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Claims did not come true

December 23, 2013

As part of their ongoing campaign to blame Republicans for everything bad that happens in the United States, President Barack Obama and fellow liberals warned this fall that the partial shutdown of......

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Dec-23-13 9:06 AM

So, I can then assume that the Obama foreign policy is excellent because we did not go to war in Syria and they are getting rid of their chemical weapons. Or in Libya the dictator has been deposed without an invasion of US troops. Or, maybe we should ignore the fiscal crisis from policies established by the Republicans because people are still alive. And, we can ignore the unemployment spike from those policies because the employment rate is dropping. More quality thinking from the far right.

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Dec-23-13 9:15 AM

Would you expect anything less from Obama and the Democrats..

They are the lying party..

Liar Liar Pants On Fire!!!!!!!!!!

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Dec-23-13 10:14 AM

They learned the scare tactics from MPS and the Yes Committee.

Vote NO, again and again.

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Dec-23-13 10:15 AM

Now there is a quality post from mudslide?????

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Dec-23-13 11:06 AM

The artice is like saying a minimum wage worker does need a raise because $7 is more than 0. When the rest of the intelligent world is joking, laughing and teasing about the shutdown; and the economists say we lose confidence by closing; smart money says there was lost confidence.

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Dec-23-13 11:13 AM

How many reds have to say "we wanted to shut down the Government" and how many times does Boehner have to say "Are u kidding me?" when a t party chief said they knew their shutdown would not crush Obamacare; b4 u will admit it? This is a textbook example of republican misinformation. Hard to believe this was printed but; this is republican thinking exposed.

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Dec-23-13 11:16 AM

So are we to believe that 911 and the stockmarket,housing and job market crashes are not george w and his peoples fault.Are you playing stupid or were you born that way.The party of No will go down in 2014.Thats why they are bailing out.

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Dec-23-13 11:18 AM

The issue was not who disagreed to cause a shutdown. The issue is it was the republican plan and many of them admitted to it. MDN has a right to lean right, just know how transparent this article is to those who watch and read more than bengazi news.

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Dec-23-13 11:22 AM

BCLIED Could you list for us which Republicans are bailing out????

I think you have us confused with the Democrats who are running for their politcal life..after...they lied about Obamacare... Hard to vote for a LIAR unless of course they fit your own MO....

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Dec-23-13 11:25 AM

Garr said one positive thing about the Democratic Party... would you tell all of us what we should say that IS positive?

Liar of the Year Award? Is that a positive? Shut down the Government becasue the Republicans wanted to delay Obamacare? Is that a positive in lieu of t6he fact the Obamacare is killing itself??

Obama could have delayed it one year.. Continued his lying campaign and retained the Senate.. Looks like he just wanted it to go ahead and fail..

So tell us what the Dems have done that is positive Garr...

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Dec-23-13 1:06 PM

I see the "socialist progressives" don't have much to say about their "messiah" these days. All they can do is bring up events from over 10 years ago that were set in motion by their other "hero" Billy Bob Clinton. One positive for the "progressives" is they can all get jobs making videos for obamacare rather than the meager pay $10 a post George Soros pays. I understand they get "free" jammies, "free" hot chocolate as well as "free" Santa hats

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Dec-23-13 5:23 PM

PJinfinity must have a point in his post somewhere.

Give him a minute and he'll tell us...

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Dec-23-13 6:25 PM


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Dec-23-13 6:48 PM

this article didn't tell us anything we didn't know. I think everybody knew what the results were going to be unless your just too drunk on the kool-aid that your not dealing with reality. And I guess there are some of those.

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Dec-23-13 6:49 PM

and it's been at least six hours since I've heard a liberal blame bush lol.

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Dec-23-13 7:58 PM

No liberals shut everything down in Washington for a couple of years now. As soon as Boehner got tired of the Tea Party, we have a budget.

This wasn't a one side or the other. There were at least three sides. The one that shut everything down was the Tea Party which Republicans were scared of for awhile but now Republicans are running from it. It will be interesting in ND to see if the Tea Party rises or if Republican succeed in killing it this time around. The MDN is supporting the Tea Party.

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Dec-23-13 8:13 PM

But was it bad enough that reds would not shut er down again--you betcha. This is a carl rove, mitch mcconnel, t party dream article. Don't complain that i broke yer arm if it was already sore. Just how much improvement do u expect in the economy anyhow? The public is on to them--paul ryan quiet now until 2014 vote is over. They plan 2 win and unleash a more vicious plan 4 fascism.

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Dec-23-13 8:50 PM

This opinion piece was stinking unblieveable. The editorial equivalent of drunk dialing.

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Dec-23-13 10:59 PM

driven the low income people...

Where the*****are the jobs Peeinyourtee? Where are Obamas jobs???

For just once in my entire lifetime I would like to see a Democrats with a brain.. One that could stand up and take responsibility for their actions..

But as life goes on we see the Dems for the low yellow belly blame someone else for their screw ups just as they are..

Give people a job nopeeinyuourtee... Give them a place to go to work..

That silly stupid lying dimbcoff in charge has done NOTHING for the job creation in 5 years.. And he slinks off to Hawaii and does some more LYing.. Signing up for Obamacare.. My God has the guy no brain at all?????

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Dec-23-13 11:00 PM

Obamas "sign up for Obamacare" today was a very good example of drunk dialing..

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Dec-24-13 8:17 AM

Pesky Republicans would not buy into another Stimulus so Obama could give more money to Government workers to pay the teachers more money, street departments could fill more pot holes, but no new jobs would be create just like the last stimulus.

The last stimulus was a flop.. Many companies given money went broke..some of the money was used IN CHINA to build products to sell back to us.

Keystone pipeline was a job creator.. Obama shut that down..

The job shortage is Obamas fault. A good Prez would have worked on job creation in his 1st 2 years..but now we are heading on 6 and Obama has done absolutly nothing..

Obama has wasted more money then any other Prez even spent in their years in the WH.

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Dec-24-13 8:33 AM

And then Veritassssss There are the

REGULATIONS put on businesses by Obama and the EPA..

I suspect they had nothing to do with jobs leaving America right??

Then we have the NLRB suing the Boeing Aircraft Company for building a new facility in Carolina.. Thats got to give businesses a boost in the right direction right?

Now he has the insurance compnaies on the ground and is beating the living crap out of them. He took them under his wing..made them promises (MOre Lies) and got them to go along with Obamacrae.. Now thats failing so WE the people will be asked once again to Bail them out with more Taxpayer money..

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Dec-24-13 8:39 AM

The VERY first clue in this Obamacare should have been the facts in Massachusetts.For instance, Massa­chusetts communities paid $42.3 million to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and $33.1 million to Harvard Pilgrim out of the stimulus funds.

Further studies show most of the Mass bill is footed by the Fedearl Government.. Always has been.. So now we as a nation will pay you drunk.drug addicts bills for life.. More welfare from the welfare King himself..

Communism at its finest..

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Dec-24-13 9:31 AM

You mean the claims by george w who was running for his second term when he said he would keep us safe.Why did all you idiots believe him when he showed he could't do it the first time.morons.

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Dec-24-13 10:49 AM

Peeinyour tee..

Its called Q2 Q3 ect..

85 BILLION a MONTH being put INTO the stock market by Obama..

Geeeze your dumb..

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