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Minot schools set to shuffle some students

December 17, 2013

Some kids in the Minot Public School District will be attending new schools next year due to anticipated changes in attendance boundary lines....

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Dec-19-13 4:05 PM

well they usto shuffel the kids all the time to save money it is just good business, you of all people should understand that practice. emotional decissions doent make good business practice. common sense

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Dec-19-13 3:57 PM

Another article justifying the relocation of my business and family to Bismarck. Minot will be the one large city in ND to actually lower its quality of life during the oil boom. Crazy!

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Dec-18-13 10:34 PM

ruse noun \'rüs, 'rüz\

: a trick or act that is used to fool someone

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Dec-18-13 10:20 PM

Did the MPS not request any funds from the School Lands??? If not, why not???

Vote No, again and again, Period.

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Dec-18-13 9:59 PM

I can't believe the YES vote was 4,300..... this education industrial complex has been stifled but will be back....VOTE NO again and again

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Dec-18-13 8:53 PM

only vote if you PAY property tax. if you doent pay property tax stay home.

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Dec-18-13 8:09 PM

Well NewinND, sounds like you relatively new in our state and already telling us what to do. If you don't like the way things are done here I think all the roads leaving the state are still open otherwise stop whining like a little girl. No doubt the bond issue will come up again in the near future then you may vote to make a change.

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Dec-18-13 5:03 PM


What State/City did you leave to grace us with your experiences and wisdom. Could it be a State/City with a negative balance sheet? Just wondering how credible you are!

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Dec-18-13 3:44 PM

that or all you yes voters keep your pants on and quit reproducing, then ask us to pay for it.

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Dec-18-13 1:54 PM

this is a farming and oil area it does not suport the life style people or out of ststers are looking for. a big fancy building has never made the difference these people claim it will, it just doesnt happen and never is the quality of education that is offered, and that is all attitude, no fluf, that is from parents and good teachers, if they doent measure up there is a teachers collage just up the street. grow a spine and manage this and things will fall in place.THE ******* HAS SPOKEN

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Dec-18-13 1:23 PM

Oh wow..The school budget has DOUBLED since the 70s? To keep up with inflation it should be 6 times more than the 70s.

Vouchers don't work anywhere.

If your child is not learning in school, it is your fault, not the school, the teachers, or the class size.

Taxes and fees in this state is almost nothing compared to other states.

And why would you want to model your state after Wyoming or the welfare state of Alaska?

Times are hard here? Everyone is hiring. Utility bills are the cheapest I have ever paid. rent is up there, but it will come down in 2-3 years

Why wouldn't you want to make the schools first class, which would attract more attractive jobs than just oil jobs?

Minot will stagnate unless investments are made.

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Dec-18-13 11:37 AM

all you yes voters get your checkbook out, i really doent understand why this is a problem , when i feel this strong about something like this i do something about it. not cry to sombody to fix it, i fix it myself

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Dec-18-13 9:17 AM

Our leaders want an event center. We r doing the court house, just completed a large school and must get behind our leaders to boot Pioneer Village off of the fairgrounds to make way 4 a new EVENT CENTER. We do not know he cost $$$$ yet. Sorry schools. Pass the lutefisk.

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Dec-18-13 8:59 AM

I didn't realize we had paul ryan as a blogger on here.Hey chad,read my lips. IT WONT Minot.Go ahead and build a few private schools if you feel it will work.

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Dec-18-13 8:52 AM

Well siad Roskies.. The schools have decided they want to take the parents job away from the parents.. Obvious by all the free meals and yes not failing anyone.. teaching to the test which is not doing your kid any good.. The fact we have moved children with "extreme" disabilities into the school system is another way our education program is failing.. The fact we need nurses in the schools to tend to these kids, and now cops in the school to keep the peace should be enough RED flags to tell you parents something is terribly wrong with our education system Packing more kids on one campus is like cramming more cows in the cattle car.. Pretty soon no one can turn around or even move.. Your kids are on a conveyor belt being moved along with the rest learning the test and being passed along..

Not education but force fed information.

We need to end education in the Federal Government and move it back to the states.

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Dec-18-13 8:18 AM

vouchers would allow the students that need more one on one contact to go to the private schools that have far fewer students. there they can receive this one on one if that truly is the problem. so instead of tried to rape and pillage the tax payers we should be after the state for vouchers. It was proven to work great in D.C. Probably the worst place on the planet to school a kid.

