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Let’s get back to basics

December 22, 2013

Barbara Bethel, Minot I found it very interesting that right beside the “Our Opinion” column on Wednesday morning about the voters rejection of the Minot School Board bond issue was Pat Buchanan......

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Dec-24-13 8:33 AM

Legend, One misspelled word is not tragic if youth see it correctly all the other times. However, the youth see spelling and grammar incorrect more often than correct. So, in their minds the incorrect way is the correct way. To them it is right. Society has made texting language the norm in all situations and then tells the children and you they are not performing up to par. Therefore, if we accept incorrect spelling and grammar you all cannot complain that they cannot perform later because WE taught it that way. McDonalds was just one example, watch the media, it is all over the place.

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Dec-22-13 6:44 PM

very good idea. if we are falling behind in the world and the experts are in charge. the basics seems like the way to go, for what i see is the EXPERTS are only good at selling and spending money without results. better management

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Dec-22-13 6:27 PM

I listened to that bit. It seemed like nothing more than misleading propaganda. sure enough---put out by the AFL-CIO!

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Dec-22-13 12:01 PM


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Dec-22-13 11:57 AM

If you value education like we say we do, go up to any store manager and politely ask them to take down signage with incorrectly spelled words, politely correct people using incorrect grammar. (So I'll be expecting some corrections on this essay too.) Young people are sponges and even though it makes people cringe, it does take a village to raise a child. We've all heard a four year old swear because they've heard adult say the word, youth is always learning and our society is teaching it wrong by using phrases like , "Oh, you have to go to school." Instead of, "You get to go to school."

So if we as a society want education to improve, yes I believe it takes some money. But more importantly, I believe it will take a societal shift to value education again.

Below is a link to a website that takes PISA scores and compares apples to apples instead of just rankings. I don't believe/agree with everything, but ....


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Dec-22-13 11:55 AM

I agree throwing money at a problem does not solve it. And people can learn any where. Students in Africa write in the dirt to learn, but I also think that as an indusrtrialize society we expected more than that of ourselves.

I also believe all children can learn once there basic needs are met. And by looking at only the ranking on PISA testing you don't get the whole story. More of the US students are in poverty than most of those countries to which you are comparing. I don't expect any 10 year old to be worried about how to do long division when he or she does not know when they will get to eat next. They will have a calculator in today's society anyway.

The other counties to which you are comparing us also value education. Their society expect youth to do well, they do not put education down and allow bad grammar everywhere. Even McDonalds teaches our youth I'm is spelled with a small I and no one says anything about it.

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Dec-22-13 8:22 AM

copy and paste..***********washingtonpost****/blogs/answer-sheet/post/eight-problems-with-common-core-standards/2012/08/21/821b300a-e4e7-11e1-8f62-58260e3940a0_blog.html

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Dec-22-13 6:31 AM

A good place to start would be to get rid of "Common Core"

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