10:01 AM

Modern fiscal conservatives remain weary of government spending and are often more Libertarian than Republican. They advocate lowering the federal budget, paying off the national debt and withdrawing military forces from overseas in an effort to curtail military spending.

Although fiscal conservatives of today remain pro-business, they are hesitant to increase spending as a way to spur the economy. They believe the best way to promote a healthy economy is to cut taxes, reduce government waste and curtail frivolous federal programs. They believe social services should be funded with money from philanthropists and advocate tax breaks for those who contribute to worthy charitable organizations.

Criticisms: There are many critics of fiscal conservatives. Most notable among these are liberal politicians who believe the primary responsibility of US government is to use tax money to regulate the economy and provide social services.

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Dec-29-13 6:47 AM

democrats=republicans, republicans=democrats. they're basically all the same now except for a few extremists on both sides

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Dec-28-13 11:45 AM

I'm all for defense cuts that actually involve cutting waste. defense cuts to pensions and such so that it is just used to prove a point is azzinine. we all know the defense dept. could be reduced an enormous amount. but let's not gut the thing so that we have to spend a ton to rebuild it for our safety like Reagan had to do. That was beyond azzinine. But let's not stop at defense. there are several departments that could be closed entirely. But above all this we need to stop all funding to foreign nations until our deficit is erased. that is the epitome of azzininity.

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Dec-28-13 9:51 AM

This if passed will at least give the legislators plenty of time to read the bill before voting. Currently, you can amend and don't need another report because the spending is the same, but if you have to project jobs, well that means you need a projection on every amendment. If they really hate the bill sponsor, they will pass this.

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Dec-28-13 9:50 AM

we need to send all of them home for about three years. that way they can't make things worse for awhile.

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Dec-28-13 8:22 AM

The biggest problems in government is the political parties always kicking the chair out from under each other which in turn leaves us citizens without anything from either party.

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