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Officials just don't get it

December 21, 2013

They still don’t get it. A White House task force on?Wednesday released a report detailing recommended changes to the National Security Agency’s ongoing collection of telephone records of Americans....

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Dec-25-13 9:38 AM

Hawaii is as blue as it gets. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors by the left. They all know the red states are all ag producing states. North Dakota is a perfect example. Remove ag subsidies (which feeds lazy inner city liberals)and ND receives far less than it pays in. Then take out the money that is spent here for the two air bases and we would be receiving darn near nothing from the feds. I say send the bases packing and eliminate the farm program. We will be just fine without either.

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Dec-24-13 7:08 PM


Ironically, the "entitlement" mentality is what the right wing hypocrites are all about. The best example of this is the fact that the liberal blue states get less returned in federal money than they pay in, whereas most red states get back more than they pay in.

In effect, the liberal states subsidize these lying hypocrites who blame liberals for what they themselves are doing.


We could compare all of the states but let's just do two. North Dakota had a gross state product of 5.661 billion and received 7.993 billion in federal funds and that is a -5.1%.

Hawaii had a gross state product of 6.512 billion and received 20.169 billion in federal funds and that is -18.9. Unless I missed something isn't Hawaii a blue state?

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Dec-24-13 11:59 AM

what's hilarious is how predictable it is to have liberals resort to cursing and name calling whenever they're loosing an argument. It's basically standard operating procedure. pretty comical.

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Dec-23-13 6:52 PM

we don't need anymore failure from obama. our cup runneth over. I don't think the nation can handle much more failure from him. Nor will they deal with anymore lies from the man. I'm not sure if the guy has spoken the truth in many years. he's a sick, chronic liar.

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Dec-23-13 3:12 PM

Using expletives does not equal a quality post, NT4M.

Didn't you know that?

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Dec-22-13 11:16 PM

The liberal does get it. The salvation they preach only begets servitude. As long as they keep preaching that someone owes them and others a life. What happened to each his own. You reap what you sow. I know someone will come up with some bs response. Go for it!

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Dec-22-13 3:26 PM

We should all meet and do lunch.

Vote NO.

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Dec-22-13 1:54 PM

I really have to chuckle on Jacka and his whiplash philosophy. Greed?? Even the Pope has commented on the economic stability of the rich getting richer. "Your" Republican party has shown they don't care for their followers but they give them lots of fake lip service. Which, you and your fellow wingers swallow hook, line, and sinker. If there is a party of greed and takers, it is yours.

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Dec-22-13 8:52 AM

9/11 one of george w. finest moments.Thanks george.

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Dec-21-13 7:46 PM

Didn't lie.

Just recalibrated answer, misspoke, etc.

Vote NO, again and again, Period.

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Dec-21-13 4:48 PM

The current NSA phone records controversy was started in 2001 as a part of the patriot act by Whom? So, bring on that Vince Foster thingy, mule. Dont' forget to go back to J.Edgar Hoover for more secret stuff.

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Dec-21-13 4:13 PM

Name of first pet. Mothers maiden name. Birthplace. Mothers Birthplace.

If you have a computer and require a password it is very likely you have gave some of the above personal information for password secrets. lol

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Dec-21-13 2:53 PM


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Dec-21-13 2:53 PM

I think they Do Get It, but they Just Don't Care.

Vote NO, again and again, Period.

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Dec-21-13 1:54 PM

The NSA was in full force during the Clinton years and all of the skull-duggery that it involves.

Google Vince Foster and NSA. Lots of interesting results.

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Dec-21-13 1:13 PM

Thanks Curly and "Merry Christmas" to you too!

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Dec-21-13 12:41 PM

I do believe you folks on this board have lost it. You all talk in innuendo and nobody seems to have honest debate. Hope it gets better in the new year. Have a nice holiday.

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Dec-21-13 10:33 AM

Lets talk about hypocrites as long as the wingers are wildly bloviating today. If we are attacked by terrorist, the wingers will be going wild about the intelligence community not being up to snuff. You are hypocrites and I will give you an example. Look back on how the wingers attacked the Dixie Chicks about their free speech on Bush/war and now they are going hog wild about a companies(A&E network) business decision to censure Duck Dynasty for their comments. Remember this had nothing to do with the government etc. But You right wing hypocrites continue to make fools of yourselves. The Wheeling connection needs to back off.

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Dec-21-13 9:59 AM

You needn't be so unkind, Mr. BushandCheneylied liar.

I'm just a simple-minded drooling, drunken fool, nothing else. Makes life worth living on this god-forsaken earth.

If the NSA can manage to make it another rung of Hades, they will.

When the Republicans stop telling lies about us, we'll stop telling the truth about them. - Adlai Stevenson, Democrat from Indiana

One decent Democrat in the world after all, too bad he is no longer with us.

It's too bad Obama didn't read those words.

It is too bad the Democrats are no longer a trustworthy political party. They cannot be trusted any further than you can throw them. Same goes for the Republicans, they're useful idiots these days. They just don't get it.

It is too bad muricans have become untermenschen.

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Dec-21-13 9:14 AM

comrades, this is the new world order

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Dec-21-13 9:06 AM

Hey mule,Sure the people wants another bush 9/11. Get ovet it.

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Dec-21-13 8:14 AM

In East Germany there was one Stasi for every 63 East German citizens.

One American Stasi from the NSA can watch, compile phone records of hundreds if not thousands of American citizens.

The NSA is going to continue to spy on Americans and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. It is a very efficient spy agency and is all military.

Ed Snowden should release more juicy info on American politicians and maybe the officials just might get it then.

The North Korea dictator can kill his uncle and a person who didn't sufficiently mourn enough for the death of the leader's father. The free world roundly condemns the actions.

President Obama sends in drones to kill people in the ME and the free world never denounces his actions.

The world is filled with hypocrites, beginning with 'officials', so it is easy as pie to see why they just don't get it.

They want to live by a double standard. No big deal, let them do it.

The East German gov found out the hard way.

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