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Dec-18-13 8:01 AM

NDHomeSweetHome, you are assuming that many kids are dysfunctional and only the school is the answer. Your assuming many parents are losers (they might be). One of the reasons that many are dysfunctional is that we don’t hold them or their parents accountable. The education isn’t the issue. Yes teachers try hard, but they have no authority. When was the last time that we failed a student for not getting the grade? If there are no consequences, what the point? $125,000,000.00 is not the answer. Sure they can have nicer stuff, smaller class rooms, but that does not ensure they learn. If you want a better education, which is what school is for, teach the class, give the test, pass or fail. If they pass give them more, if they fail hold them back and do it again. It has to be the desire of the student. It doesn’t matter what happens away from school, that’s not the schools role. Give the expectation and hold fast to that expectation.

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Dec-18-13 12:21 AM

The same argument can be made to the "no" voters. Never once did the school board say it was going to sell all the bonds at once, it had the state loan money lined up, but that was contingent on bond passing. All the "no"voters heard was taxes, and mind was made up, no matter that the taxes wouldn't have passed the 2012 rate 5-7 yrs from now when all the bonds were sold.

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Dec-18-13 12:07 AM


You just don't get it, the kids are important and they are getting an education. You refuse to see or listen to the "no" vote argument. I hear the "yes" vote argument and I am willing to listen to reason--one school at a time, not $125,000,000.00 worth out of my already high taxes! That's allot of zero's don't ya think!!!!! Come up with a better plan.

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Dec-17-13 11:52 PM

NDHomesweetHome, you really don't have a clue do you. It's the parents responsibility to teach their children respect and discipline. It's the educators responsibility to teach math, English, science and other skills to be successful in life. The lesson you've shown everyone here is to cry and whine if you don't get your way. You should apologize for this pathetic letter. All you've accomplished is to show everyone that although the election process worked and maybe not in your favor is to shed your dignity and whine it and place the blame on someone or something else.

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Dec-17-13 11:09 PM

It's time people start sounding educated. Have you been in a school lately and seen how hard teachers are being teachers, parents, basic skills teachers? We owe it to our future to keep classrooms how they were since so many home problems are leaking into education. We need more smaller classrooms where teachers connect with their students at least if no one else in their world does. They deserve this and it's high time people start owning up to making educated young people that value education for our future. Voting that bond issue down was selfish. It was a selfish stomping that no child deserves. I would have liked to see all those who voted no to look a child or better yet, their grandchild(ren) and say their aren't worth it, their free education in the best state, one of the safest states wasn't worth it. Maybe it wasn't the best choice for the state but just because you don't agree with the specifics, doesn't mean you should vote it down. The real issue?politics or ed...

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Dec-17-13 10:04 PM

Until somehow we get the school district UNDER CONTROL and do away with all the garbage they are dragging into the classrooms we will continue to fail in our test scores..

let parents teach their kids sex education, Let sports be a weekend activity.. Let golf lessons be something a parent gives their kids.

We have made schools into day spas for the kids.. becasue parents are out trying to earn the almighty dollar to pay for the new schools..

Time to put the brakes on this run away train. Get your kids back. Demand a decent education and throw out all the garbage.. Get smaller schools with less disruption..These kids will get plenty of excitment in their lives when they hit the real world.. Allow them the peace and quite to be educated without people dumping on them from every corner of the earth.. Our education system is broken and with every new school comes more money spent for less information/education.

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Dec-17-13 10:00 PM

Schools have gotten away from basic education.. My kids went to a smaller school. The focus was on education.. which does not mean sports.. Math, Science,English Lit, Geography, History, PE, Study Periods and Library.. All in a school day.. It worked.. No teachers days off to ????? Not sure what teachers do in workshop? Probably read out loud together the things my teacher got and read in her mailbox..

In a "new" world of communication technology teachers NOW need days off for workshops.. In the old days they didnt need workshops.. They taught to the information in the textbooks. Sports were something you enjoyed after school or on Friday night. Now they are every day programs in these kids lives. I have kin that send their kids to the golf course during school hours.. Its a school program .. Teachers that teach 8th grade how to put a rubber on a bannana as part of sex education..Just what is it that made our schools stray so far from basic education of our kids,

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Dec-17-13 9:53 PM

Elephant In 1970 it cost X amount of dollars to educate a kid per year..

Now in 2013 that cost has doubled.. The kids today are coming out with the same test scores the kids had in 1970..

One thing presents itself in this situation.. That is that MONEY is not the answer..

They tried more money and all we have done is spent it with no return on our dollar.

When will people learn that schools are TOO BIG>> The small schools got the job done.. then they added on and added on and nothing got better. We just shoved more kids together to create even more disruption.

These schools should not be college campuses.. Myself I am in favor of portables.. Away from a big building that is filled with destraction every minute of the day. Kids cannot learn in that enviroment..

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Dec-17-13 9:36 PM

Let's stop comparing the 1970s to today. It's not the same. Educational laws are different and society is different. In the 1970s a second grader would not have talked back to an adult before storming out of the room or look an adult in the eyes and say, "Fine, call my mom." Times are different-- just walk through the mall.

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